Find out how much your Sales Funnel would cost

using Our Sales Funnel Cost Calculator

Are You Wondering about Your Sales Funnel Cost?

So you’ve been told that you need a sales funnel. Maybe you have experimented with ClickFunnels or other platforms, without success. The truth is that it’s really hard to tell you how much your funnel will cost without knowing what you would like to do. There will be traffic cost involved, as well as development, strategy, market research, not to mention the software we will have to use.

The good news is that we’ve developed this sales funnel cost calculator to help you get a rough estimate based on where you are on your marketing journey. Remember: we always recommend getting a Marketing SWOT before starting a campaign, so you have a solid strategy for market acquisition.

What Your Investment  Will Depend On

We always create custom funnels for our clients, based on their business and marketing goals. The investment will depend on whether you already have traffic coming to your site, and whether you already have a marketing infrastructure. If you are a startup, – you must appreciate – we’ll need to do more work to figure out what’s going to work.

Your sales funnel cost will also be dependent on what you are looking to use the automation for. It’s easier to create a simple lead generation system than a full cross-selling and upselling marketing automation with an email marketing funnel. 

Get an Estimate by Using Our Freee Funnel Cost Calculator

Most marketing agencies in the UK will not tell you the cost of the funnel, not even a from -to figure.  But generally, they charge £10,000-£25,000. Without knowing the budget you need you cannot budget or decide whether it’s feasible. We want to change this. Using our calculator will give you a rough quote. If you are happy with it, we can clarify it tailored to your needs.

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