Why Work With an SEO Agency

We understand that you are a busy business owner who is trying to make the most out of his time. Of course, you can go on a course and learn the basics of search engine optimisation instead of working with an SEO agency, but is it really the best use of your time? 

Not likely. You would rather be doing things that you enjoy and fulfill the dream behind you starting your business all those years ago. Our search engine optimisation services will help you focus on what really matters in your business.

We are an Affordable SEO Agency with a Proven Track Record

Our Bespoke SEO Services

There are loads of SEO companies out there, but not many of them have a holistic approach like us. There are different SEO services you can take advantage of, and a good agency will be able to tell you which areas you should be focusing on.

We always work with clients on an individual basis, and never use cookie-cutter options. We know really well that you need to balance out your on-site and off-site search engine optimisation services and you should always focus on the end result. Whether it is local or national ranking you’ve got in mind, our SEO packages UK pricing structure will impress you.

More Than a SEO Agency

While we have some of the best experts in the industry to deliver you results on your search engine optimisation project, we are more than just an agency. We take a holistic approach to marketing, and understand that every element needs to work in sync with your brand and your goals.

We will create winning content, make your blog posts and press releases go viral, but it is a part of a big picture, which is based on a solid marketing strategy. Moreover, we never outsource search engine optimisation services work; we all share the same goals and values in the company, so you can benefit from the huge pool of talent within our SEO agency.

Our Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Services (based in the UK)

We offer different packages based on what you would like to achieve with your marketing. For example, if you are looking for local SEO packages, as a small or medium-sized business, you will be able to get a more affordable price than if you want to rank for a competitive keyword worldwide. However, we will build a strategy that will get you the best return on marketing investment; guaranteed. After all, we want you to be a customer for a long time to come.

General SEO

Content Optimisation

On Page Optimisation

Link Building Strategy

Data Analysis

SEO Strategy

Freelance Search Engine Optimisation Services VS. an Affordable SEO Agency

Some people might be asking whether or not they should just employ a freelancer and save money compared with SEO agency pricing. The truth is that there are tons of freelancers out there who are amazing at search engine optimisation, but they don’t have a strategy.

They can achieve short term results for you, but not build on the knowledge and data obtained during the campaign. Your SEO strategy needs to be consistent and well thought over. We will do the creative thinking, constantly asking ourselves how we could deliver better results for your money.

The Different Levels of SEO Services We Offer

You might be asking what the SEO agency pricing structure of LMNts Marketing is. It really depends on your goals and your existing online presence. If you have just launched a new website and you don’t have much content or links to it, we will have to work harder.

However, there are some methods not many companies use that will help you get the results fast, and increase your search engine ranking pretty fast. The faster and more visible results you want to get, the higher package we will offer.


Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic in 90 Days


Increased Revenue in 90 Days

What Do Our Search Engine Optimisation Services Include?

Hashtag and keyword research

Website content analysis

Website structure analysis

On-site optimisation

Off-page optimisation

Link building

Content optimisation

Monthly reports

What Makes Our Professional SEO Services Stand Out

We don’t just take your money and send you reports hoping that you will not understand a word of it. In fact, we put a lot of effort into understanding your goals, your market, and your ideal clients before we offer our search engine optimisation services.

Our SEO agency will present you with a competition report, as well as a few keyword suggestions before we start the work. After all, you know much more about your business than we do, and you will be able to improve the results we achieve by collaborating with our in house SEO services providers.

Our UK SEO Agency Team

If you run a company in the United Kingdom, it is important that your SEO agency team knows the psychology behind people searching for your services. British people’s behaviour and attitude is different, therefore, you might be better off with seo packages uk targeting solutions instead of going for an international service.

All our experts are familiar with the UK customer trends and they are able to write content with the audience in mind.

Our Local SEO Packages

When you are looking to get traffic for a long time to come from search engines, you will need to set clear goals on the region and the size of market you want to penetrate.

Without a strategy from a SEO agency, you will not achieve this goal. That is why we are going to explain your options and the timescale for reaching your desired ranking and traffic level.

We don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

Our SEO Agency Pricing Structure

We don’t have set SEO services pricing, as we believe that every business and every situation is different. However, our experts can explain the options and give you an overview of what is possible within the timescale you have set out for your business to reach the level of traffic that will get you the number of leads and customers you need to grow and expand to new markets. 

We always do the research and present you with multiple options, based on your budget and business goals.

Our SEO agency pricing is transparent and affordable.

Are We Any Good at Search Engine Optimisation?

You bet we are! All our affordable search engine optimisation service packages come with a satisfaction guarantee, and are completed in-house.

We believe that there’s no point building a website just to make it invisible. When we start a project or build a new site for a funnel, we have visibility and SEO in mind. We create a keyword plan, work through it, and communicate with our clients.

Transparency is our middle name, and this – unfortunately cannot be said about every SEO agency out there. We like doing things different. We like doing things properly, so we can do it once only!

Have a look at these report screenshots and decide whether our affordable SEO services are worth the money. Alternatively, check out our free SEO Score calculator.

Let’s Have a Chat about Our Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Service in the UK

If you would like to get a free overview of your rankings and have a chat about our search engine optimisation services, book a time and date below. We simply want to find out more about your business to see whether or not we could work together on developing your bespoke SEO services. Order your free SEO audit below.

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