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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated May 21, 2024

SEO Leads: Are They Better Quality than Paid Ones?

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When it comes to getting engagement and bookings or sales from your website, many people are considering paid ads, buying a contact list, or SEO leads. Based on our decades of experience, people who actively search for what you offer will be more likely to buy from you. Therefore, – unless you have a huge budget like Unilever and can afford to be shooting in the dark  we normally favour SEO for lead generation. It’s not always the best option, though. If you want quick conversions, email marketing might be a good option. 

Below I will discuss why we think that SEO leads are better quality than those you buy from brokers and directories. 

What Is an SEO Lead

Simply put, an SEO lead is a contact who finds you in organic search results on Google or other search engines. They are looking for solutions to their problems, and what you offer is determined to be a good match to their query according to search engine robots. 

The main benefit of SEO leads is that they are likely to have an urgent problem to solve otherwise they would not be searching for the solution online. 

They are generally interested in what you have to offer, and are open to contacting you or finding out more. 

Of course, not all SEO leads are created equal. The keyword intent of your buyers matters. Someone searching for DIY solutions might not become a client. Like ever. But someone who is searching for a company that offers what you do is likely to consider you as an option. 

As a summary, an SEO lead is someone who comes across your website actively searching for a solution you offer. They are already a good match, and are more qualified than leads you buy or generate from ads. 

How to Generate Organic Leads by SEO

Your website needs to be geared towards lead generation to start with. There’s no point ranking on top of search engines if the person landing on your site has no idea what the next step is. That’s where most businesses get things wrong. They get something we call “vanity ranking”, but they don’t get conversions. Or they rank a blog post without a call-to-action. Alternatively, they will target high search volume keywords that have no buying intent behind them. 

To successfully generate organic leads, you will have to think like your prospects do. You’ll need to know what the most urgent problem they are facing is. And where they are searching for information. 

Your landing page SEO is crucial here. You want them to visit the pages where you can capture their details. But for that, the page has to perform perfectly. It’s got to be fast, responsive, user friendly, and well designed. Not to mention the headlines and call-to-action optimisation you’ll have to do. 

Of course, this all sounds scary if you haven’t done it yet. That’s why working with an SEO marketing agency is a good option. Work with someone who is not only going for the rankings, but targets the right intent keywords.

How to use SEO for Lead Generation 

You will have to research the keywords people are using when looking to invest in your products or services. Of course, this sounds simple, but really it is. You will no longer just want to rank high in search engines, but want to get paying customers and people who are likely to book a consultation and make a decision. That’s the difference between general SEO and lead generation search engine optimization.

Best Practices to Get SEO Leads

SEO for leads best practice guide

Getting leads from SEO is easy, and you will see a much higher conversion rate than you would if you paid for cold traffic. While eMail marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic and conversions, if you know your audience and have enough data, SEO is golden. 

A combination of eMail marketing and search engine optimization can generate extraordinary results for all businesses. That said, it has to be done right. Your email marketing has to be engaging and not spammy. You will have to focus on engaging with and educating your audience, especially if you are trying to sell high ticket products or services. 

SEO leads are providing you with the highest return on investment, and can get you long term results, unlike paid advertising. 

You’ll need some ingredients, though. First, a good SEO expert. Second, a copywriter who can tap into the minds of your ideal clients. And finally, a strategy and an irresistible offer. We can help you with all of the above, so you get a holistic marketing plan that will work for years or decades to come. 

Do Your Research 

Start with some simple research. There are several tools online where you can find out what people are asking. Some of them are free to use for a limited number of queries. Alternatively, your SEO software will give you some questions to use in your content. Craft an answer in your landing page that answers the exact question and optimise it. 

Check Your Competitors

Of course, you’ll have to check what other companies in your industry are doing, too. Make sure that you create better quality and more informative content than they do. Read their posts and landing pages, especially the ones that are ranking for your selected keywords. 

You will also have to find out where they are getting links from, and analyse the backlink and content gaps

Know Your Audience

It’s also important to note that you’ve got to know how your audience talks and thinks to get a high converting landing page. Match their language patterns and queries, and keep the content readable and easy to digest. Moreover, you will have to hang out where they do; if it is Facebook groups or forums, monitor their problems, preferences, and langage. 

Optimise the Content 

Whatever you’re saying you’ve got to say it clearly. However, navigation and user experience are crucial, too. Organise the content into concise and short paragraphs with a clear indication of the next steps. Add keywords in the main areas, and use them wisely. Don’t add them just for the sake of it: make your copy flow. 

Focus on Headlines and Call-to-Actions

A confused mind always says no, said Russell Brunson. Heed this advice and make sure that you point out the next logical step to your audience on your landing pages. You might get traffic, but also people will turn away from your site if you don’t tell them what to do to solve their problem.

Copywriters often forget about this important element of page optimisation, and all you are left with is traffic but no conversion. That’s not how business should be. 

Your headline should be attention-grabbing and make a promise related to the most important problem your audience is facing at the moment. That’s how you get SEO leads that are highly motivated and ready to buy. 

Do AB Testing

All the above points are valid, but you are not a mind reader. Therefore, it’s important to add AB testing to your landing pages, so you can track which headline and call-to-action performs better. You can connect your Google analytics account and tag manager to track the conversion, clicks, and even bookings. This way, you will see clearer and optimise your site for SEO leads. 

Don’t Forget Technical SEO 

Once we do an SEO audit on a new client’s site we create a schedule for technical enhancements. First of all, you will have to make sure that your pages display fast and well on all devices. Secondly, you have to look out for broken links, redirects, errors on pages and duplicate content or titles. Finally, you have to optimise your images and the mobile version of your site. 

This is more than a tedious task. But it’s got to be done. You are more than likely to need an SEO software to pull all the errors and warnings on your site. 

Remember that Google rewards the best performing websites only, so it makes sense to invest time and energy in fixing the recommendations. 

If your pages load slowly, your bounce rate will go up. And consequently your domain trust and authority will suffer. As a result, you will struggle to rank for high search volume keywords. 

Monitor SEO Leads Conversion Rates

You cannot improve what you don’t measure. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you monitor the performance of your SEO and your conversion rates. This is a kind of advanced task, and you’ll have to set goals and key events in Google Analytics and track the right part of your website. 

However, knowledge applied is power. Once you’ve got the information, you will be able to make improvements. For example, if one button is not performing, you can test a different call-to-action to see if it does better. SEO traffic is hard to earn and takes  a while, so why would you waste it? 

Remember that you will need an end goal for your website traffic as well as the conversions. Too many SEO agencies give you rankings, while ignoring the fact that you are not getting any business out of your site. At LMNts Marketing, we are different. We know that when our clients make sales and grow, they keep on coming back for more. So, in a way, we grow together working toward a shared goal. 

How to Convert Traffic to Leads by SEO

Traffic to Leads by SEO

You first have to choose the keywords right. Instead of informational keywords, go for navigational and commercial ones on your landing page. That said, it is not impossible to convert leads by SEO from your blog, either. 

Adding a call-to-action to your blog post and having a banner at the bottom of each post will also help you close more deals. If you have an eCommerce website SEO project, you can add related products to the bottom of your blog. For example, you might be talking about a type of product, and people who are interested in it will be more likely to check the selection out than those who are browsing other posts. 

B2B Lead Generation SEO Services at LMNts 

At LMNts Marketing, we don’t just focus on link building or technical SEO. In fact, we have experts for every aspect of your lead generation campaign. We start with creating an effective lead capture strategy then converting leads to customers.

All that with your preferred traffic source. Whether you need fast SEO results or even faster leads, we can create an organic or paid traffic strategy, maybe a combination of both. 

We focus on lead qualification and conversions, unlike some agencies out there. 

Our tailor made B2B lead generation services offer bespoke solutions for getting new leads and clients the fastest and most cost effective ways. 

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