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What Is a Sales Funnel and How Can It Help You Generate Leads?


A sales funnel – according to our definition – is simply a digital marketing system that bridges the gap between your conversion goals and the reality.

It is built around your business model and sales system, and is designed to highlight the main benefits of your product or service. The main reason why so many coaches and consultants use lead generation companies is because they have a lengthy and complicated sales process.

They don’t want to be spending time:

cold calling

cold emailing

paying telemarketing companies

harassing their connections for recommendations

networking all day

With a well designed digital marketing funnel, you can fill the gaps in your lead generation and focus on what you really like doing: delivering the service or product to your clients. Engaging with a sales funnel expert will allow you to do just that.


One-Off Marketing Campaigns VS. A Sales Funnel Expert Service

If you just want to get some more leads to your business right now, you might be thinking about working with lead generation companies. However, if you want a constant flow of leads and prospects flooding your system, you might be better off talking to a sales funnel expert.

You will get consistent, constantly improving results from our lead generation agency. There are several reasons why a funnel might be a more cost-effective solution, too.


You can use it for years to come, adjust it, and manage it at a low cost


You will gain intelligence on the market and your customer behaviour while working with a sales funnel lead generation company

A sales funnel can be scaled up or slowed down, depending on your capacity and your growth plan. You can add more budget to your already converting ads, or increase your prices in just a day if you feel like you are getting too many clients.

Why Choose a Sales Funnel Expert


As a business owner, you don’t have time to figure out how to make your website work. Our sales funnel and lead generation experts use a holistic approach to provide you the best return on your marketing investment.

Our lead generation agency will look at your current marketing strategy, create your ideal client avatar, and come up with a bespoke solution for developing the most effective lead generation services for your needs. When you work with a sales funnel expert, you will have a detailed strategy going beyond a one-off paid campaign.

Effective lead generation

Return on investment


Bespoke solutions

Detailed strategy

Expert sales funnel

Ideal client avatar

What To Expect from Our Lead Generation Agency

The best lead generation services

When you get in touch with a sales funnel expert at LMNts Marketing, you can expect to be asked a lot of questions. The reason for this is because we would like to make sure that we provide the best lead generation services for your business.

Personalised sales funnel

Unlike other lead generation companies, we will not use templated content and cookie-cutter options. We design every sales funnel from scratch, based on your industry, your USP (Unique selling proposition), and your conversion goals.

Ongoing support

We work closely with our clients, and don’t release a campaign until it has been tested. Our sales funnels and lead generation services are constantly evolving around the market and industry trends. 

Bespoke Lead Generation Agency You Can Trust


No matter if you are running a busy coaching or consulting business, or you are just starting off, there’s one thing you will absolutely need: leads. Without leads, you will not get conversions, and without conversions, you will not get customers. And you don’t have a business without customers, it is as simple as that.

Figuring out the targeting, mapping out your sales funnel, and designing lead magnets is not a task that can be learned fast. You can save time and effort, and get started with growing your business straight away when you engage with a sales funnel expert. .

Our Sales Funnel Lead Generation Services


If you are just getting started with your digital marketing funnel strategy, it is important that you put a system in place that will target the right audience and maximise your lead generation and conversions. We have two different packages for you, based on your situation. One of them is designed for startups, the other one for companies that already have a sales funnel. We can make the most out of your marketing funnel automation and deliver results that matter.

You will get more than views. You will get:



Clients on autopilot

What Do Our Sales Funnel and Lead Generation Services Include?

Landing page /web design

Ideal client avatar

Marketing SWOT

Branding and adjustment

Hashtag and keyword research

Content and sales copy

Video Sales Letter script

Autoresponder installation and application

Website chat automation (if required)

Email copy

Conversion reports

Social media marketing automation

Search engine optimization

Paid campaign set up and monitoring

The best results for your lead generation campaign

When you engage with our sales funnel agency, you will get a custom, bespoke digital marketing strategy that will focus on your brand and your goals. This will include every single element; from design to software and applications. Here is a list of services we offer in our lead generation packages.

Unlike other lead generation services, we offer a full service marketing solution for your business, so you can get a better return on investment. Our in-house team works closely together to create the best results for your lead generation campaign. 

Why Pay Separately for All Elements of Your Marketing Funnel Automation?

Getting a digital marketing funnel designed is the most cost-effective lead generation solution out there. Instead of paying the web designer, logo designer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, marketing strategist, and everyone else, you can combine the services and save money.

Moreover, all your campaigns will be handled by our in-house sales funnel agency team trained by us, so you will get the consistent quality of service throughout. You will also get your results faster, because collaboration is what we do best.

Become a Co-Creator of Your Lead Generation Services

Are you looking to automate your digital marketing and have a bespoke conversion system built? Let’s have a chat with a sales funnel expert at LMNts Marketing about our lead generation services and find out how our sales funnel agency can help. Whether you are starting to offer online services, building a course, or would like to generate qualified inbound leads through social media or search engine marketing, we can help. Arrange a call below.

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