Are you a business owner who is about to give up on digital marketing and lead generation?

Good news: we have created a unique system that will take the pain out of marketing your business online. Our sales funnel digital marketing agency uses the cheapest and most effective lead generation option for coaches, consultants, digital product owners, e-commerce managers, and software developers.

We call them: bespoke, high converting sales funnels.

Bespoke Digital Marketing Funnels

The truth is that so many business owners fail at creating a funnel or a marketing system that works for them. WHY? BECAUSE they use cookie-cutter options.

Our digital marketing agency help you automate your lead generation.


Our results speak for themselves

Average social media growth after 30 days


Customer retention after 6 months


Average conversion growth

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Our Services

Sales Funnel & Lead Generation

It is important that you create a system to automate your digital marketing. Our expert sales funnel designers will create a custom lead generation method. Without a marketing funnel, it is almost impossible to improve your conversions and measure your results.

Social Media Marketing

For many people, managing their online presence is like shooting in the dark. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram insights. The good news is that you don’t have to. We can manage your posts and engagement for you. We also create bespoke Facebook ad campaigns.

Content Marketing

Whether you are looking to save time or create a consistent brand and build your reputation, our content marketing services will help. We create infographics, press releases, presentations and social media posts that are consistent with your brand messages. We only work with the best copywriters.


Whether it is local or national SEO ranking you’ve got in mind, our search engine optimisation services will help you focus on what really matters in your business. We offer different packages based on what you would like to achieve with your marketing. From advanced targeting toeCommerce

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What our clients say about us.

Cold Store Clothing Brand

Sutton, UK

Thanks to the efforts of the LMNts Marketing team, the company now has more likes and follows on all of their social media platforms as well as more orders and reviews on their website. The company appreciated the team’s communication and responsiveness to their questions.”



Annie Fontaine Life coaching 

London, UK

LMNTs Marketing has significantly boosted the client’s presence in search engines. They went above and beyond to make the client understand the importance of digital marketing. The team was also very thorough and committed to providing reliable support..”


John Parry

Parry’s Fleet Services

All communication was through Laura until near the end when Laura introduced me to one of her team to look at some tech points, but I am sure that all of Laura’s team gave some input and they all work very well and good at what they do.

Laura has a great team and she is doing a great job, there is nothing I can think of to change as I am fully happy with everything. So much so we are going to soon be starting a second website.

thumb_03_60_60 Anne-Marie Mayers

Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Awakening Academy

“I have been working with Laura for a couple of months now and she has been a god send. Laura is very proactive in my business, creating sales funnels, SEO & helping me craft my brand. I would highly recommend her.”

thumb_01_60_60Tony Mazzotti

The Business Growth Companion

“It’s not how long & it’s not how much! Spent a few quality hours with Laura today & just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving me the clarity that I always go on about to her! Great productive session ?

If you need help with your digital marketing look no further!”

thumb_03_60_60 Mike Britton

Cutting Hedge Gardening

“Excellent service throughout. I haven’t got a clue when it comes to technology and marketing so I was made up to be able to simply give Laura all the info needed about my business and have a tailor-made website and Facebook page produced at an affordable price!”
thumb_02_60_60 Marta Williamson

solicitor, My Local Solicitor Ltd.

“Great service at a great price. Thank you for all that you do!”
thumb_01_60_60Doug Hounslow

Photographer, Doug Hounslow Photography Studio 21

“I have used AOMC several times and I have always been very happy with the results. Nothing is too much trouble and the price is very competitive.”

thumb_02_60_60 Mary Doyle

Cheshire Telemarketing

“Expert guidance from you Lola Wolf. I will get there!”


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our affordable social media and sales funnel services.

Meet Our Team

Meet the ones who make it all possible:

your social media and digital marketing team


CMO and sales funnel designer

Laura has many years of agency experience, and has worked as a content manager, editor, and outreach writer for some of the largest marketing firms out there.

She decided to set up LMNts Marketing to provide a more personalised and hands-on approach for clients. She is passionate about levelling the playing field of digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses.


Alun - Sales & Account Director


Web Designer and SEO Specialist

Matty is a fast technical problem solver!

Whether you’re hearing funny PC noises or need something developed, he has the knowledge you need to resolve any technical issues you may have. 

He can build an eye-catching, unique website with his eyes closed!

Alun - Sales & Account Director


Sales & Account Director

Al is an experienced digital marketing campaign manager and director with 10 years of agency experience.

He has the talent to keep the team informed and brainstorm new ideas with clients to make sure we are all working together to achieve the highest possible return on their marketing investment. 

Alun - Sales & Account Director

Emma MA

Emma M A Social and Website Media Assistant

Emma is very tech-savvy.

She has been more than familiar with social media sites since they first began to appear on our home screens!

Technology has always been intriguing to Emma and she stays up to date so you don’t have to!  


Lonay H

Social media and SEO strategist, video creator

Lonay is our fun and innovative analyst.

He has worked and studied in various countries, and loves infographics, video editing, and keyword analysis.

He can make your hashtags work and your videos go viral!


How A Sales Funnel Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business

Let’s be real; there are tons of digital marketing agencies out there that can help you manage your campaigns, your email messages, follow ups, or even build you a website. Our approach is different; we build systems that put your digital marketing on autopilot and steroids.

Wide Range of Products and Services by our Full Service Marketing Agency

At LMNts Marketing, we have a small team trained in house with multiple skills. We can connect the jigsaw pieces of digital marketing and help you gain more visibility, better conversions, and higher return on investment. After all, marketing is an investment, not a cost, and if you make money, you will be a customer for a long time.


✅ Identifying Your Target Audience

Whenever we start talking to a client, we start with discussing their ideal client persona. You can download the buyer persona exercise from our site. You can also choose to book an appointment to clarify the details and discover new markets.

✅ Identifying Your Superpower

No matter how competitive your niche is, you will have a USP, and one of the first questions we will ask you is: “what is your superpower?” We need to know what makes you stand out, so we can build a sales funnel and lead generation campaign around it.

✅ Designing and Testing Your Lead Magnets

Without a list, – and without customers – you don’t have a business, only a dream. Getting those first subscribers and turning them into raving fans is what we do best. We will advise you on the lead generation method; quiz funnels, Facebook groups and events, free downloads, or exclusive video content.

✅ Setting Predictable Conversion Rates

They say: marketing is a numbers’ game. They also say that money talks. If you don’t have a system that brings in more money than it costs, it is not a marketing system; it is throwing money in the wind. We will monitor your conversion rates, making sure that you are maximising your selling opportunities. The last thing we want you to do is throw money in a digital marketing campaign that does not work.

✅ Improving Your Sales Process

No matter how good your lead magnet and offer is, you will need a sales process that will close the deal. Whether we implement an extra step, use retargeting ads to get visitors who are close to making a buying decision over the line, or tweak your offers, we will do our best to get you leads and sales.

✅ Optimising Your Landing Pages

Oftentimes, the design and copy of the landing page is the main issue when it comes to conversions. If you already have a landing page or sales page in place, we will create an AB testing to literally “choose the winners and lose the losers”, so you get more conversions.

✅ Finding the Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Without visitors, you can have the best landing page and offer, you will still not make money. Based on your content, niche, audience, and budget, we will find the best way of driving traffic to your site to generate leads and sales.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

At LMNts, a small boutique sales funnel digital marketing agency we love helping brands thrive. It’s time to stop wasting your budget on something that does not work for your business. We will help you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Let’s figure out together what works best for your business.

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