Written by Laura Farkas

Updated December 5, 2022

Behind The Scenes of a Full Service Marketing Funnel Agency

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LMNts Marketing is a UK based full service marketing funnel agency with a multi talented team from all over the world. During the past few years we have grown in strength, and so did our clients. This post is a reflection on the post-COVID19 world and a dedication to all small and medium sized business owners who survived and thrived during the challenges. The fight is not over yet, as we are facing new difficulties. So you have to make your marketing budget stretch further in 2023. It might be something  we can help you in the future?

The History of LMNts Marketing 

If you have been following us from the beginning, you will know that LMNts was born as a brainchild of me (Laura) after being frustrated with doing freelance work for large SEO companies. The company was small, in fact one person for a long time, and we only went limited recently. 


Here’s a photo of the humble beginnings when I moved into the office (alone) with two screens, two computers, a desk, a coat hanger, and chair that was given to me by a friend who closed down his office, and a few shelves from home, as well as a a few pictures done on the cheap.

Then the company grew and Al and Laura partnered up to start a “real agency”. That’s when they became life partners, too. 

The initial window graphic was very basic, and the maintenance guy at the business centre almost murdered me for asking to put it on. 


Later, the website got rebranded and the office got a new look, too. 


And we finally looked like a real agency with remote and in-house staff. 


We were lucky during the pandemic, as we had all the systems that we needed to manage clients and staff remotely. 

We only survived because we maintained positive relationships and embraced technology. And not all marketing agencies were that lucky!


Today, we are working towards lean goals and continue to improve our offers and services to help clients and young professionals thrive.

Jigsaw Pieces and Their Meaning for Our Marketing Funnel Agency 

The new logo of our full service marketing agency was based on an LMNts saying;

“You might be doing bits and pieces in your marketing, but there’s likely to be one missing jigsaw piece. We can help you find it and complete the picture!

Red was chosen because it is a female-owned business, and LMNts is a play on words. If you pronounce the letters and spell them out, you will correctly say: “Elements”, which is what marketing is all about. 


We believe that strategy is more important than individual actions. If you have a good foundation and a solid plan, you can build on it. If you don’t, you are going to struggle building the momentum in your business. 

The Challenges

Yes, we have had challenges last year. We have had clients who gave us nightmares at night, and contractors who had to be fired. But – as our slogan on our office wall says: 

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”

We also made a few mistakes of choosing clients who couldn’t be helped or didn’t collaborate. But the clients who benefited from the existence of LMNts compensated for it all. Every enquiry that we sent our clients’ way, every new contract, and every new site launched made us smile. So it was worth it. 


Every funnel we build makes the life of the business owner easier, and makes them more money. We are proud of the results we generated in the last year. 

The Support

We were lucky to be supported during the last year by the Cheshire West and North Wales Chamber of Commerce. They helped us get two new kickstart employees and advised us on plenty of business-related issues. Plus, we got to spread the word about our brand and make some new friends. 


We were regularly featured in the Chamber Magazine, both online and offline. 

We were also supported by a wonderful team of young professionals, eager to learn and get their teeth into digital marketing. We couldn’t have done it without our clients, colleagues, and team!


Our Loyal Clients

This year was also great for the brand because we have teamed up with a few new businesses in and around the country while keeping existing partners happy. We also launched Digital4Trades, our Brother company, which just became a limited company, and supported each other in the journey, sometimes pooling resources. 


Our oldest clients have been with us since well before the Pandemic, and they continue to refer us to their business connections. 


We have seen great ideas, excellent growth, and had loads of fun brainstorming with clients at the office, planning a winning marketing strategy.

Our Overall 5-Star Rating 

We always say that – after your know-how – your reputation is your most valuable asset And we mean it. LMNts has an overall 5-star rating on Clutch, DesignRush, Google, and other sites. We have also been featured by several publications as one of the top marketing agencies in the UK. 

We understand that it is not enough to rank No1 on Google for the keyword for “sales funnel agency” (which we have been doing for over 2 years), but you also have to have a great brand behind the website. Our clients rely on user-generated content more every day, so our reputation has to be immaculate if we want businesses to trust us with their marketing. 

Our Multi Talented Team Working Behind the Scenes in Our Marketing Funnel Agency

We are proud to have an international team and a diverse workforce. Laura is Hungarian, who has been living in the UK for 17 years. Alun is Welsh, and a proud one. Both Sophie and Matty are British, but they are unique and fantastic. Lonay is currently working and studying in Germany, and he is the oldest member of the crew. He referred our brilliant copywriter, Natalie to us when we got a bit stuck with writing enough website content for our clients. Natalie is In Kansas, US. 


We collaborate daily through our workflow management system and Slack, and we collaborate on projects even if employees work thousands of miles away, or are on a hybrid pattern. 


Here are some of the team photos we have taken from meetings that will help you understand what our remote and diverse team feels like. We have weekly online meetings, sometimes create a fun quiz for laughs, sometimes we brainstorm. But we always smile and everyone knows that they can talk about anything, even personal issues. We are proud of the small team we have built over the past few years. 


Check out the full team on this page.

Some of the Highlights of 2022

There were loads of highlights in 2022. One of them was taking on two of our team members full time. It is great to support young talent and enable them to reach for the sky. 


I also had the opportunity to work with some amazing business owners as a mentor through Lancaster University Management School for a few months, supporting SMEs through the post-Covid world. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. After taking the Small Business Leadership Programme in 2021, I was invited back by the university as a mentor to support other business owners who were going through the Help to Grow programme. 


LMNts also won a couple of great awards this year. Here are our titles. 

(we still care more about the results we generate for our clients, though)


Marketing Company CMO of the Year – Laura Farkas. Acquisition International

Innovation & Excellence Award 2022


But that doesn’t make us proud. Our results do. 


What We Are Looking Forward to In 2023 

2023 will be a continuation of the journey we have started this year. We will work on making our systems even leaner, meaning fewer emails and meetings, more results. We have partially automated client enrollment and improved collaboration and communication, but there’s still more work to be done. 


We are looking forward to seeing our clients’ base, our clients’ profits, and our employees grow. That will make us really happy. 

Last Minute Offers for Trying Our Full Service Marketing Funnel Agency 

To celebrate what we have achieved and to help SMEs nail their marketing, we are offering a couple of last-minute deals. If ordered before 23/12/2023, the following services will be discounted by 22 percent:

You will also be able to get a 2-month discount on our social media and SEO packages if you sign up for 12 months. 


Get in touch to arrange a consultation if you would like to know more. 


P.s. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our charity event! It is happening online on the 13/12 and will give you all the ideas, tips, and nuggets to make 2023 your best year yet. Check out our events post for more information. 

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