Funnel Marketing Expert Services – Our Approach

Not Just Another Sales Funnel Agency

At LMNts Marketing, integrity and honesty is in the basis of everything our sales funnel experts do. We will not build a campaign if we don’t think that you have a good chance of getting great conversions and making a positive return on investment.

In simple terms: we care.

As much as we love building sales funnels for business owners, you need to get the foundations of your brand right before you could automate the marketing process. That’s what we can help you with.

Industry Experts and Clickfunnels Pros

No matter if you have a course to sell, a coaching programme to fill, or a consulting package; we will recommend the right marketing funnel for the maximum conversions. Selling high ticket programs and services requires a lot of preparation. You need to gain the trust of the potential client, and that is exactly what you can trust our sales funnel agency to do.

If you run a business post-COVID-19, chances are that you had to change your lead generation methods in the past few months. The way you interact with potential and existing customers has made the need for funnel marketing even more obvious than ever. Now, you have a long term plan to get people engaged with your brand and generate leads to your online services. Whether you are a business coach, educator, speaker, author, or consultant, you need to explore the opportunity of working with a sales funnel agency. 

What A Sales Funnel Agency Does

lead magnet tipsYou might be asking yourself what makes a marketing funnel business different from any other web design or SEO company. It is all about the behind-the-scenes work. We like thinking about funnels as a jigsaw. In the beginning, you have a picture that doesn’t look anything like the scattered small pieces on the floor. Once you have the structure (edges), you see what it will look like, but it takes real skill to put it all together. That is where our Clickfunnels marketing agency experts come in. 

Traditional Lead Generation vs. Funnel Marketing 

Any web designer can put a contact form on a website. However, most of the contact forms never get used, and never result in new customers. Our funnel marketing services are different. We will design your marketing campaigns with the end result in mind: getting clients and a high return on advertising investment. 

Should You Be Worried About Clickfunnels Pricing? What Are the Alternatives?

We have previously worked with clients who have been paying ClickFunnels for hosting their landing pages for two years and beyond, just to get a handful of leads and a very small fraction of the cost in revenue in return. The truth is that you need to consider whether or not it is worth investing in advanced software when generating leads. After all, your main goal should be to make profits taking into consideration Clickfunnel prices. At the same time, it is also important to note that our sales funnel agency can set up pages and automations on any platform, even from scratch. No matter if you are using Kajabi, LeadPages, or Clickfunnels; that is a small detail, compared with your conversion rates

We Are Clickfunnels Marketing Funnel Experts

Laura Farkas, our CMO has been an author of the Funnel Magazine for years, and she has written several articles and guides for business owners who are confused about the concept. In fact, today, most people treat funnels like they used to treat SEO. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but nobody can really explain what it entails. LMNts Marketing is different. We make the process and the design as straightforward as possible. 

How Our Marketing Funnel Agency Works

It is not easy to understand how creative and web design agencies work, full stop. However, a sales funnel agency has even more complex services. At LMNts, we have a holistic approach to digital campaigns, and we want all your advertising channels to be integrated and working together. We use a  lot of automation, but we never let artificial intelligence make decisions about your advertising.  

Best Marketing Funnel Services In the UK  – Get In Touch 

Our funnel marketing agency never outsources core services, and we always have full control over your strategy. Our first and foremost goal is to understand you as a client and tailor our services to your marketing goals. Get in touch with our Clickfunnels marketing funnel experts today.  Click on the link below to arrange a quick overview of our marketing agency funnel packages. 

Marketing Funnel Services In the UK - What To Expect

We offer affordable and straightforward pricing on our sales funnel packages. Find out which one you need. Take the sales funnel quiz.

What Are Funnels for, anyway?

Funnels are the new “swearword of the industry”. Once they are mentioned, you know that there are a few zeros added to your invoice. It doesn’t have to be like that. Let’s have a chat.

What Is a Marketing Funnel Strategy?

If you want to build a solid house, you need to start with the foundation, As sales and marketing funnel experts working in the industry for over 15 years, we can create a 6- or 7-figure funnel strategy that will carry on making money for you for many years to come. Start with the basics; market research, ideal client research, and a Marketing SWOT

What Is Upper funnel Marketing?

If you are just starting up with your marketing funnel. it is important that you reach as many ideal clients as possible. For this, you will need upper funnel or top of the funnel marketing. A solid content plan that attracts, engages with, and intrigues your audience will pay off long term. However, if you are trying to sell at the top of the funnel, your conversions will suck. 

How Does Sales Funnel Automation Work?

Here at LMNts Marketing, we hate nothing more than admin work. So, if you think that you can just go on ClickFunnels or any other platform to get a funnel set up, you are probably on the wrong site. We can make your life easier, by having a custom funnel built based on your business and target audience, and automatically qualifying, following up, and closing prospects. Sounds good? Get in touch to arrange a chat!


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