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LMNts Marketing has a holistic approach to digital marketing services. This means that we don’t just put you on a package, whether it will benefit you or not. We offer a service that is tailored to your needs, and grow your buisness, and helps you achieve your goals.

Does this sound good?

Read on to find out how we provide full digital marketing services in the UK to businesses like yours.

As a part of our digital markeitng consulting service,we offer great advice and a collaborative approach. We always say to our cleints that we might know a lot about marketing, they know more about their business and customers more. That’s why we start with a marketing SWOT. Just like you would get a blood test a the doctors’ before an operation…

Once we know where you would like to go, we will figure out the best, most cost effective, and fastst way to get you there. Whether it is focusing on one media channel or more, paid traffic or organic, we offer full digital marketing services to suit every need, budget, and business goal. 

Whether you decide to work with us one a done-with-you basis, or want done-for-you digital marketing and SEO services, we can help. That’s why we offer custom packages instead of an hourly rate on search engine optimisation and desitn. We know you’re only interested in your marketing results.

Digital Marketing Services with a Difference

◊ Compete a Marketing SWOT. ◊ Get to Know Your Ideal Clients. ◊ Content Plan and Management. ◊ SEO Plan and execution. ◊ Measurable Results & Business Growth  ◊ Rinse and repeat 

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    Affordable Digital Marketing and SEO Services

    As we are not based in London, you will get much more value from our digital marketing and SEO services, but you will get the care, the support, and the strategy that will help you grow. Our SEO results are speaking for themselves. 

    Digital Marketing Consulting


    Whether you are currently in the pase of DIY marketing or are using an agency and are unhappy with the results, we can help you see clearer about your marketing strategy. In fact, we offer this service on the basis that you can take the whole plan and either implement it yourself or outsource it. However, this very rarely happens, as most of our digital marketing consulting clients want us to execute the plan. 

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    We provide digital marketing services in the UK. This means that you don’t have to outsource abroad just to save money and cut your costs while compromising on the quality of the service and the results.

    Because we understand where you are coming from, and are taking our time to continue to do so, we partner up with you for success. Your success, indeed is our success. When you grow, you will be able to afford investing more into your marketing. As we usually say: “If you gave us £1 and we gave you £3 back, how many times would you like to do business with us?

    Our full digital marketing services are highly rated by our clients, and recotnised by industry leading companies. We pride ourselves in perfection and commitment to our clients’ success. That’s what a results-driven marketing agency does!

    Sales Funnel & Lead Generation

    To automate your digital marketing, it is important that you create a system. Without a marketing funnel, you will not be able to improve your conversions and measure your results.

    Social Media Marketing

    For many people, managing their online presence is like shooting in the dark. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram insights. The good news is that you don’t have to. We can manage your posts and engagement for you.

    Content Marketing

    Whether you are looking to save time or create a consistent brand and build your reputation, our content marketing services will help. We create infographics, press releases, presentations and social media posts that are consistent with your brand messages and image.


    Whether it is local or national ranking you’ve got in mind, our search engine optimisation services will help you focus on what really matters in your business. We offer different packages based on what you would like to achieve with your marketing.

    What Our UK SEO Clients are Saying


    LMNts Marketing came up with a holistic approach to promotions and that is why we chose them. From content to YouTube and Facebook; they took care of everything.

    Annie, Life Coach

    We created a website, infographics, case studies, and a funnel for LinkedIn marketing. LMNts Marketing went above and beyond to find the right type of potential clients on LinkedIn and engage with them.

    Dove Global

    LMNts Consistently creates great revisions that bring clarity to my services for any prospects that are reading the copy.

    Sanook Marketing 


    Suite H1, Frodsham Business Centre, Bridge Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire