Custom Funnel Marketing Strategy Package for SMEs

Whether you’ve learned about them by name, or simply know that you need a digital marketing strategy that cost-effectively guides customers towards saying “yes” to your products or services, digital marketing and sales funnels are crucial to your business’ online success. An effective full funnel strategy helps you achieve better conversion rates on your company’s digital platforms, and means better ROI for the time and money you put into managing your business’ marketing activities. 

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), however, developing a full funnel strategy can be daunting. When limited time and resources push you or your marketing team to struggle developing a full-funnel strategy for new and existing products and services, trust the expert team at LMNts Marketing to help you develop a custom funnel – just reach out to the team to get started.

Expert Sales Funnel Development Tailored to Your Business and Industry

Although the temptation to stay general and adopt a sales funnel strategy developed for the “average buyer” can be strong, your business and industry aren’t average – they are unique, and should be treated like it! Here at LMNts Marketing, we know the success of a sales funnel strategy relies entirely on the specifics of your industry, business plan, competitive advantages, and, ultimately, your clients.

We’ll help you dig down into who your target customers are, the buying processes they go through to engage with and purchase from you, the messages they respond to, and even the marketing funnels they’ll encounter from your competitors. Using this information, we’ll help you build out a full funnel strategy that bridges the gap between your conversion goals and prospect’s actual responses to your digital marketing materials. 

LMNts Marketing is proud to offer sales funnel coaching and strategies for a number of business types throughout the UK and beyond, including the following:

  • Authors
  • Business coaches
  • Career coaches
  • Training providers
  • Membership site owners
  • Financial and investment advisors
  • Public speakers
  • Motivational speakers
  • And more!

Affordable Marketing Funnel Strategy Development for SMEs

The journey of starting and running a small business is full of roadblocks, and many owners of SMEs find marketing efforts fall by the wayside when the pressures and costs of day-to-day operations encroach on growth opportunities. At LMNts, we’ve got hands-on experience with the small business grind, and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leaders of SMEs understand and achieve digital marketing success. 

Because of this, we’re always excited to act as advisors to our clients, and make it a part of our mission to offer affordable, high-quality digital marketing solutions. We run a lean marketing agency, meaning our team members wear a lot of hats and take the numbers seriously as a sounding board for our performance.With this approach, we’re able to offer excellent value for our partners; pricing for our funnel strategy package is £2,500, roughly half the cost most larger agencies ask for less intricately customised solutions. For more details on our affordable funnel strategy services, just reach out to us.

thumb_02_60_60 Marta Williamson

solicitor, My Local Solicitor Ltd.

“Great service at a great price. Thank you for all that you do!”

Glyn Thomas

Building Consents Ltd

Laura and her staff are helpful and professional. They listen and then help you to take the steps to promote and increase your business. Thoroughly recommend.”

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Cheshire Telemarketing

“Expert guidance from you Lola Wolf. I will get there!”


Our Deliverables for Your Business Marketing Plan

Wondering more about the specific resources you’ll be able to walk away with from working with LMNts Marketing? Along with our consultation and workshop sessions, we’ll ping the following deliverables over to you – and these full funnel strategy materials will be yours to use for as long as you’d like:

  • Market research information
  • A sales funnel map
  • A funnel blueprint and implementation guide
  • Technical support for the team to keep you on track
  • Copy blueprints and templates
  • Ongoing strategy support
  • ROI Plan
  • Customer targeting suggestions

Get to Work on Your Full Funnel Strategy With LMNts Marketing Today

Ready to delve into all things digital marketing and sales funnels with LMNts? Our team is here with the know-how you need to make sure your digital marketing efforts turn into successes. Just contact our team to learn more and get the ball rolling. We also have a free sales funnel cost calculator and a funnel readiness quiz to help you learn more about sales funnel implementation and the benefits of a funnel for your business.