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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated January 6, 2021

Cost of a Sales Funnel And Is It Worth The Effort?

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Professional Sales Funnel Development Costs Explained

Today, every marketeer out there seems to be talking about setting up a sales funnel, but it is hard to determine what they mean by offering the service. Do they design the site, landing pages, or just work with the general marketing strategy? Do they support the client with creating videos and managing their ads? If you are just as confused about sales funnel pricing and services included as some of our clients used to be, here’s an easy guide. Below you will find out whether it is worth investing in funnel marketing and how to get the best value for your money.

What Does Setting Up a Sales Funnel Involve?

Before you engage with a digital marketing agency, you will need to know exactly what their services involve, so you can avoid disappointment. It is possible that they will be offering strategy and design, but not the software, setup, or infrastructure.   

So basically, all you will get is a sales funnel template to implement. Or the other way around; the company will take care of technicalities, and they might even be Clickfunnels experts, but they have no intention to get to know your goals and your business. Either way; it is not going to work. You have to go for a full service package that will involve both strategy and implementation; in other words: designing and setting up a sales funnel.

Do You Need to Manage Your Sales Funnel?

If you would rather spend time running your business than figuring out how to improve your conversion rates, you have to get a breakdown of your sales funnel pricing to ensure everything is covered. Just like you trust your accountant with your corporation tax and self assessment, as well as your payroll, you will need to find a sales funnel agency that knows what they are doing and has your best interest in mind. In short; you have to avoid having to micromanage your marketing, just like you don’t call your accountant about every receipt submitted.

How To Build a Funnel Marketing Strategy

Without the right foundation, no building is going to stand for long. It will certainly not survive small earthquakes or floods. The same applies to your sales funnel strategy. The plan needs to be built on research and facts, instead of “guesswork”. This is why it is crucial that you communicate your goals, your market insights, and your USP with the digital marketing agency you are working with. There are certain steps of getting started with building a funnel marketing strategy, and your agency needs to follow them. (If you decide to have a go at funnel building yourself, this is the funnel blueprint you need.)

The Main Steps to Building a Sales Funnel Are As Follows:

Identify Your Goals

Without knowing where you are going, you cannot plan the route. Be clear on what you want your website visitors to do and how you want them to engage with your content, site, or social media, so you can turn them into paying clients. Here are a few questions to ask before you start creating and applying a sales funnel template to your business. 

  • Who Would You Like to Reach?
  • How Many Sales Would You Like to Have In the Next 3 Months?
  • What Is Your Ideal Conversion Rate?
  • How Long Would You Like To Have Clients to Stay With You? (one-off v.s. subscriptions)
  • What Is Your Paid Advertising Budget?
  • What Is Your Goal Return On Investment (Marketing ROI)?

Research Buyer Behaviour

To push the right buttons of your potential buyers, it is important to get to know them. The key to setting up a professional sales funnel is laser targeting the audience that is most likely to engage with your content and become a customer. Find out what they are looking for, where they hang out, and who they are following. However, there are other important questions to ask as well before you develop a sales funnel strategy. These are listed below. 

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Who do they follow?
  • What is their most urgent and burning issue you can solve?
  • Why should they choose to work with you (or buy from you) and not other companies?
  • Which social media platform/website/forum/group are they present?
  • What is holding them back from becoming a client? 

P.s. for more information on your ideal clients, download our free buyer persona template

Build a Funnel Map

No matter if you are using a sales funnel template or getting it developed custom to your needs, without doing the research, you will not get it right. There are plenty of mind mapping tools that will help you brainstorm. Miro, for example, is brilliant for logical thinkers. However, you can also use a large piece of paper and a few permanent markers. To draw your sales funnel strategy, you can use blueprints, maps, or templates, provided by software companies. Still, the more bespoke your product or service is (and the higher your price tag is), the more effort you have to put into setting up a professional sales funnel. 

Measure On Cheap Traffic On Small Scale

The next stage is to test and measure your funnel on cheap traffic on a small scale. We like using Facebook or Pinterest in case of physical products for this purpose. Once you have a sales funnel strategy developed, it is important that you test that it delivers the results you need, before you would throw thousands of dollars or pounds into the budget. Make sure that you do AB testing to identify the winning copy and ad.

Test Your Conversions

Once you have implemented your sales funnel strategy on a small scale, you will have to set KPIs to measure your conversions and success rate. Let’s say that your price tag is £299 and you have spent £200 on paid ads and got two conversions. This means that you are on the money, but could improve your sales funnel template to give you a higher return on investment. At this point, you will have to compare the results from your AB test and 

Plan on Scaling and Multiplying Your Funnel Marketing Results

Once you have the winning sales funnel strategy you will have to start multiplying your results and scale up. Reverse engineer the campaign and work out how much does a sales funnel cost in the light of your desired results. Is it possible to run the campaign for 2-3 months so you can follow up with leads and drive them down your sales funnel? 

The Cost of Marketing Funnel Software

sales funnel building cost

The most important question our new clients ask is related to how much does a sales funnel cost. There is no point spending money on ClickFunnels unless you have a good plan to make it work for you. One of our past clients paid for the service for two years just to make a measly £490 in total. Here is the breakdown of the pricing of the most popular funnel builders:

  • Clickfunnels: $99/month for the basic package – loads of templates and easy integration
  • Kartra: $97/month for the basic package – great for selling courses and adding videos
  • Getresponse: $15/month for the basic package but it doesn’t have many funnel builder features – no customisation of the Autofunnel with limited templates
  • GrooveFunnel: lifetime £67 for limited time – very limited template library and integration options
  • Convertri: $59/month – easy drag-and-drop editor – it is more like a WordPress plugin than a funnel builder
  • Thrive Themes: $30/month for one funnel only. Built in AB testing and only works with WordPress, limited upsell and downsell options 

On top of these software, you will also need a CRM or autoresponder. We like using ActiveCampaign, because of its advanced tracking features and integration options. You can get it for $15/month. However, if you get Getresponse, this is included. 

The Cost of Copywriting and Landing Page Design

sales funnel copywriting

If you set out to implement a sales funnel template, you will need to add extra professional services to the cost. Before you engage with an agency, make sure that copywriting is included in your sales funnel pricing, or you will be extremely disappointed. A good copywriter who can create a high conversion sales letter or page can charge anything between £150 and £1,500 per copy, and this will certainly push your budget in most cases. The disadvantage of having an external copywriter is that they will have to understand your goals and ideal clients as much as your sales funnel agency does. And you still need to coordinate the work. 

You also have to remember that web copy is only one aspect of your sales funnel pricing; you will still need email copy that converts. That will be an additional £50-150/email.

eCommerce Funnels for Measurable Conversions

marketing sales funnel ROI

If you want to be selling products, services, or courses online, you will also need a good eCommerce service. While WooCommerce is great, it has limitations. You can start with a simple WooCommerce plugin, but as your sales funnel strategy becomes more complicated, you will need to add automated upsells and downsells. For this, CartFlows offers a solution, but you will have to pay the premium price of the pro version for $199/year. Further, if you have a course, a premium Learndash plugin is needed, which is $159 for one site.

Are You Thinking About Setting Up a Professional Sales Funnel In The UK? Use Our Calculator 

All In: How Much Does  a Sales Funnel Cost?

Now you have had an overview of what is needed for setting up a professional sales funnel in the UK. You might be thinking that it is too much hassle and you would like to have a full service solution. Most companies will not talk to you about building a sales funnel unless you have a couple of thousand pounds of budget, and they will sign you up for a 6-12 month contract. Therefore, you will have to make sure you can go on until you break even. Our prices are more affordable, and they are focussed on what you would like to achieve and what your price tag is. 

Check out our sales funnel pricing calculator

Working With a Full Service Funnel Marketing Agency

Communication is crucial when you work with an agency. You have to offer all the information they need, but you should also expect transparency. If the company promises results in the first week, you will know that they are only after your money. Pay attention to the questions they ask and the answers they give to your questions. You don’t have to understand everything, but need to be in the picture to know what’s going on. If you feel like you are not on the same page, there’s no point paying a fee. 

The Difference Between Sales Funnel Pricing

The main reason why some people will charge you only a couple of hundred dollars for a funnel and others ten thousand is the overhead, the bespoke features, and the software they use. Of course, you don’t want to go with the cheapest option, but paying against the odds is not a good idea, either. 

Most companies will charge you a one-off fee for setting up a sales funnel and a monthly cost to manage and tweak it. That’s normal. If they do their job properly, they will front load their services, and this means that most of their resources will be used for setting up a professional sales funnel and connecting the dots. Once things are in place and the testing is over, they will still have to adjust the conversions, targeting, and the marketing channels, so you will have to pay a monthly fee, too. 

How To Measure the Return On Investment When Signing Up for Funnel Marketing Packages  

The simple formula to measure the return on your marketing investment is to work out the total cost including the advertising and software fees, and divide it by the sales volume. Here is a simple example:


Advertising cost: £500

Agency cost: £750

Software cost: £180

Total cost: £1,430

Sales: £4,500

ROI: Sales/Total cost = 3.14


If your ROI is well above 1, you are making a profit and your campaigns should be scaled up. If your ROI is below one, there is a problem with your product, strategy, or sales funnel agency, and you need to make a change to avoid making further losses. 

Are You Thinking About Setting Up a Professional Sales Funnel In The UK? Use Our Calculator 

If you have a UK based business or would like to work with a UK based sales funnel agency, transparency is crucial. We have created a calculator for our sales funnel pricing that will give you an estimated budget to see if you are ready to invest in your marketing and growing your business. Try it now. It only takes a few minutes. 

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