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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated January 22, 2021

The Latest Quiz Funnels and Trends

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One of the most underutilised lead generation tools are quiz funnels. They can simply multiply your conversion and improve your buyer’s journey. They are not only fun to use, but also can benefit your business. Of course, there are plenty of quiz funnel builders that will do the job, but you need a solid strategy to make sure that you are tailoring the experience to the needs and wants of your ideal client. 

In 2022 every company that engages in digital marketing should consider adding interactive features to their strategy. Our guide will help you design, utilise, and capitalise on powerful and high conversion quiz funnels, using the latest marketing trends and software/applications.

quiz funnel guide

What Are Quiz Funnels? 

Quiz funnels are simply digital marketing automation methods that will help you create a special two-way communication with your potential customers or qualify your leads. There are many reasons why companies implement these types of communication in their strategy. 

In the 21st Century, many businesses discovered that marketing is not a one-way street. You have to interact with your audience. As customer preferences and priorities change more often, you will have to be proactive instead of reactive. Quiz funnels help you with understanding your market better and positioning yourself as the “go-to expert” on the marketplace. 

A regular funnel will be built with questions that are either in a survey or quiz format, so you can capture the lead by offering a recommendation based on their answer. The recommendation can be a free download, a consultation, or even a product. However, because your potential customer has already answered your questions, you can tailor the offer to their needs and situation. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Quiz Funnels?

There are multiple benefits of using these types of funnels to improve your engagement and conversion rates. 

1. Generating leads for your email list or database. 

If youdon’t have a list yet, you can build one by entertaining your audience and entering a conversation with them. Not to mention that you can picik up the conversation when you have a meeting with them.

2. Creating an emotional connection between you and your potential customers. People love being listened to. 

In 2024, it’s not enough to just brag about how good you are. Consultative selling is more powerful and gets you better results. Quiz funnels take care of this task, and create reciprocity.

3. Qualifying your leads, so you can drive them down the right type of funnel that is most suitable.

Lead segmentation is crucial, and you have to make sure that you provide the right option for people based on where they are on their buying journey. A quiz funnel can take care of this.

4. Getting rid of something we call “dead wood”. People who are not interested enough can drop out of your funnel early. 

You need to know that the leads you generate are invested in the solution you offer. If they are happy to share some information with you in exchange for free guideance, that’s a good first step.

5. Getting people to come back for more information and follow up with their enquiry, making micro-commitments. 

It’s not enough to get a lead; you’ve got to offer more value to gain the trust of your audience. A quiz funnel can be a series of quizzes to help you profile your ideal clients.

Marketing funnels are great for getting leads and conversions, but today’s customer has a low attention span. You want them to interact with the brand, or they will become bored and turn back from your landing page. Long form landing pages and sales pages that used to work back in 2010 generate little or no conversions in 2021. 

Quizzes are also great ways of interacting with your existing customers and getting them to think about purchasing additional products or services. You can automate your entire upsell process, and get more return on your investment. 

How To Use Quizzes In Marketing?

How to use Quiz funnels

There are different ways of utilising quiz funnels in your marketing strategy. Some people will implement the interactive feature as early as possible, and ask for micro-commitments from their visitors. Others use them throughout their funnels to guide people on their entire journey and make their experience more interactive. 

Of course, without the right type of traffic, quizzes will not deliver you results. But this is true for every marketing funnel. You will have to target people who are most likely to spend a couple of minutes to find out whether or not your offer is for them, instead of reading a free report or a long article, like this one.

Quiz funnels can also help you diversify your lead generation and provide more information on the product or service you offer to your visitors. You could potentially send them to a blog post, a guide, or a consultation page, based on their answers. This is exactly what our “Big Sales Funnel Quiz” does. 

Quiz Funnels for Lead Generation – Front End

One of the best uses of quizzes and surveys is getting people to sign up for your list and generate leads. This is a great way of engaging with your audience and surveying the market. This method is used by people who want to “test the waters” and learn more about their audience at the same time. It is similar to the ones you might have seen in magazines, but there’s a call-to-action in the end.


Quiz Funnels for Qualification – Segmentation

The next great use of quizzes in marketing is qualifying your leads and segmenting your list. If you have a CRM or autoresponder system set up, you might want to use this step to find out how “hot or cold” the leads are, and put them on different segments of the list. People who are looking for immediate solutions and are highly committed are much more likely to buy from you than those who are just looking for options.


Quiz Funnels for Sales – Offering the Solutions In The End

I have seen this done several times, and this is often used to introduce a high ticket item and a sales call. This method flips the lead generation on its head. You will ask people to apply to work with you (and believe me, they will be your best customers). They will have to tell you  about their goals and commitments, and convince them that you should work with them.

P.s. At this stage, you will not tell them a price, either. Let the sales team close the deal if the prospect’s interest is strong enough and they fit your ideal client profile.


The Best Ways to Design a Quiz Marketing Funnel 

As we always say; you will have to start with the end result in mind when creating a marketing strategy. This means that you have to have a clear purpose and the desired outcome of your quiz and your entire funnel before you get started. Here are the steps to help you create a high conversion funnel based on our latest research. 

  1. Assess the current marketing needs of your business. You might be looking to grow your email list, or get sales. Each purpose requires a different funnel design. 

  1. Set clear targets for conversion, sales, revenue, and – most importantly – a return on investment. Generally, you would like to get at least 1.5-2 times more back on every pound invested in your sales funnel. 

  1. Choose the type of the quiz. You can create one that is like a personality type (great for social media) or a more in-depth analysis that will give you more information about your target customers.

1. Brainstorm the questions based on what you would like to know about your visitors and what you need to know to give them the answers they are looking for. 

2. Create a conversion goal and next step action. You might decide to send out the results  in an email, which means that you will need to create a follow up email sequence and strategy. 

3. Add a share and invite button to allow users to share their results or invite others to fill out the quiz. You will be surprised how much free traffic you can get. 

4. Test the quiz to make sure that every step of the funnel is working as it should be and your integrations are seamless. 

5. Drive traffic to the quiz and measure conversions at every stage of the funnel. 

6. Let people go through the entire pipeline and assess the success rate. If you see that any of the steps are not working or converting less than expected, go back and tweak it. 

Quiz Funnel Strategies for Lead Generation

quiz funnels for leads

One of the best ways you can utilise quiz marketing is lead generation. People are becoming more reluctant to give you their email address these days, and you have to give them a good reason to do so. Think about the questions your website visitors are asking silently and offer a straight answer. 

When you use quizzes in your funnel, you will notice that your interaction and engagement rate will go up significantly. Let’s say that you are a solicitor, offering a will writing service. Think about what the most urgent and most burning questions of your potential customers are. Create questions around the answer, and give them a price, estimate, or more information. 

Further, quizzes can enhance your lead generation strategies by qualifying your leads on various levels. Let’s say that you ask them about their budget, or the price they find reasonable to pay for the service you offer. At the end of the quiz, you can point them in the direction of the right product based on their budget. You’ve made a match straight away, without having to reach out to them in person. 

You can also qualify/disqualify leads using quiz funnels. Just think about the questionnaires recruitment agencies have in place. They ask you about your experience, your salary expectations, your citizenship, etc. You can do something similar when you implement quizzes in your lead generation system. 

The Basic Elements of a Quiz Funnel

quiz funnel example

You should design the different steps of the funnel with the audience in mind. However, here are some of the most common steps that marketers use today. 


Without this, you will have nothing entering your pipeline, which means that you will have nothing coming out. Choose the traffic method that will get you the right type of visitors at the lowest cost. 

Quiz Landing Page.

Some funnel software, such as ClickFunnels have now implemented a quiz element in their packages, but you can always design your quiz landing page from scratch. You might also use a simple quiz plugin, even Google Forms integration to deliver your quiz and add the questions to the landing page. Remember that the first thing people will ask when they land in the page is: “what is in it for me and why should I care”. Give them a good enough reason to answer the questions. 

Lead Capture Page. 

You can choose to ask for their details before answering the questions, but – based on our results – it is better to leave it till the end. Once your prospect has filled out the quiz, they will be keen on getting the results, and highly motivated, therefore, more likely to submit their details. 

Results with CTA.

Once you have the person signed up (best practice is double opt-in for GDPR compliance), you can choose to deliver the results on the screen or via email. There’s one thing that most businesses miss, though: a clear call to action. Don’t leave them hanging; give them clear instructions on what you would like them to do next. 

Follow Up Sequence.

One of the most common mistakes people make these days when it comes to digital marketing is that they expect people to buy there and then. You need to gain trust and create a meaningful relationship. This takes more than a couple of touch points. You can design the follow up sequence in many ways; a simple autoresponder automation, retargeting ads, another quiz that is more in depth, or a combination of all of these. The important thing to remember is that you have to have the right balance between delivering value and promotion. 

Quiz Tools That Will Help You Build Effective Marketing Funnels

Apart from the sales funnel builders we have already discussed, you can use WordPress plugins and free software to create your landing pages. 

TypeForm – Forminator

If you are not familiar with TypeForm, you should check out their extensive list of software. We usually implement Forminator, which is a simple WordPress plugin that allows us to create quizzes and deliver the results either on screen or via email. Doing both doesn’t do any harm, though. The upgraded (pro) version offers great customisation and branding options at a low price. 

Survey Anyplace

Another recommended platform you can implement in your funnel landing page is Survey Anyplace. It is a great way of designing questionnaires that will provide users with personalised advice and answers to their questions. The quizzes you create can fully replace a discovery call, and you can even create a spreadsheet out of the answers for market research purposes. 

Google Forms

If you are creating a budget funnel just focusing on lead generation, it is possible to create a quiz on Google forms and use the embed code to add the page to the site. However, the customisation options are limited, and some browsers will have an issue displaying your form. We have had a client we had to move from Google Forms, as it did not load on Internet Explorer, only Chrome. 


Built with lead generation in mind, the platform is great for improving your engagement levels and conversions. If you don’t have design experience, you can take advantage of one of the 800+ templates available in 40+ categories.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Sitting at the back end of your WordPress site, this funnel builder has loads of amazing quiz funnel templates that are ready to use. The quiz builder is available as a standalone product, or as a part your Thrive Themes plan. This solution is more suitable for people who already have experience building quiz funnels. 


Another great WordPress tool that creates seamless surveys for any niche. Have a look at this great design we implemented for a property investment company. 

quiz funnel design

How Quiz Funnels Increase User Engagement 

Nobody likes being sold, but everyone loves buying. Have you noticed this before? If you try to tell people what they need, they are more likely to turn around and run than if they figure it out themselves. 

Marketing in 2021 should be fun, engaging, and interactive. Quiz funnels take user-generated content to the next level and help you engage in a conversation with your visitors without having to jump on a chat. 

Once you know what people are looking for, what their priorities are, you can present them with the solutions that suit their needs the best. Therefore, your conversion rate will increase significantly. Best part: people are happy to answer a few questions to help you out. 

Quiz funnels reduce your bounce rate, and subsequently increase your SEO rankings. If you have the right questions, people are going to stay on your site to fill out the survey, and this will tell Google and Bing that they are more engaged with your content than other sites’. Your search engine optimisation efforts will pay off sooner. Not to mention that if you point them to an additional resource on the results page, you will be more likely to get them hooked on your content than using any other method. 

Your quiz can go viral, delivering loads of free traffic to your site. If you create something fun, you will see people share their results and the survey link. This will not only improve traffic to your page, but also potentially the backlink profile of your site. The majority of people take a quiz to share the results with their followers. Just think about the popular Facebook app: 

Educating your potential customers is a great way of gaining trust and creating reciprocity. You can use quizzes to help them make informed decisions about their lives, their preferences, or even their purchases. 

Amazing Examples of Quiz Funnels That Will Inspire You

Hay House Quiz Funnel

One of the largest publisher of New Age and spiritual books, Hay House utilises quizzes not only on the website, but also on their social media. Here is an example of a tarot quiz that they created to help their visitors navigate through their content. You might try it to see what type of content they recommend you based on your choice. 

quiz funnel example 1

Food Freedom Quiz

This amazing quiz is clearly based on lead generation. It has a lead capture in the beginning, so you will have to put your details in to get the results. It is your choice whether or not you do this; if you want people to land on your email list, you will certainly not want to give them the results without getting their email address first. However, you can choose to put the form at the end, just before the results are displayed. 

food quiz funnel lead capture landing page


Mental Health Quiz

This quiz is all about work-life balance. It seems like it is less focussed on lead generation, but it is a great tool for everyone to use. It is less sexy than the ones above, but just as powerful. Remember that quiz funnels have to match the content preferences of your audience; some people would rather have the pages displayed on the same page. 

Life Coaching Quiz

This life coaching website has created a great quiz for client intake, and it works smoothly. It is focussed on every aspect of the potential client’s life. It is also engaging and helps her filter the leads and qualify prospects. 

quiz funnel for life coaches

Professional Quiz Funnel Built Uniquely for Our Client

Our client approached us to build a Wheel of Life quiz from scratch. It had over 100 questions, and we have also had complicated algorithms to work with. None of the software available was able to help us (believe us, we have tried). So we went ahead and utilised Google’s tools. 

Here’s how the landing page and the quiz look. 

unique quiz funnel


The Bottom Line: Adding Quizzes to Your Funnel Strategy

If you are not using quiz funnels in 2022, what are you waiting for? Really? They work in every industry; whether you would like to get life coaching clients or eCommerce sales. You can guide your visitors down your funnel and help them find the most suitable product or service. Here, at LMNts Marketing, we have designed various quiz funnels for customers and ourselves. 


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