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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated October 9, 2020

Best Conversion Sales Funnel Templates and Cheat Sheets to Help You Sell Your Online Courses

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Are you ready to move your business online? 

In the wake of the current pandemic, many people found that it was impossible to carry on with their business the way they used to run it. Even those who have been considering online course marketing solutions or running group training became more serious. It helped us triple our digital marketing business, and helped many clients restructure their offers. However, you need a lot of perseverance and strategic thinking to make it work. We cannot guarantee that your offer will convert; we can only make sure that we give you the best chance to sell courses with funnels. Here’s the lowdown on best funnels for courses. 

Coaches and Consultants Mass Migrate from One-to-Ones to Online Course Marketing 

If there is one thing that we have noticed in the past six months, it is that business coaches and companies with a unique offering had to make a decision; stay in business and fight on, or sit back and wait until the storm is over. Guess which ones survived… the ones that decided to use a sales funnel agency and sell their coaching, training, or other value services through the internet. They invested in the infrastructure of the business and created digital assets that allowed them to make money even when they couldn’t meet people in person. As a result, now there is a greater than ever competition among those trying to sell courses with funnels.  

Quiz Funnels – A Great Way to Maximise Your Conversions 

As we took on new coaches, educators, and consultants, we discovered that we needed to work smarter instead of harder. When it comes to online course marketing, it is important that you are increasing the commitment of the audience and qualify your leads. It is tricky when you are starting off building a new list and trying to understand what people’s priorities are. Thankfully, we love reading and learning every day, and we came across the most suitable approach: the ASK Method by Ryan Levesque. We have now created half a dozen successful Quiz funnels.

You might be asking; what is so special about quiz funnels. Simply put; they are engaging, fun, and don’t feel like they are aimed at selling the customer anything. They do a couple of things for the business owner that makes them extremely powerful:

  1. Taking care of market research
  2. Interacting with the customer
  3. Qualifying leads
  4. Helping the customer find the right product
  5. Getting people to take a micro commitment

Now, you can see why we think that quizzes are the best funnels for coaches. 

Does Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnel  (Ask Method) Work for Courses?

So right, here’s the deal. We have built a few quiz funnels for course creators; on the site, as well as on chatbots. What makes them so powerful? The answer is simple; reciprocity and something we call the “like me moment”. The “like me moment” will significantly improve your conversion rates, as it helps you establish a personal connection with your target customer. 


I have seen the ASK Method and Quiz funnels work for many course creators. In fact, we have been following Hay House for a while, and they often use it to help people decide which path to take. Recently, we have created a similar quiz that has helped our clients segment the market. Below you will see some templates, but here are some online course marketing tips and examples. 


Course Sales Funnel Templates 

No matter which platform you are using to set up your online course, you will need to get people to buy into you before they buy your course. Unless you are offering a free trial, which is a huge risk most of the time, unless your content is rock solid and you have new value to add regularly. As an example; Mike Dooley ( offers a free trial on his Infinite Possibilities membership site, but while you are taking advantage of the free trial, he will be adding two manifesting workshops. So there’s always something new. 

Similarly, a free trial is a no-brainer for Hay House when it comes to the app. There are thousands of meditations and audiobooks to go through, so you will always have a good enough reason not to cancel. 

Upsells and downsells are the most powerful ways of maximising your return on marketing investment and making people spend more. A recent implementation of this approach helped us create one of the most powerful sales funnel templates. 


We had a few small courses that formed a part of a bigger, certified course. We used Cartflows to create a one-time discount offer and upsell people to the bigger course, saving them money. Cartflows works really well with WooCommerce, and it is a great way of offering special deals. At the moment, however, it only works with a few WordPress themes and sales funnel templates.

How to Create a Funnel for Selling Courses

It is important to note that you will not sell a course if you are not offering exceptional value. Further, you will need the traffic and the following, the so called relationship a marketing agency funnel helps you create. After all, you will have to believe in your product, or nobody else will. 

Here are a few simple steps to creating a funnel for selling your courses. We are also attaching one of our most successful sales funnel templates to get you started with brainstorming your digital marketing. 

Upsell and Downsell Funnel Templates with CartFlows

If you haven’t used CartFlows yet, it might be time to explore what it can do to your WordPress sales funnels for courses you built from scratch. It will give you a custom flow of traffic, getting your visitors to see what you want them to see. This is the magic dust of online course marketing; you will present people with the most relevant answers. This is a great way of maximising your revenue from traffic and making sure that you are grabbing every opportunity to convert visitors to customers. 

Downsells are even more powerful than upsells when it comes to building the best funnels for courses. Sometimes people are risk aware and they are not willing to invest the money right away. However, you can offer them a lower package, even a monthly access, or a payment plan. This way, they will feel like you are doing them a favour and helping them out. 

Cartflows gives you unlimited steps when it comes to driving people down the funnel and making your online course marketing work. It can get you your investment back faster than without using the upsells, downsells, and cross-sells. 

You need to understand that not every offer will be suitable for everyone. In fact, you should consider that most people are not motivated enough to buy. Others will not be in the position to make a decision. Further, some will not have the money, and a certain number will not trust you or not see the value. That is the main reason why you need to ask for micro commitments and get them to engage with you long term. You might not make a quick million or two setting up a way selling courses online, but long term you will have a database of warm leads and buyers. 

Case Study: Course and Membership Site Launch – Funnel Cheat Sheet

We recently launched a course and membership site together. The reason why we decided to have two levels of membership as well as the courses was to make sure that there is a residual income for the client. Our sales funnel agency created a platform, using WooCommerce, LearnDash, and Cartflows. People who signed up for the smaller membership had an upsell highlighting the additional benefits and features they would get. Further, as soon as they logged in, they had recommended courses listed at the bottom of the page. 

One of the main challenges for our sales funnel agency was that we had to convert people from the old site paying half the price for membership to the new website. We created a discount code, sent everyone a message that they can register on the new site and have the first month for the price they already paid. They had a full month of content for half price, and they were automatically charged the new price the second month. This way, we could add these people to the new funnel. Further, our company made sure we are not losing paid subscribers and can sell courses with funnels to them. 

Are you thinking about setting up a course? Find out whether a funnel will work for you. Take the big funnel quiz

Alternatively, arrange a call to find out more about our course marketing services.

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