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It can be tough to keep your marketing strategies and communications fresh and up to date with ever-changing digital marketing standards. If you feel like you have been lagging on creative marketing ideas, or just haven’t had the time to do that big website update you’ve been dreaming of, consider reaching out to the SEO agency Cardiff team at LMNts. We can help you refresh your strategy and give your Cardiff-based business a marketing boost!


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Working With a Small Marketing and SEO Agency

While big marketing agencies often create reasonable results, they tend to push all businesses, including small ones, into one-size-fits-all marketing packages. Although this is not inherently bad, it can lead to lots of waste and inefficiency, especially for small businesses that may be willing/able to take on some marketing operations in-house, or that have significant limitations on their current marketing investment abilities. 

Custom Plans from a Digital Marketing SEO Agency for Cardiff Businesses

Working with a small agency for marketing or web design for your Cardiff business may help you avoid the challenges and inefficiencies of dealing with big marketing companies. Small agencies, like our own, can offer bespoke marketing solutions, so you know your website design, content, and social media posts have been designed completely with your business in mind, not just recycled from a previous project or template. As a small business ourselves, we also make it a point to offer you the flexibility to work around time and budget limitations to figure out the custom solution that best serves you.

LMNts Marketing, a Great  SEO  Agency in Cardiff

We work with clients in Cardiff and beyond to take care of just about anything digital marketing. Collaborating closely with our partners (mostly small to medium-sized businesses), we offer custom marketing solutions; from web design in Cardiff to conversion optimisation.

Our full list of services includes Sales Funnel & Lead Generation planning and development, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing management, web and graphic design, and even consulting on overall business/brand strategies. With expertise in so many areas of marketing, we are able to offer more than what the average design freelancer or SEO agency in Cardiff can; we can offer technical services and results backed by years of experience and know-how to serve your business’ marketing and sales funnel goals in the long-term.


Although we are a full-service digital marketing agency, meaning we can take on essentially all of your online marketing needs, we are open to projects of all scopes. Even if you are not currently able to work with us on a large-scale project, we are still happy to help with consulting/coaching, or by pitching in with high-quality solutions for a few of your most important marketing ideas.

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