Written by Laura Farkas

Updated August 25, 2022

Everything You Need To Design a Winning Quiz Funnel – A Simple Guide For Consultants – Never Run Out of Leads Again

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Gamification is a popular concept in digital marketing, and the best way of implementing it in the 21st Century is by creating quiz funnels. They are engaging, fun, and help you qualify your leads at the same time. I have covered quiz funnels here before, so if you would like to get the basic definitions and the lowdown on the concept, you might want to read that blog post first. 


How To Design a Quiz Funnel 

If you are setting out to design your own quiz funnel from scratch, you might want to follow this simple process that will tick all the boxes and set you up for success. No matter which quiz funnel software you are using, and how you will integrate the questions into your marketing strategy, you will need to have three things right: the targeting, the message, and the outcomes. That’s what we will cover in the next section in detail.


1. Create a List of Things Your Ideal Client Is Interested In

If you don’t know your ideal client, and haven’t profiled your audience, your quiz funnel is going to fail. Guaranteed. It is important that you profile your market and learn about their preferences and behaviours. If you are finding it hard to profile your ideal clients, we have a great template for you, available for free. Just click this link and fill out the blanks. Boom! You will have a detailed customer avatar that goes beyond age and location.

Once you have an audience profile, you will have to find out where they hang out and engage in social listening. You have to find out what they talk about and what keeps them up at night. After all, you want to enter the conversation that goes on in their head, instead of trying to get them to stop thinking about what they are thinking and think about what you want them to think about…. You get the message, right? This will give you a great list of topics to start your quiz funnel on. 

We usually go on “Answerthepublic”, “Alsoasked” or “Quora” to find quiz funnel and social media ideas, and this works amazingly well. 

2.  List the Information You Would Like to Gather

Of course, you will also have to set a goal for your own business; instead of just keeping the customer entertained, you want to gain something, too. It might be an insight, their email address and name, or more. Of course, you can also conduct market research or test the waters before you invest thousands into developing a new product or service. 

Be creative, and draw up the idea outcome of someone filling out the quiz, so you can start your campaign with clear objectives and SMART Goals

3. Do Your Market Research

Once you know who you’re targeting and what your goals with the quiz funnel are, it will be time to do your market research. You can check the competition running similar quizzes, or Facebook and LinkedIn pages/groups to find out what they are talking about. You can also find out who’s getting the most traction in your market, so you can literally “funnel hack” their strategy. It is a legal way of working smarter without having to reinvent the wheel. 

4. Create the List of Questions

Once you have the list of details you want to get, it is time to create a list of questions and build the quiz. It can take you 30 minutes or it could as well take hours. However, you will have to test it before rolling it out, or you will not be able to generate leads to your funnels. The next step will take you through this process. 

5. Design the Questions and Test It with a Cold Audience

If you are not sure if you “hit the nail on the head”, it is always better to ask people. Instead of rolling out your quiz funnel and going in blind, ask a few people who have no clue about your industry if they find your questions interesting and engaging. This will also highlight the language issues; you don’t want to bombard your audience with jargon or phrases they don’t fully understand. You can also ask members of your team or Facebook group to give you feedback on the poll. 

6. Decide When to Give Out Scores

Once you have the questions tested, it is important to decide whether you want to ask for the email address and name of the person in the beginning, just before they get their scores, or after they have their scores. 

There’s no perfect solution, so you will have to decide based on your goals. If you ask for the email address and name in the beginning, your completion rate will be much lower. If you ask for it after people have their scores, you will get fewer leads in your pipeline. The happy medium is probably adding the contact details question just before the score and saying something like: “so that we can send you your scores and analysis, please submit your details”. 

7. Design the Conditional Logic

Now, the technical elements have to be designed, and if you are good at algorithms, it will not take long. However, if you are not, you might want to ask someone with an analytical brain. We use Typeform for quiz funnels, and – while the end result looks slick – it is not easy to navigate your way through the design and conditional logic. I usually ask a team member to double check that everything is set up correctly and the order of the questions makes sense for end users. 

8. Create Outcomes that Suit You and Your Potential Clients

Once you have decided how to collect details, it is time to set up ideal outcomes. If it is a quiz, you will have to set up different results and – preferably – call-to-actions. Let’s say you are working as a confidence coach and you are going to offer a guide for cold leads, a webinar for medium temperature leads, and a 15-minute consultation for warm leads. You will need to assign the “next logical steps” to each outcome. 

9. Test the Quiz Funnel

It is also important that you test the quiz funnel a couple of times before rolling it out. For example, you want to ensure that the automations work. For example, in our quiz funnels, we have an automation set up to add people to a list and tag them plus our sales team gets notified and they get a full report on the answers, so they can filter and categorise leads. At the same time, we add the responses to a Google sheet, so we can review the answers for market research purposes. 

Testing is an important step. Don’t skip it just because you are in a hurry. 

10. Roll It Out

Once you are happy that all the elements of your funnel are working well, and the automations are set up, it is time to roll it out. Decide how you would like to get traffic to your quiz funnel, and set clear targets. How many visits do you want? What do you want the conversions (completion rate) be? How will you follow up with leads and what is the next logical step for them? Are you going to segment your list based on answers? Of course, we can’t give you the answers; it depends on your industry, market, and goals. 

11. Measure and Optimise

Building a quiz funnel, however, doesn’t stop at rolling it out. If you would like to potentially double or 10x your conversions, you will have to keep on improving. Quiz funnel platforms allow you to see where visitors drop out and how you can redesign your questions or landing pages to improve your conversions. Let’s say that you double your conversions; you will have double the leads. If you tweak your questions, however, you can improve the quality of leads, too. And that’s gold dust. 

6 Things You Can Use a Quiz Funnel For

While lead generation is one of the most profitable goals you can set up when creating interactive sales funnels, You can use the technology now widely available to gather business intelligence, segment your leads, or re-engage with potential clients. Here are a few examples. 

1. Market Research

In case you are just starting a business, or rolling out a new service or product, you might want to implement a quiz funnel to take care of market research. It is great to engage with your target audience to see what their problems, preferences, and pain points are. It will also be a good starting point for product or service development. 

2. Lead Generation

Of course, you can use a quiz funnel for lead generation all day, every day. It is actually more fun for your audience and you can expect higher conversion rates than using traditional “free download” or “gated content” offers.  It is always easier to engage with people if you are having a two-way conversation. You can decide to send out the results via email or provide additional resources for your audience; the key is following up. 

3. Client Qualification

If you know that someone is interested in working with you, the next step is to figure out whether you can work with them and if you are a good fit. You can also find out how serious they are, what their budget is, and how soon they are looking to make a decision. This will take a lot of pressure off your sales and accounts department, and result in better and smoother deals. Not to mention that you can improve the customer journey and manage client  expectations.

4. Upsell

Sometimes you need a funnel to make a profit, You might be spending the same amount on ads as it takes to convert one customer. In order to keep your business profitable, it is important that you add an upsell; the sales from that purchase will be pure profit that you can later reinvest in your marketing or product development. This quiz funnel is usually run targeting existing customers, also known as “buyer traffic”. You will not believe how much difference a simple quiz makes until you see the results. 

5. Re-engagement

I have seen several entrepreneurs engage in “campaign based marketing”. This means that they will go on a “blogging rampage”, a “social media rampage”, and “email marketing rampage” for a few weeks, then nothing. For months. If you are guilty of this behaviour, the best thing you can do is try to re-engage with your audience using quizzes. They are fun, and will make them remember you longer. (this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to go off the grid again).

6. Segmenting Your List

It is important that you customise the messages you are sending out to each individual, based on their customer journey, level of interest, and “buyer status. That’s why it would be a great idea to use a quiz to create interest based segments and categorise people on your list based on how interested they are, etc. There are plenty of email list segmentation methods; here is a list of the most common ones

6 Brilliant Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

1. Robert Holden – Happiness Quiz

I like this quiz funnel as it provides real value for visitors. Robert Holden’s Happiness Quiz uses a subtle approach. It also has a few call-to-actions that highlight the next logical step for the participant. See the scoring page to get an idea of how the author communicates with the audience in a way that they feel like they are receiving massive help. 



2. Lumia Coaching – Life Coach Training

This is a classic example of a lead qualification quiz; the author wants to know how serious the visitor is, and helps them find the right route. It also combines personality trait analysis and motivational interviewing so they can understand the visitor’s perspective better, for further contact. 


3. Fashion Style Quiz by Laurie Loo

This is a slick quiz and it helps visitors take their style to the next level. 

Again, this is not a quiz for hard sales; in fact, it is not even asking for personal details. (of course, I am sure that they track your IP address for retargeting purposes). However, at the end of the quiz they highlight the next logical step (mind that I would have made this a bit more prominent on the page, but it’s just the funnel hacker talking). 



4. Legion Athletics- Perfect Diet Quiz



We like this quiz as it is well designed, logical, and asks all the relevant information, such as age, weight, height, gender, fitness goals, dietary habits, etc. It is a brilliant and valuable quiz for everyone sitting on the fence about which diet plan to follow. I am sure that there’s a huge number of people seeking this answer. At the end of the quiz, the website is simply asking: “Would you like a free low-carb meal plan?” No hard sell, and the question is personalised, as I chose low carb. 


5. Love Is Respect – Relationship Quiz

This is a great quiz and promises straight answers. It also says that the questions are “yes or no” which might improve the completion and start conversions. 


Some of the questions are pretty personal, but overall the experience is good. I believe that the quiz is more geared towards women who are living with narcissists, which might call for a change of title, but overall it is a great quiz. It doesn’t ask for email addresses, however, I am sure you will come across ads soon after completing the quiz, as the cookies will track you. 


6. Adult Autism Test – Clinical Partners UK 

This is a quiz that is more based on science and it is longer, too. Still, I believe that it is very useful for many people wondering whether they are living with an undiagnosed condition. 


There are a lot of questions, and it will either give you reassurance (like me) or tell you that you have autistic tendencies. If you happen to get a score that indicates that you might have autistic tendencies, there’s a call-to-action for you which is – this time – clearly visible. 



Wrapping Up: the Different Uses of a Quiz Funnel

As you can see from the processes and the examples above, there are many ways you can utilise this tool in your marketing, business analytics, and processes. Building a quiz funnel is not difficult if you know what you are doing, and it can get you a high return on investment. If you need any help, book a quick chat to ask your questions. 








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