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Updated April 13, 2023

Reasons Why Work with a Social Media Strategy Agency

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You might be thinking that posting on social media is a waste of time and energy, and you will never see results. The truth is that – if planned well – your social media strategy can generate great results, no matter if you are in the B2B or B2C sphere. At the end of the day, you will have to create a plan that is focussed on the end result you would like to achieve; that’s what a social media strategy agency can help you achieve.

Of course, you could just hire a freelancer to post on your behalf and manage your account, but that’s not going to give you the strategy you are looking for. It will be trial or error, or – as we usually say it  – shooting in the dark. Find out more about how a social media strategy agency can help you gain more visibility and customers by choosing the right platform, messaging and audience.

What is a Social Media Strategy Agency

A social media strategy agency is a company that helps businesses create and manage social media marketing campaigns. These agencies work with clients to identify the best channels to reach their target markets and also produce meaningful content focussed on interaction with ideal clients

A social media strategy agency will focus on your business needs; whether it is just getting you more followers or closing deals. They will get to know you – and your ideal customers – to tailor the strategy to your needs. After all, in marketing  – and other things as well – there’s no “one size fits all”, unless you go in cheap. Then you get what you’ve paid for. Or – in other words – you pay peanuts … you get monkeys.

A social media marketing agency will take the time to get to know you and your business, invest time and energy in developing a plan that is focussed on your goals. If you are not getting results at the moment, chances are you have skipped this step. 

Is Hiring a Social Media Strategy Agency Expensive?

You might be thinking that you don’t really have the budget for hiring an agency just to create your social media strategy. It’s like saying that you don’t need an architect to build a house. Yes, you can go in and get the bricks and mortar, but will it be the house that you can be proud of? You might even get cheap labourers to build it, but without a plan, something is bound to go wrong. 

The cost of hiring a social media strategy agency is between £600 and £1,250 per month, but you are likely to get better results than just hiring an agency for execution without a plan. Simply put, you can get a better return on investment with a strategic approach. 

You might pay a freelancer £500 a month to manage your social channels and get £1,000 back. If you have a solid plan, you might pay £1.000 a month to a social media strategy agency, including the scheduling and content creation, and you get £5,000 back as a result. Which option looks better for you?

Fast-Paced Developments of Social Media Marketing and Experts

The truth is that you will need to stay tuned into the latest social media developments and algorithm changes to remain competitive. That’s why you will need the monthly social media management service that includes strategy as well. Without it, you might be using the methods that “used to work” and stay left behind. 

Social media platforms are rolling out new features regularly, and you might not have time to review them all, if you are trying to run and manage a business at the same time. So, why not talk to someone who lives and breathes social media and knows how the new trends can be turned into opportunities for your business?

In 2023, we have seen the rise of short form content in social media, nano-and micro-influencers entering the market, and the increased importance of user-generated content. However, there’s much more to social media marketing than posting; interactive posts are winning over users and potential customers, but you need to be reasonably savvy to be able to create these. A good social media agency can help you create engaging posts that you can turn into leads and customers. 

Consistency is Key When it Comes to Social Media Marketing

Consistency is kel in social media marketing. You will have to create a regular schedule based on your audience and stick with it for a few months. Then analyse the results and see what needs to change to improve your results. You might do it yourself, or maybe get a freelancer to do it. But leaving it to an expert will help you get a competitive edge. 

In social media, consistency is not only about scheduling posts for the sake of posting. You can create campaigns based on events, promotions, or choose a topic for each quarter. Whichever approach you choose you will find that collaboration with a social media strategist will help you achieve your goals. Consistency also means replying to comments, following the right people, and giving out consistent brand messages. 

By establishing a regular posting schedule and creating high-quality, relevant content, you can build a strong online presence and drive meaningful results for your business.

Can AI Manage Your Social Media?

We get tons of emails about the latest “silver bullet” software that generates posts and creates campaigns on social media. Well, the claims are almost true. The fact is that – no matter how good Artificial Intelligence is, they lack something that customers value the most; personality. 

If you would like to bore your audience with rewritten content that’s been circulating around the internet for years, you can invest a couple of hundred dollars and there you go! But if you would like to create brand connections and loyalty, you might want to invest in your social media branding. 

So, AI can give you some of the answers, but your audience will want to connect with your brand persona. 

Here’s an example of what I mean; in the past few months we have tested a couple of marketing tools that use AI. 

I have asked Canva and my new tool to create an image based on the text:

“Business owner chasing his own tail” 

Something we can all relate to…

Canva came up with this image:

The other AI tool came up with this:

I am not sure about any of them. But A for effort, as I usually say! It’s not likely that AI is going to replace marketers and graphic designers anytime soon. 

What a Social Media Marketing Agency Does

Social media strategy agencies will look at your current numbers first. They will check the  metrics and ROI to improve your results. By hiring an agency, companies can save time and focus on their core activities, without having to learn everything about social media platforms, algorithms, and the lot. 

A good marketing agency will help you align your social media content with your business goals. They will complement your sales and marketing activities and strengthen your brand and customer relationships. As a result, you will be able to improve your overall conversion rates and return on investment. 

Which Businesses Should Work with a Social Media Marketing Agency

Any business that wants to establish a strong online presence and engage with their ideal clients through social media will be able to benefit from working with a social media marketing strategist.

The business needs to get its vision, mission, values, and persona across through social media and that is a job for a professional. Instead of just branding the business right, a social media marketing strategy agency can take care of brand awareness, brand loyalty, lead generation, marketing, and sales. And that’s the perfect combination every serious business should be looking for, no matter if it is big or small. 

Example Social Media Marketing Strategies

If you want to see a short description and skeleton of social strategies for different businesses, we have created a list of our favourite clients’ industries and a few ideas we have come up with in the past that worked. 

Course Creator Social Media Marketing Strategy

As a course creator, your main domain should definitely be one of the video channels. A YouTube channel, professionally designed, is a must. This is where you can stream live and interact with your audience. At the same time, the content you put on there can be recycled and used as a social media post on Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. 

Business Coach Social Media Marketing Strategy

Business coaches are all about helping people. However, they face one of the biggest competitions out there. Like with course creators, they also have to differentiate themselves and find their USP and core message. That’s something LMNts Marketing can certainly help with. 

Legal Services Social Media Marketing Strategy

In legal services, the main thing you should aim for is trust. Therefore, instead of talking in legal terms and boring your audience with technical terms, you will want to create posts that trigger positive emotions. Testimonial posts also do really well on social media, as they enhance your credibility and trustworthiness. 

Affiliate Social Media Marketing Strategy

We can see so many people start affiliate marketing thinking that it’s the easiest way to make money. They will fall for the hype thinking that they don’t have to create content. The thing is that – even if you are promoting other people’s offers – you need to build a list so you will have people who are ready to buy from you again. And you’ll have to remember that people buy from people not companies! 

Want to Know More about What a Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan Looks Like?

If you are curious about how a plan for your business would look like and how it could help you grow your customer base, your revenue, and profits, you can book an initial consultation with one of our experts who can explain it all.

From branding to personalised messages and audience targeting, there are loads of things the average business owner might not fully understand. As a lean and transparent social media agency, we try to make sure that we are on the same page before we partner up with a business. 

Learn more about the potential benefits of a social media strategy for your business. Book your call below. 







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