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Updated July 10, 2020

What is a Marketing Agency and How It Can Help Your Business

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What is a Digital Marketing Agency 

In the ideal world, a digital agency is a group of talented individuals who are ready to take your business to the next level. They will create a strategy and follow up, so you can take care of the operations, and don’t have to learn new skills.

A digital marketing agency should never try to sell you anything; they have to come up with feasible and cost-effective promotion plans. Top content marketing agencies can really boost your brand, provided that they don’t outsource their writing. They need to come up with a solution that will grow your market share and your revenues. You have to remember that marketing should be viewed as an investment, not a cost. At least, that is what we here at LMNts marketing believe in. 

There are different things people call digital marketing, such as blogging, website design, graphic design, lead generation, email marketing, and even selling companies’ contact details. Some SEO companies will only do content, while others will focus on link building.  In our world of a full-service digital agency, it is all of the above and even more. 

What Is a Digital Agency:

  • A collection of marketing professionals with the right strategic/technical skills/knowledge to take your business to the next level
  • A business that is helping you get more clients and increased profits
  • A company that provides you a clear path toward a positive return on marketing investment
  • A company lead by a marketing professional who has experience and relevant (recent) qualifications helping you create a winning strategy
  • A business that partners up with its clients to grow together

What A Digital Marketing Agency Is Not:

  • A web designer who sets up a page that nobody knows about
  • A social media expert who has posted twice on Instagram and got five likes
  • An “outsourcer” who will find the freelancers online and take a cut on every project they take on from clients
  • A friend who can “get you Facebook likes”
  • A marketing strategist who will tell you to create a marketing plan using an Excel spreadsheet
  • A company that sells “leads”. 
  • A digital directory

Why Marketing Is Important?

why marketing is important

We hear it at marketing events and networking meetings: most of our clients come from “word of mouth”. You would be asking why marketing is important for a company that gets enough customers anyway? There is a simple explanation. You want a constant and reliable flow of potential clients, and if you only rely on one of the sources, it will be hard to bounce back when you suddenly find yourself with no customers. 

Digital marketing is important because it helps your business grow and keeps you and your employees in your job. Without customers you don’t have a business, only on paper. In the 21st Century, any company that relies on recommendations or joint venture partners alone is playing with fire. For your business to remain sustainable, marketing is essential. 

Marketing is crucial for every business that wants to grow and expand. Further, it is essential to manage your reputation. Good promotions don’t only focus on getting you customers, but make sure that you are getting the right clients. Those who will not only be loyal, but also raving fans of your business. 

What is a Marketing Audit?


For most business owners, it is hard to decide which digital marketing route to take. There are so many contradicting resources out there. For the average user, reading too much about SEO, social media, digital marketing, and blogging results in information overload. That is why a real digital marketing company will conduct a review of their strategies before they would come up with a solution. You can call it a proposal, overview, or even marketing SWOT. We like using the SWOT method, but it doesn’t really matter which format the information is presented in. If you are interested in what is a marketing audit, you can see a couple of examples on Google.

A marketing overview or audit takes a lot of research and is the foundation of your digital strategy. It has to include all your marketing and communication channels, as well as the 5P-s: product, place, promotion, people, and price. Further, our marketing SWOT includes actionable tips on how to improve every element (LMNt) of your branding. Starting from social media and continuing on with your website and reviews, we suggest the most cost-effective and suitable improvements for your brand. 

The truth is that instead of asing what is a marketing audit, you should be asking the question: why you need one and how you will benefit from it. Most of the clients we get start off with a Marketing SWOT analysis, so they can see clearly about their different options regarding market penetration and getting the brand noticed. Once they have decided what they want to focus on, they come back to us to get started with the plan. 


How a Marketing Agency can help your Business

A marketing agency can come up with innovative ideas to stand out from the competition. They will have the creativity to see your USP (unique selling point) and get your brand positioned professionally in the marketplace. They can also come up with the most effective marketing methods after testing to get you the best possible return on your marketing investment. If you are just starting off, you might be looking for specialist  Digital Marketing Agencies For Startups

How a Marketing Agency Can Help your Business

Before you engage with a digital agency, you will have to understand: how does marketing help a business in general. Here are some of the benefits of investing into a collaboration with professionals who can get your brand in front of the right clients. 

  1. A marketing agency can help your business identify development areas in your promotions and suggest improvements that will get you increased results fast. 
  2. Engaging with a marketing professional who has a strategic approach to promotion can get you better results on your paid advertising
  3. You will be able to see constant growth without having to worry about where your next customer is coming from
  4. Helping you understand your ideal client better
  5. Creates a sustainable and predictable growth strategy


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation and start working on your marketing audit. 

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