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Updated March 18, 2022

Our Sales Funnel Calculator Is Live! Find Out How It Helps You Improve Your Return On Marketing Investment

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Sales funnel agencies are often reluctant to give you an estimate on the return on investment, and they don’t really do results simulations. We are different in that way. At LMNts Marketing, we are committed to delivering a great return on marketing investment for every single client. That’s why we have created a fun way of finding out whether or not it is worth investing into a sales funnel. Our sales funnel calculator is now live, and you are free to test it yourself. Ready to check it out? It’s here:


The Importance of Planning Your Sales Funnel

We have seen many clients invest into a funnel builder or a digital marketing agency to set up their marketing automation without a strategy in mind. If you don’t know what you want to measure and who you are targeting, you are not likely to achieve great results. In fact, most of our clients come to us because they already lost money on their marketing funnel development. If they used our online sales funnel calculator, they wouldn’t have ended up in that situation.

Once you have developed a strategy for the front, middle, and end of your funnel, you will be able to understand what needs doing. And believe us; it’s no small task. You will need to have the following things in place to launch a successful sales funnel:

    • Conversion goals
    • Adequate measurements (analytics set up)
    • Killer landing pages
    • Professional copywriting
    • Audience targeting
    • Ad strategy
    • Pricing strategy
    • Follow up strategy
    • Retargeting strategy
    • Payment structure setup
    • Customer journey map

…and much more.

Without planning your marketing, you will not get a positive return on investment. That’s exactly why we set up our sales funnel calculator.

Know Where You Are At Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel Development

There’s no such thing as a standard sales funnel. At least not with us, here at LMNts Marketing. We build every strategy from the ground up, and start with the end in mind. A different approach is needed if you already have 100,000 subscribers in your email list and you just want to monetise them than if you are just starting off without a website. After all, no two businesses are the same. So their funnel marketing strategy should be different, too.


If you are just starting your business, you will have to focus on the beginning of your funnel, which is lead generation.

At the top of your funnel, you will need to generate awareness and interest. For this, you have to know your audience and their main problems, preferences, and buying triggers. If you are not clear on this, you can check out our ideal client exercise (free download). 

When you use our marketing funnel calculator, you will tell us whether you need help with your lead generation, or just strategy and conversions. It is also possible that you will have a great following and a list, but they are not your target audience and will never buy from you. Therefore, we will need to start again and choose the right niche and demographics to get you results. Either way, you will have to generate the digital asset that is often overlooked by digital marketing agencies: your own list.

If you already have leads but no landing pages or sales copy, you have to focus on the middle of the funnel.

Sometimes people come to us after setting up a lead generation campaign and often spending thousands on traffic only to get very weak leads and no conversions. In this case, we look at their landing pages, their strategy, the ad copies, and the offer and make recommendations on tweaking them for maximum conversions. 

We are ActiveCampaign Partners, which means that we can take care of all lead nurturing, retargeting, and copywriting for you, so you can get more sales and build a targeted list of buyers instead of tire kickers and freebie seekers, as we call them.

If you have everything in place, including the products, website, and traffic, you need to focus on conversions: the end of the funnel.


You might think that you have a great offer, but nobody is visiting your site or buying from you. It’s the case with many businesses out there, trying to sell digitally. Let’s say that you are currently paying £6,000 for traffic and you make £4,000 in sales. You have a negative return on investment. In other words, you are losing money. 


Just imagine if you worked with a professional sales funnel agency and doubled your conversions? You would already be £2,000 in profit. And that’s just a start. By tweaking multiple small things on your marketing funnel, you can achieve much more. What if we optimised your ads as well, so they cost you half of what they do now? You would spend £3000 on the same traffic and make £8,000 in sales, so you are already up £5,000 the first month. Now, that’s what we call a positive return on marketing investment. 


Understanding your numbers and navigating through long reports might not be the best use of your time. Working with a sales funnel expert can pay off for many years to come. 

What Our Sales Funnel Calculator Does

If you are confused about what needs doing to improve your online sales, our sales funnel calculator will give you the answers you are looking for. You will learn about the services we offer and whether or not your funnel can be run in a profitable way. If we don’t think that you are ready for a funnel, we will always tell you. We only work with clients we genuinely think we can help, that’s why we have only five-star reviews across the board. Check them out yourself. 


If, however, you get the results that we could set up a profitable funnel for you, you are going to be presented with an estimate. Bear in mind that the quiz is designed for informational purposes only, and it is not a proposal. We will need to speak to you before we can give you a full breakdown of what we suggest and learn about your business. Some people need more support than others and are seeking clarity before deciding on getting a marketing funnel and automation implemented. That’s fine, too. That is why we offer our popular Marketing SWOT service for clients who need strategic support and guidance.


Know Your Numbers when Selecting the Types of Funnels

If you don’t know where you are now, you will not have any idea where to start and how to get to where you want to be. That’s why we always create a benchmarking strategy, so we can compare the most important numbers and show you the results. The numbers you will need to know when using our sales funnel calculator are:

  • Your marketing spend
  • Your list size
  • The average conversion rate (if any)
  • Your target revenue
  • The price of your products/services


What Our Sales Funnel Calculator Tells You

Are you looking to see whether you should invest in a marketing funnel, how much it will cost, and whether you will make money? That’s exactly what our sales funnel calculator will tell you black and white (in fact, black and red, our brand colour). However, if you are unsure if you are ready for a funnel yet, you can also look at our other resource: The Big Sales Funnel Quiz to tell you whether or not you have all your ducks in a row for marketing automation. 

It will work with an algorithm of conversion rates and ad spend, but for more detailed plans, we will have to have a chat with you.

Understanding Your Digital Marketing Conversions

There are so many things that affect your digital marketing conversions, such as your traffic source, your landing page quality, your targeting, your pricing, your design elements, the competition, and much more. What you need to measure once you have a digital marketing agency working on your automations is the numbers. Namely these numbers:

Cost Per Lead

You need to know how much it costs you to gain a new confirmed lead to your business. As difficult as it might sound, it is easy to measure this once you have a sales funnel expert to support you. 

Cost Per Conversion

If you want to make sales as well as generate leads, you will need to know exactly how much it costs you to get a new customer. This can easily be measured and tracked. 

Revenue Per Conversion

It is important that you know how much money you make on a conversion. You can easily increase this by reducing your ad costs or increasing your prices, adding add-ons and so on. Bear in mind that if the CPA or cost per acquisition is higher than the amount the customer spends, you are out of pocket.

Revenue Per Client

Revenue optimisation is another benefit of working with a sales funnel professional. By adding a “cheeky upsell” or downsell here and there, following up with prospects, and sending out special offers to existing customers you can double, even triple the average spend of each client. 


Marketing Automation and Optimisation Suggestions 

Once we review your current sales funnel strategy, we can provide you with helpful suggestions. Business intelligence is a huge asset, if you know which data to look at. We can spot the weak links in your existing funnel, too, so you can make more money with less effort. 


Many UK marketing agencies claim that they are sales funnel experts, but we do everything we say ourselves,too. In fact, we have recently partnered up with Typeform and ActiveCampaign to deliver better results on your campaigns, after years of using their services.

Why Our Marketing Agency in Cheshire Is Different

You might say that we are only a small Cheshire marketing agency with a few experts on board and a limited number of clients. That’s true. However, the reason behind us not growing faster than we do is that we want to help every client and give them the service they deserve. Therefore, we don’t overcommit and overpromise. We have a waiting list for some of our services, and that’s fine with our clients; they trust us to deliver, so don’t mind the wait. We also train all our staff internally, so outsourcing our services is not an option. 

Get a Free Marketing Funnel Consultation 

Are you intrigued to find out more about how we can help you scale your business? After using our sales funnel calculator, you can also book a sales funnel overview to learn more about how we support clients in the UK and all over the world setting up digital marketing automation that delivers results with little or no input from them year on year. 

Did you know that we also provide sales funnel coaching for clients who would like to know more about optimising their conversions? Book a session now.

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