Written by Laura Farkas

Updated January 23, 2024

Our Expert Status and Latest Contributions Tiktok Followers Panel

Recently, we’ve been asked to talk a bit about TikTok; something that is still a bit strange for us but – nonetheless – a hard to ignore marketing platform for certain businesses.

Being invited to the panel has helped us improve our visibility and – most importantly – learn from other marketing professionals.

The Trollishly research is now live with our thoughts.

Read below. 

UK full funnel marketing agency

Our Plan to Become the UK’s No 1 Full Funnel Marketing Agency in 2024!

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Our Sales Funnel Strategist Agency Recognised as Clutch Champion and Global Leader for 2023

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lead generation with quizzes

Quiz Funnel Building Services: Launching at LMNts Marketing: Unlock Your Marketing Potential

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The Secret Profitable Sales Funnel Projects We’ve Been Working On This Year

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How Healthy Is Your Funnel?

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