If you are undecided which digital marketing package you should use, find the answers to some of the common questions of our customers below.

Which Social Media Platforms Do You Manage?

We manage most of the main social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Of course, our digital marketing funnel packages are tailored to our clients’ needs, so you just have to ask.

Which Social Media Platforms Do You Manage?
We manage most of the main social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Of course, our digital marketing funnel packages are tailored to our clients’ needs, so you just have to ask.
How Do You Measure Results?
We have our own white label social media management software that allows you to see the stats in a way that you understand what is going on with your accounts. You can see the growth, the engagement, and even where your audience is online. Most importantly, you will know which types of posts are doing well.
Is There a Fixed Monthly Contract for Your Social Media Management Packages?
No. You can try the service for one month, and see if it makes a difference. Unlike some digital marketing companies, we don’t make you wait for 6-12 months to see results. If you are not happy with what we deliver, you are free to leave. To be honest, nobody does. But the option is there.
What Makes You Qualified?
LMNts Marketing is run by digital marketing professionals, who regularly update their knowledge about the latest trends and methods. You can read more in the About section of this site.
Who Writes My Digital Marketing Content?

Unlike some companies telling you that your content is written by native speakers in the UK and delivering poor quality “content mill” blog posts and articles, we only work with English copywriters. We simply wouldn’t add our name to subpar quality writing. That’s not who we are.

How Do I See My Social Media Marketing Results?

You will get a monthly or weekly report, depending on your social media management packages, and see the growth, the engagement, and the posts we sent. We have a high standard of transparency when it comes to delivering service to small and medium sized business owners.

Do You Manage Autoresponders?
Yes. Some of our full service marketing packages include setting up and managing your email sales funnels and optimising your open rate, click rates, and conversions. You don’t have to struggle with MailChim or other platforms any more.
Do You Write Press Releases?
Yes. If you have a new business, it is absolutely necessary to get the word out about what you do and how you can help your target audience. We write and distribute press releases to help you make the most out of your branding and publicity. This is included in some of the higher marketing funnel packages.
Do You Offer Free Business Marketing Advice?

Yes. In fact, we have an affordable digital marketing coaching program, which works on a pay-as-you-go basis, Some of our packages also include content training and coaching.

Do You Offer Search Engine Optmisation?

Yes, it is a part of some of our digital marketing funnel packages. Most of our clients spent thousands of pounds getting a website developed, but they feel like they wasted money, as they are getting no traffic. With a few simple tweaks, we can make your website stand out and get organic, free traffic.

Can You Help Me Find My Ideal Client?

Absolutely. In fact, this is something that we do the best. Instead of trying to please everyone, you will need to find people who are most likely to buy from you. Feel free to download our free Ideal Client Sheet to get started.

Which Types of Businesses Do You Work Best With?
We work with startups, growing small and medium sized businesses, and larger companies struggling to find an angle in the competitive world of digital marketing. We work best with clients who have a clear vision and goals and those who operate in a competitive marketplace.
I Am Looking for a Hands-off Digital Marketing Solution. Can Your Sales Funnel Packages Help?

We understand that you are a busy business owner, and don’t have time to figure out digital marketing. That is probably why you landed on our site. After the initial consultation, we will create a plan you approve, and you can sit back and relax, watching the traffic and engagement grow, and let us flood your sales funnel.

What Is the Difference Between Me Using Clickfunnels or Lead Pages and You Building My Marketing Funnels?

While you can go around and try to build sales funnels on some of the popular platforms, you are going to need a lot of patience and time, which you might not have. We don’t have anything to say against Clickfunnels or Lead Pages. In fact, we regularly publish articles and guides in the Funnel Magazine about how to make the most out of your marketing funnels. However, – just like most digital marketing platforms – they are not designed for the average user. Not to mention that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

What If I Would Like to Keep My Social Media Management In House?

That is a decision we respect. In fact, we have worked with companies that simply wanted us to train their staff on digital marketing and social media management. We are happy to set up a training day or just a few hours at your premises, and help you maximize your results. Contact us below to find out about our rates and the areas we cover.

Can You Describe What You Offer In One Sentence?

Absolutely. If you can’t tell people what you do in one sentence, you have loads to do when it comes to developing your mission and vision.

It’s like having your in-house digital marketing expert team, only cheaper.

Are Your Marketing Funnel Packages GDPR Compliant?

Yes. We do our best to protect your personal details, and never share them with third parties. When we start managing your digital marketing accounts and social media, we never get to see your passwords. You are given a login link to connect your accounts, and you can withdraw access any time you want. Not that you will ever consider doing so…

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