How Good Is Your Marketing?

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Did you know that “Around two-thirds (67%) of SMEs have no marketing action plan, with more than half (54%) not even having a business plan” (according to Marketing Week)?


Marketing your own business can be confusing and demanding. It’s more than likely that you are wasting time on activities that don’t get you results and are not doing enough of things that would improve your marketing. Use our marketing score calculator for free!

Take the quiz to find out what’s holding you back from successfully marketing your business and setting up a winning strategy.

What Our Marketing Score Calculator Does

Whether you have been trying to market your startup yourself, or have been working with agencies or freelancers, and what you see is not the results you’ve expected, it’s time for some clarity. Our marketing score calculator will provide you with an easy to understand report on where you’ve got to improve your creatives, content, and targeting.

Of course, you will not get a detailed action plan on the spot, as we’ve got to get to know you. But it will give you a score that tells you how much work you’ve got to do and how far you are from achiving your marketing goals.

For a more comprehensive overview, we suggest that you book a marketing SWOT or contact us for a marketing overview.