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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated February 13, 2024

Marketing Funnel Automation and Mutant Wolves

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When it comes to marketing, adaptation and user experience are the key. You will need to adjust to your environment, or you will not survive. And marketing funnel automation is what genetic evolution is for mutant wolves around the Chernobyl exclusion zone. You might not understand this yet, but you will once you follow my train of thought about marketing automation in this blog post.   

The Intelligence to Survive

I just read a post on Sky News that mutant wolves (and wild horses) have developed a genetic mutation that makes them resilient to cancer. Now, you might think that it was inevitable, but you have to know that they had less than 30 years to do that. Evolutionary genetic changes usually take much longer. 

Here’s the situation: you are bombarded with unhealthy radiation for generations. Your only enemy (humans) is out of the area. What do you do? Fall down and die or survive and thrive? The mutant wolves did the latter. Their genetics have changed so much that they are now not getting cancer. 


  Can you relate to this? Now, the human (and animal) body is fast to change, when your mind is at the right place. It can get rid of cancer, etc, given that you feed your brain the right thoughts. The mutant wolves, however, had an advantage: they didn’t have limiting beliefs. Their only focus was survival. That’s what they did think about (if they think at all). And they didn’t only survive, but thrive, too.  

The process of building resilience is harder for business owners. They have limiting beliefs. They listen to the news. They hear all the gloomy economic predictions.

And many have imposter syndrome. What if we could be like the wolves in Chernobyl and thrived in a hostile environment?  It’s possible with marketing funnel automation. Let’s see how…   

Adaptation with Marketing Funnel Automation 

When you adopt a system that makes you stand out, improves the user experience, create relationships, and gets rid of the daunting tasks of marketing, you will have more time to get the job done, brand yourself, create meaningful content and connections. And that’s what makes your business go forward. 

 Adapting a marketing funnel automation strategy is not an easy step to take. It has to be designed around your business and your customers’ needs. But it can be done with the right partners.    As a result, you will have more free time and more free money. Sounds like a good deal? Like the mutant wolves of Chernobyl, you can thrive in a new environment and rule it.

But what do you need for survival?

The Elements of Survival

There are certain elements of survival that you will need to copy the success of the wolves: here’s a list to help you:


  • Positive mental attitude
  • Willingness to change
  • Long term strategy
  • End goal
  • The willingness to take risks
  • Learning from your mistakes

  And that’s exactly why our Marketing SWOT service is so popular. When companies need to change what they are doing to survive or scale, they need to start by reviewing their existing sales and marketing strategy

Resilience in Turbulent Times

We have all seen the success of companies who entered and completely dominated the market during the recession. Just a few examples: 


  • AirBnB
  • PureGym
  • Netflix 
  • Groupon

  So what did these companies have that other businesses already on the market did not have? I’ll tell you what: they started with a system that was easy to manage, scale, and distribute. And they took care of their marketing channels, branding, and USP at an early stage. They created a competitive advantage so strong that the brands already on the market did not have a chance catching up.   

And you can do the same, too.   

Yes, it will take a bit of research, time planning your business, but once you’ve got the jigsaw pieces together, you can automate client acquisition, relationship building, loyalty programmes, and marketing. So, basically, most of the important parts of your business. And that’s exactly what marketing funnel automation can help you with. 

Looking at Your Current Strategy

If you’ve already got a business and are not happy with the marketing and sales results, it is not a question of doing the same thing but more of it: it’s a question of tweaking what you do to get better results. 

  • Throwing more money in an underperforming ad campaign that’s running on deficit will not make you more money. 
  • Posting more on social media to get the same 0.02 percent engagement hoping that it will add up to a deal over time is not smart marketing. 
  • Creating more content that nobody reads (listens to or watches) will not make you a millionaire. You need to get better at what you do if you want better results. 

 And that’s exactly what our Marketing SWOT service does.  We start by looking at what you are currently doing and figure out what is working and what is not. Whatever is not working can go, and be replaced with something that does. I know that it sounds like something that’s easier said than done, but our proven system does the job for you.    We then look at the opportunities that will replace your non-existent or mediocre results with exceptional ones. And we even put the strategy in place.    It’s not always about having a brand new website or rebranding. Sometimes a headline change, distribution channel modification, or changing your target market to suit your business, offering, and values will do the job. And it will definitely not take years, either. 

Keep the Winners – Lose the Losers

What we do here at LMNts Marketing is continuous improvement. As a lean marketing agency, we are heavily focused on eliminating waste. So, anything that takes too long and doesn’t perform has to be simplified to take less time and resources or eliminated. And that’s what makes our business approach simple:

 Keep the winners – lose the losers – that’s our motto when it comes to AB testing, but we apply the same strategy in our marketing funnel strategy service and implementation, too.   

What if you could free up 80 percent of your marketing budget that is not getting you anything back in return and throw it into something that has a 300%+ return on investment? Would it help you survive and thrive like the mutant wolves around Chernobyl?  

We can help you with that task, just like we have helped dozens of LMNts Marketing customers.

Arrange a Marketing SWOT

Marketing Funnel Automation: More Than A Sales Tool 

There’s often a confusion about automating your marketing. People think it’s only the newsletter and scheduling posts. It’s much more than that. In fact, marketing funnel automation does a lot for you. 

  • It frees up your time
  • Makes your brand appear consistent
  • Works towards your sales goals
  • Keeps your sales team happy
  • Allows you to scale with little or no effort
  • Qualifies your leads
  • Takes care of upsells and cross-sells
  • Communicates your values

  Marketing funnel automation should not be neglected by any organisation that is serious about growth. It works not only in “normal” times, but also during recession and uncertainty. If you are serious about growing your business, it’s a must-have. 

Businesses We’ve Transformed with Marketing Funnel Automation

We have transformed several businesses through marketing funnel automation since 2019. I will only give you two remarkable examples to demonstrate the difference we made. 


Regulatory Approval Business

Here’s the background: After doing some SEO work, the next logical step for the directors was to simplify sales and marketing. They were already having enough traffic, but had no capacity to deal with the enquiries.   

Our solution included working with staff dealing with customers to design a marketing funnel automation system that works around their existing CRMs and workflow software. It took us a few meetings, but the strategy was ready.   

The results were more than remarkable. While reducing time spent on administrative tasks, the business managed to grow and become more profitable. They also reduced their carbon footprint by sending out quotes and contracts automatically online. It’s much better for the customers and easier for the business, too. 

Private Hire Dog Park

The background: We took over this site last year, and the user experience was not great, to be honest. It was complicated to book, and there was a lot of manual work involved.   

Our solution: We rebuilt the site with user experience in mind and made the booking system so easy and foolproof that it now only takes a few minutes from landing on the site and getting a booking confirmation.   

The results speak for themselves: the site has had much more returning customers than ever, and they pulled in some new clients, too. They have had over 1600 bookings completed since August last year, without ever having to manually send a confirmation email, invoice, or following up. They didn’t even have to send instructions; it was all there in the email and video we sent automatically. All the client has to do now is wait for the Stripe and PayPal payment to come through.   

See the latest review from our lovely client: client feedback Talking about a 1000%+ return on investment…   

It’s a Wolves’ Life

If you’re not moving with the times, you are losing the competitive edge you might have had years ago. If you don’t consider your environment and adapt like the mutant wolf, you will not survive. They came out as one of the most resilient species with no natural predators. Can you do the same?  With our help and a bit of marketing funnel automation, I am sure you will. 

Resources: f your business online? Check out our sales funnel health check.

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