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Why Content Calendars Matter in Social Media

If you are not consistent in your marketing, you are likely to miss out on followers and engagement. Just “shooting in the dark” does not cut it when you are competing with millions of businesses online. Creating a strategy and scheduling your posts at the right time, based on careful analytics of the market and your customers’ behaviour really helps you get traction on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

A publishing plan is a great resource for your digital marketing team, as well. They can follow the guidance, create content ahead, and manage your overall engagement strategy.

If you are not sure what to post on social media, we can help, too. You can book a free social media consultation below, so we can give you some guidance and arrange a strategy session. We can plan you 6-12 month social media content and strategy with you and your team.

How to Work on Your Social Media Calendar


You will have to determine your weekly themes, as well as the special dates for your business and clients. Once you’ve got this sorted, you can create different ideas on an idea board. You will also have to determine your monthly/quarterly themes that you would like to implement in your content, and your posts will have to reflect the current theme of your blog, as well as other content. Audience research and engagement is needed for this task, as well as strategic thinking. You will have to make sure that you are resonating with your ideal clients.

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