About Our Sales Funnel Experts and History

Our Story

LMNts Marketing was created by Laura Farkas, a digital marketing professional, one of the UK’s top sales funnel experts. It is a growing brand driven by honesty. transparency, and the vision to support SMEs in the UK in every aspect of marketing.

We are very proud of our achievements, but don’t often brag about them. If you want to see our reviews, please check Google and Clutch.

We aim for 100% satisfaction, and we work closely with our clients (whom we call partners) to help them make the most out of their budget.

We are like an in-house marketing team of sales funnel experts, only cheaper and more efficient.



After being made redundant by the second largest bank in the UK, Laura Farkas returned to her all-time passion: marketing. She freelanced for many years, working with clients all over the world.

She became involved with large SEO companies, as well as business owners, and ran her own affiliate campaigns.

The team grew by a copywriter and a social media manager, and international projects started to pour in, as well as local business marketing launches. Laura discovered the power of sales marketing automation and tarined to be a sales funnel expert then passed on the knowledge to the team.

LMNts Marketing went limited and relaunched their website with new, more professional branding. They grew the team, and enrolled new clients in the professional sphere; from property investment businesses to business and career coaches. LMNts gained a high recognition on DesignRush.

LMNts Marketing continued to grow during Covid, and they already had project management system, Slack, and Google Workspace in place by the time the pandemic hit. They benefited from the investment into technology to survive and thrive in economic turmoil with the productivity of their sales funnel experts unaffected. LMNts was named Top B2B Companies on Clutch as well s WIMGO.

LMNts Marketing’s experts gained recognition by Clutch and DesignRush again. The company made it their aim to become the number one sales funnel agency in the UK. LMNts became an ActiveCampaign partner offering email marketing management.

2022 was again the year or growth. We continued to enrol new clients and achieve consistent SEO results, building funnels and automations. We also won the Innovation & Excellence Awards by Corporate Live Wire. Laura won the Best Marketing CMO (UK) title this year. LMNts continued to be involved with the Cheshire West and North Wales Chamber of Commerce and completed a charity dragon boat race.

LMNts transformed the business and Laura took on the role of CMO and sales funnel strategist. We trained our 10th verified review on Clutch. Also, out of the blue, we’ve received a nomination and got into the top 100 UK SMEs list ranking 95th. Not bad for a small marketing agency! We continued to grow and decided to train intrapreneurs instead of having employeees. Read more about it here:

So far n 2024, we’ve received another finalist award from Elite Business Magazine, scoring 85th out of the Top 100 Elite SMEs in the UK (which qualifies us to get the Rising Star Title too). We’ve also one on a hiring spree and starting rewamping our site. We’ve hired a new social media manager and digital marketing manager to help with the increasing workload. And the story continues….

About Laura: She graduated from K & S Marketing Studio in 1999, and got a PhD in Journalism before she got her BA Degree. After a few months at the second-largest newspaper in Budapest, she realised that journalism was not for her, either, after the editorial team decided to publish her piece under someone else’s name, as she was only an intern.

During university years she took on the position of a marketing manager at a printing company and created a Direct Mail campaign that grew the customer base of the business 14 fold. By the age of 20, she was a marketing director and a full-time student.

The Beginning


Laura was supposed to study MBA Marketing at 18 back in Hungary, but for some reason (maybe proud) she decided to enrol in a BA in literature and languages at the most renowned university in Hungary. There was a huge oversubscription that year (1996), and there were 20 applicants for every place. After the third year, she realised that she would never be able to teach 30 teenagers a time, so she dropped her teaching subjects, took on cultural management and Marketing.

She moved to England in 2006 with her two small children, worked in one of the largest banks, until – fortunately – redundancies happened, and she decided to set up her own business. She never looked back since. Starting with SEO, doing a few web development projects, she realised that there is a need for a holistic approach when it comes to small business marketing. Laura’s Sales Funnels was born.

As the company grew, she created LMNts Marketing to help even more businesses and offer affordable packages for companies struggling with their digital marketing. Now the company is offering tailor-made digital marketing solutions for businesses of different sizes; from sole traders to franchise owners and businesses with multiple regional offices. LMNts is currently training the next generation of talent and sales funnel experts, so they can offer help for even more UK business owners.

The LMNts Mission and Values

Our vision is to create digital marketing sales funnels for small businesses and give them access to services they could never afford otherwise. We want to help business owners take the guesswork out of their marketing strategy.

Our services

Social Media Marketing Packages

Leave your social media management to us and simply look through the brilliant results. Because you don’t have time to be shooting in the dark.

Sales funnel management

Our Sales Funnel Marketing solutions are designed for business owners who don’t have time or energy to create and execute a sales funnel strategy.

Content Packages

We offer various packages for busy business owners, either on top of our social media management packages or as a one-off service.


Sales funnel coaching

Stay in control of your sales funnel development and marketing, through our coaching sessions.


Free Consultation

It is important to understand your business needs better in order to help you make the most out of your marketing.


Sales Funnel Development

You Need a Sales Funnel to Automate Your Marketing and Lead Generation. We Take Care of the Design and the Setup.

Our Team


CMO and Chief Funnel Architect

Laura has many years of agency experience, and has worked as a content manager, editor, and outreach writer for some of the largest marketing firms out there.

She decided to set up LMNts Marketing to provide a more personalised and hands-on approach for clients. She is passionate about levelling the playing field of digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses.



Digital Marketing Manager

Sonal specializes in crafting captivating campaigns that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a keen eye for trends and a knack for numbers honed over 10 years of hands-on experience, she excels in digital marketing analysis, ensuring strategies are not only creative but also data-driven for maximum impact across both paid and organic channels.



Natalie is our detail-oriented content writer

No matter your industry or business, she can write content that connects with your audience and helps your page rank in organic web searches.She knows how to use written content to set your site or blog posts up for success! 


Sales & Account Director

Al is an experienced digital marketing campaign manager and director with 10 years of agency experience.

He has the talent to keep the team informed and brainstorm new ideas with clients to make sure we are all working together to achieve the highest possible return on their marketing investment.



Social media and SEO strategist, video creator

Lonay is our fun and innovative analyst.

He has worked and studied in various countries, and loves infographics, video editing, and keyword analysis.

He can make your hashtags work and your videos go viral!  



Digital marketing assistant

Can can quickly findeffective solutions to meet every marketing need.

Hehas a great part in our branding and marketing campaigns. He works meticulously with a dynamic, creative, and solution-oriented approach. With experience in SEO, social media, marketing, and project management, he also brings creativity in graphic design and video editing.

In the Press:

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LMNts Marketing, a UK based boutique sales funnel marketing agency implements quiz funnels in their strategy and wins four awards in 2020.

Frodsham Marketing Agency Receives Three Awards In 2020

LMNts Marketing might be a small boutique agency in the market town of Frodsham, but the efforts of the team are getting recognised by professional bodies.

The digital marketing expert duo who are helping local businesses to get online

Based at Frodsham Business Centre, LMNts and Digital 4 Trades are run by business and real-life partners Laura Farkas and Alan Owen, who use their complementary marketing backgrounds to provide the best service for their clients.

Lean Marketing Agency Wins Innovation & Excellence Award

Full service sales funnel agency, LMNts Marketing Ltd, located in Frodsham, Cheshire bagged a new award this year. Awarded by Corporate Live Wire, the Innovation & Excellence Award 2022 is the 7th in total the company received in the past 3 years

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