Looking for Digital Marketing Case Studies?

Check out our sales funnel and social media case studies below

Looking for Digital Marketing Case Studies?

When you are searching for a digital agency, the first thing you will want to know about is their reputation and whether or not they have created results for businesses like yours. We understand this. In fact, we have a long list of client stories and digital marketing case studies to tell about the digital agencies they have worked with in the past.

We want to show you how we work, how we generate results, and what we can achieve working on your campaigns. Apart from our marketing case studies, you will also find loads of testimonials on our website, Facebook page, and Google.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Our Marketing Case Studies

We have created a collection of sample digital marketing case studies for you to review. Due to GDPR regulations, we are not mentioning client names and budgets. However, you can see how we approached the most important marketing challenges each customer had and how we solved their problems effectively.

No matter if it is conversions, the number of leads coming through, or upselling, we can find the best solution for every client, independent of their marketing budget.


Business coach sales funnel

The challenge

One of our oldest clients turned to us with a challenge. They bought into a coaching franchise and they were restricted when it comes to content and branding.

The solution

We created a social media funnel that consisted of engagement posts, ManyChat integration, content funnel (mini-course), free consultation booking, follow up sequence on MailChimp.

The results

The conversion rate on the opt-in post was 15% on Facebook, but our client used the same funnel to engage with old contacts, too.

Our insights

Being a coach or consultant is one of the most competitive jobs. You need to stand out through your USP and build meaningful relations


The challenge

We were approached by a local photographer who was finding the competition in the area very challenging. They were paying a lot of money for a site that was full of spelling mistakes and spending money on Facebook ads, promoting an empty page.

The solution

We increased the engagement on the Facebook page through organic posts, we developed an SEO campaign for the website and ran a few Facebook ads, leading traffic to the website and growing engagement on the Facebook page.

The results

The client is now getting traffic from search engines and Facebook. People also call them or contact them via email to arrange a booking or enquire.

Our insights

Being in a competitive niche doesn’t mean that you have to struggle. Getting your offers out there is easier than you think with a sales funnel and social media campaign. 

New affiliate blog

The challenge

The main challenge setting up the site was that it had to look different. It was an affiliate blog, and the end result should be to get people to visit the main links, after getting engaging content and value. The site should not look like a corporate page, but more like a blog. 

The solution

We created the categories, chose the promotional products, added banners, and scheduled content. We experimented with different types of content in order to find the right hashtags and groups to post in. This was a learning curve, but it helped us create a buzz about the latest products and the content on the blog. 

The results

Every day after launching the website, we got new followers. If you are not familiar with blog following, every time you post an update, these people will get notified. This is a powerful sales funnel tool. After two days, we had social media followers, WordPress followers and plenty of search engine traffic, as well as clicks to the affiliate links. 

Our insights

When it comes to building sales funnels for startup businesses, there are several challenges to overcome. The results are often slow to come in and many clients don’t see what is going on behind the scenes: testing, testing, tweaking and making sure that the content put out resonates with the audience.  

ecommerce marketing

Coldwear Clothing Marketing

The challenge

The main challenge was to re-engage with the market and set up the geotargeting on the site in order to improve the conversions on the eCommerce. The company sells workwear and cold storage clothing in the UK, actively looking for new international reseller partners.

The solution

We created a detailed on-site SEO plan for rewampinig the website and focusing on the main products the company sells. We also created a press release campaign, created a video marketing channel, supported the company with social media marketing and content.

The results

After implementing the SEO changes on the website, the traffic multiplied in just two months. We managed to become more visible online than the main competitors that spend a lot on advertising. The brand is now strong and online orders are growing month to month.

Here’s what our client said: “Thanks to the efforts of the LMNts Marketing team, the company now has more likes and follows on all of their social media platforms as well as more orders and reviews on their website”

Our insights

Working on eCommerce projects is a great way of showing financial results. Our main challenge was improving the conversion rates on the site, and this meant restructuring the pages. Hard work paid off, and the results speak for themselves.

We truly enjoyed working with this client, getting the branding right, and having a  Friday afternoon brainstorming session every now and then to maximise their return on marketing investment.

Podcast Marketing Case Studies

We have worked with different personal brands to build their reputation online and to get their name out there. For example, we have recently launched a podcast in the UK that got into the charts in the first few days, due to the build up of the marketing and branding campaign we created.

We can find your superpower that will make you stand out and connect with your target audience. After all, we all know that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Our digital marketing case studies show that we are always working on creating something that we call the “like me moment”.

Coaching Funnel Case Studies

We work really well with business coaches and consultants, as they understand the importance of having a sales and promotion plan in place, as well as automation. We are amazing at brainstorming with coaches and finding the right angle to penetrate the market.

Have a look at our coaching funnel marketing case studies from the United Kingdom that will show you how we work closely with our clients to achieve the best results in the shortest possible period of time.

Service Marketing Case Studies

What we do best is create a plan that makes it easier for you to sell your service. No matter if you are a business coach, accountant, professional photographer, or a design service provider, you have a huge competition.

Branding and creating irresistible offers should go hand-in hand when planning a campaign. Check out our service related internet marketing case studies that show the different methods of promotions we use; webinars, videos, Facebook ads, SEO and blogging.

What our clients say about us.

thumb_03_60_60 Anne-Marie Mayers

Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Awakening Academy

“I have been working with Laura for a couple of months now and she has been a god send. Laura is very proactive in my business, creating sales funnels, SEO & helping me craft my brand. I would highly recommend her.”
thumb_01_60_60Tony Mazzotti

The Business Growth Companion

“It’s not how long & it’s not how much! Spent a few quality hours with Laura today & just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving me the clarity that I always go on about to her! Great productive session ?

If you need help with your digital marketing look no further!”

thumb_03_60_60 Mike Britton

Cutting Hedge Gardening

“Excellent service throughout. I haven’t got a clue when it comes to technology and marketing so I was made up to be able to simply give Laura all the info needed about my business and have a tailor-made website and Facebook page produced at an affordable price!”
thumb_02_60_60 Marta Williamson

solicitor, My Local Solicitor Ltd.

“Great service at a great price. Thank you for all that you do!”
thumb_01_60_60Doug Hounslow

Photographer, Doug Hounslow Photography Studio 21

“I have used AOMC several times and I have always been very happy with the results. Nothing is too much trouble and the price is very competitive.”

thumb_02_60_60 Mary Doyle

Cheshire Telemarketing

“Expert guidance from you Lola Wolf. I will get there!”


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