Looking for Digital Marketing Case Studies?

Check out our marketing automation and lead generation case studies below

Looking for Digital Marketing Case Studies?

When you are searching for a digital agency, the first thing you will want to know about is their reputation and whether or not they have created results for businesses like yours. We understand this. In fact, we have a long list of client stories and digital marketing case studies to tell about the digital agencies they have worked with in the past.

We want to show you how we work, how we generate results, and what we can achieve working on your campaigns. Apart from our marketing case studies, you will also find loads of testimonials on our website, Facebook page, and Google.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

eCommerce Marketing Case Study


Search engine traffic increase

Laura and her team at LMNts Marketing Limited has been so good at helping Delf Coldwear Solutions get our brand recognised and has improved the SEO’s on our website dramatically.

The Challenge: Revenue Increase On a Budget

The company sells workwear and cold storage clothing in the UK, actively looking for new international reseller partners. The main challenge was to re-engage with the market and improve the conversions on the eCommerce site, as well as recruiting international distributors.

Our Approach: Competitor Gap Analysis

Looking at the UK competition and the budget or larger companies, we determined that we couldn’t compete on paid ads with larger players. We increased search engine traffic and found gaps in the market by moving onto other platforms, saving the client a lot of money they previously wasted on Google ads with another agency. 

The Solution: Organic Shopping Traffic

We created a detailed on-site SEO plan for rewampinig the website and focusing on the main products the company sells. We also created a press release campaign, created a video marketing channel, supported the company with social media marketing and content. We also created and implemented a Pinterest and Google Merchant Centre strategy.

The Outcome: Increased Online Sales and Distributor Network

Targeting mainly the Middle East and the UK, our organic traffic strategy has worked. We have seen a 25-50% growth YoY with this approach without spending money on paid traffic. 

Business Coaching Case Study


New Client Enrollment

Laura really cares & offers great value.

The Challenge: Generate New Business Leads

The franchisee of Actioncoach found that their area was oversold and they had difficulties generating new business through the regular channels offered by the company. 

Our Approach: Creating a USP and Personal Brand

Breaking through the barriers of a fraanchise when engaging in digital marketing is a challenging task. We focused on personal branding, ideal client persona development, and engagement channels. 

The Solution: Increased Leads From Social Media

We created a social media funnel plan  for this business coach. It included videos, setting up a regular schedule of online events, instead of face-to-face seminars, which were hard to market and organise. The number of leads added to the email list increase immediately.

The Outcome: Consistent Lead Generation Strategy

Webinar funnels had regular attendance which was 10 times higher than that of the seminars. At the same time, the client had less work organising events and never went short of clients again!

Life Coaching Case Study


New Client Enrolment

I am now getting more clicks from search engines than ever before. My lead generation is automated, and I have a great source of new potential customers.

The Challenge: Generate New Life Coaching Clients

This talented life coach came to us when she lost organic traffic and wanted to find a new way to generate leads. She wanted to fix both the traffic issue and the issue with new business for her practice.

Our Approach: a Personal Brand with a Quiz Funnel

We saw that there was a lot of competition in London, and worked with the client on a marketing SWOT as well as a simple lead generation funnel. She was confident that she could convert leads into clients on the first introductory call.

The Solution: Increased Leads From SEO and Facebook

We worked on the website SEO and got rid of the black hat elements the previous company used. We then went ahead to create a quiz funnel to generate leads she can follow up with. We focused on one area of life coaching: confidence for women. It was fun, new, innovative, and effective.

The Outcome: Consistent Lead Generation Strategy

Apart from the increased traffic, this life coach benefited from meetings booked every day. In fact, this marketing plan generated our client 10-15 new leads each week.

Fleet Services Digital Marketing 


More Search Engine Traffic

Laura has a great team and she is doing a great job, there is nothing I can think of to change as I am fully happy with everything. So much so we are going to soon be starting a second website.

The Challenge: Online Visibility

This professional driving training company was looking for a way to increase their visibility online. After another designer failed to deliver in 18 months, they turned to us. 

Our Approach: Professional Design with SEO

We advised the business on the design and the SEO potential. We also found a great potentia in the automation built into the sytem to make it easoer to obtain clients.

The Solution: Marketing Automation and SEO

We worked on the website design and  SEO starting from scratch. We built in automations including a booking system and downloadable PDFs for B2B clients as a part of the lead acquisition strategy. 

The Outcome: Consistent Lead Generation Strategy

The client’s contact form and download pages are working seamlessly, and the site now has the ability to generate leads on autopilot and take bookings directly.

Fleet Services Digital Marketing 


More Search Engine Traffic

Laura and her staff are helpful and professional. They listen and then help you to take the steps to promote and increase your business. Thoroughly recommend.

The Challenge: SEO & Automation

This buisness came to us first to get their SEO strategy fixed. After 6 months, we imoproved their rankings enough to get too much work in and the worlkload for staff was hard to manage,

Our Approach: SEO Strategy

We reviewed the existing design from the UX perspective and analysed keyword gaps. We achieved a huge jump in search egnine traffic. However, this meant more admin for staff, so we were asked to help with a client acquisition funnel. 

The Solution: SEO and Marketing Automation

We have built the SEO strategy and worked closely wiht the team at the business to integrate a new lead geneation and conversion funnel into their existing systems. We worked with them on an online calculator and a lead form that automated everyting from booking an inspection to paying and signing an agreement.

Seamless Marketing and Business Processes

Thanks to the SEO and the marketing and sales automation, the business could grow and increase their profits without increased workflow or employee costs. They also managed to expand to new areas in the UK.

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