Written by Laura Farkas

Updated September 3, 2020

Effective Social Media Funnels for Coaches and Consultants

The Truth Behind Social Media Funnels for Coaches

In case nobody told you before; coaching is a trust-based business. You have to give people time to get to know and trust you, or you will be like an elephant in the china shop. That is why lead generation for coaches should always involve a sales funnel and a follow up sequence.

Your personal brand is one of the most important assets in your coaching business, therefore, you will have to build momentum and relationships, while working on your reputation. In a way, lead generation will never go for coaches if it goes straight for the sale. You have to give people time to see your value. The higher price you charge for your services, the longer your digital marketing funnel will need to be. 

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Coaching Business 

Your social media presence as a professional can make or break relationships. Most of the time we work with business, personal,  and holistic coaches who are looking to build high ticket sales funnels. These clients are not interested in Facebook traffic, as – in our opinion – that traffic is not the best for high ticket products or services. On the other hand, you can create awareness and interest on Facebook and move your prospects to your social media funnels. Check out our social media marketing packages to find out more about how you can do that. 

Still, most of our customers will be looking for traffic from LinkedIn. That said, figuring out the algorithm of LinkedIn is not easy. You might have fallen for the latest “5 day challenge to get leads from LinkedIn”, but have you made more than connections?  Getting enough engagement on LinkedIn is hard, as there’s a lot of competition. If anyone tells you that adding 20 people to your account and sending them intros every day will crack it, you’d better run. Coaching and consulting high ticket sales funnels don’t work like that. 


  1. You need to invest in the relationship. 
  2. You have to offer value. 
  3. You need to be consistent. (This is the hardest thing of all).

Social Media Management Packages for Business Coaches: Coaching Funnel Templates

With a lot of business coaches and consultants moving online, there’s an increased competition in the course creators’ field. However, if you would like to set up your own group coaching site or membership platform, there are plenty of opportunities out there. If you have been contemplating on building your own educational platform, check out this guide on how to create and sell your online courses.

The simple marketing template for coaches looks like this: 


  1. Engage in a conversation on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook groups)
  2. Create content that is irresistible and is answering your prospects’ most burning questions or problems
  3. Offer even more content through your social media group
  4. Engage with your potential clients, using a quiz funnel to qualify them
  5. Use advanced audience segmentation to make sure that you are sending out the most appropriate messages
  6. Add micro commitments to get people to trust you before they would spend a good fair amount of money with you
  7. Create a sense of urgency to close the deal.

Bonus: engage wtih a top influencer marketing agency to see if you can get help from people who already have access to your audience. 

 Here is a simple example of a coaching funnel we created for one of our clients. 

How To Create Reciprocity If You Are A Coach, Trainer, or Consultant

Reciprocity is something that is a main element of our sales funnels here, at LMNts Marketing. We believe that you always have to offer more value than what you charge for, and you have to make people feel grateful. Gratitude is a positive feeling, and when clients have a positive emotion associated with your brand, you are more likely to get them to stay with you and trust you as an expert. Another thing you will have to focus on is the “like me” moment. It is also often called the “wow” moment, when people realise that the solution you are offering is the answer to their most urgent problems.

Are you looking to build  a high conversion sales funnel for your training or coaching business? Have a chat with us about marketing.

Online Training Has a Bad Rep, That’s Why You Need A social Media Funnel to Build Trust

Unfortunately, you will find that it is extremely hard to gain the trust of people you want to work with. It is because of the bad reputation of the industry. You will need to build trust and many people have broken that trust already. This is the case in the marketing industry, too, so we are in the same boat. Before you try shouting louder than others, you need to know that there is some negativity in the market about engaging with a trainer or coach. You have to break through the negative presumptions before you can have a meaningful conversation with your potential clients. Then you can provide more value and build more trust.

What an Engagement Funnel Looks like

If you are trying to promote your coaching or consulting business, maybe a course or membership site, it is important that you shift your mindset. You might want to accept the fact that you can’t ask people to commit to a couple of thousand pounds a month, without knowing exactly what you have to offer. This is where an engagement social media sales  funnel comes in the picture. 

The difference between a sales funnel and an engagement funnel is pretty much the approach. While with sales funnels you will go in trying to close the client, with engagement funnels you focus on the quality of the relationships. As a trainer, expert, coach, or consultant, you will need more touch points than someone selling a phone case for example. You cannot feature your merchandise the same way retailers can, so all you have to sell is yourself.

When it comes to creating a brand, you will always have to focus on your personal USP. This means that you should communicate your superpower. Remember that your social media profile should never be about you, but the solutions you offer for your potential clients. Below you will find a few tips that will help you choose and make the most out of your social media sales funnels. 

Bonus: Actionable Tips for Business Coaching for Social Media Lead Generation 


LinkedIn Sales Funnel Tips for Business Coaches

As we have previously discussed, our sales funnel agency usually recommends setting up lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn and YouTube, instead of Facebook. The quality of traffic is simply much better, and you will build a better connection with your prospects. People trust LinkedIn connections more than those on Instagram or Facebook, generally. 

Below you will find a simple guide on how to improve your LinkedIn profile before you would build a lead generation funnel for your coaching business. 

  1. Your Profile Picture

You should look professional, yet approachable on your LinkedIn profile picture. Your photo needs to be easily recognised across the board, so your audience can associate your face with amazing posts. Eliminate any distraction, such as filters or backgrounds.

  1. Your Header Image

In your header space, it is important that you add something memorable; an award, a familiar venue, or  an interesting quote can help you intrigue your audience. You might even add a call-to-action using Canva.

  1. Your Headline

Remember that only a part of your headline is visible, so you will have to create a short statement that will engage with your followers and summarize what you offer. This is not an elevator pitch, more like a summary of your USP and your offer.

  1. Your About Section

You will have to make sure that you are only including relevant information. All the info here needs to be related to what you are doing and offering NOW. If it is not, you will either have to remove it or give it an angle. A good copywriter can add a specific focus to your LinkedIn “about” page that will give people just enough information to make up their mind whether or not they want to connect with you. Add a link that will involve a sales funnel to generate leads through your LinkedIn profile. 

  1. Your Experience Section 

The same rule applies here as in the “About” section. Add only relevant experiences and make sure that you talk about your achievements as well as your roles and responsibilities. If you have awards to feature, make sure that you link to them. If you have been published in a large magazine, include that, too. Your LinkedIn profile will help you add credibility to your sales funnels.

  1. Your Posts

I usually tell my clients to imagine that they are talking directly to their ideal clients when they create a post. You might also want to focus on one problem and one topic at the same time, so you can avoid confusing your audience. If you talk about productivity one day and staff retention the next, they will not consider you as an expert in either of those areas.

Facebook Group Tips for Business Coaches

If you already have a Facebook page for your coaching business, it might be a good idea to create a group, too. It will increase your engagement level on your social media sales funnels, and groups are still getting more traffic than pages. There are simply too many business pages out there. 

Another rule of thumb is that you filter through the members and make your group closed. Alternatively, you can have an open group for the general public and a “special” one for paying clients.  Make sure that you ask people to  answer 3-5 questions before being accepted,  so they can prove that they are worthy of the content you put out there.

Having a closed group after you have created a large audience on Facebook will help you create more engagement and convert the best leads into customers. No matter if you are offering online coaching on Facebook or just want to create a mastermind group, you need to hand pick members.

Posting in other people’s groups is also a great way of getting traffic, but you will have to ensure that you are putting out original and unique content. You will have to spend time getting to know people instead of just posting links to your offer. Comment on other people’s posts and make the most out of every conversation.

Would you like us to help you create a social media strategy for your coaching business? Schedule a free social media overview brainstorming session below.

How To Sell More Courses through Social Media Sales Funnels

If you want to sell more courses using automated lead generation sales funnels, you might need to give away a lot of information at first to build trust. No matter if you base your lead pages on a free training, a report, or a tool, you have to create reciprocity. Your potential clients will have to know that you are offering a massive amount of value. You cannot explain what you do without showing the results. 

Having a free membership has helped us relaunch a brand that has gone nowhere and added over 200 free members to the list of the company in less than 10 days.

The Bottom Line On Social Media Sales Funnels for Coaches

Social media sales funnels work for business coaches, but you need to laser target your audience, and you offer a content strategy that will engage with your ideal clients. Hopefully the above tips will help you generate more leads through social media sales funnels to your professional business. 

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