Written by Laura Farkas

Updated July 12, 2022

We Are a Five-Star Marketing Agency Partner on Clutch

In business, there is no cookie-cutter solution that can help you achieve your goals and answer your unique challenges. Take it from us. Here at LMNts Marketing, we’re passionate about helping our clients make a mark in their respective industries. We are a full-service sales funnel agency that can also reverse engineer the marketing process to allow businesses to reach their end goals. We are also a Five-star marketing agency on Clutch.

Headquartered in Frodsham, United Kingdom, our team is always ready to provide all various top-notch services like:

For us, nothing is more important than seeing our clients happy and satisfied with our services. It’s because of them that we’re a proven five-star marketing agency partner on Clutch.

Clutch is a Washington DC-based review and market research platform that connects businesses with trusted service providers. The website allows millions of browsers to navigate through the IT, marketing, and business services sectors.

Highly Rated

As of writing, LMNts Marketing has earned 10 five-star reviews that highlight our versatility and ability to deliver stellar results. We are proud to see the honest insights given by our beloved clients. Their amazing support motivates us to work hard and strive for continuous growth.

“I never felt like just a number with LMNts Marketing. I was always treated as a partner, and I felt like they were there to help me, not just make a quick sale. My website traffic grew almost immediately, and the sales went up for the products I targeted.”

Director, Building Supplies Company

“The attention to detail and the care were the best for me. LMNts Marketing started with an ideal client sheet and a marketing SWOT. They designed the campaign to suit my business. Unlike other companies, they took care of everything in digital marketing.”

CEO, Life Coaching Firm

We’re not just a five-star firm. LMNts Marketing is also ranked highly on Top Design Firms, a B2B platform that compiles and curates insightful industry content. The projects our clients entrusted us with helped us get listed on Top Design Firms’ list of the top 100 advertising agencies in the United Kingdom for 2022.

Thank you so much to our incredible clients, especially those who generously provided us with their honest testimonials on Clutch that made us rank as a five–star marketing agency. Your support and trust are the reason why we can continue doing what we do best. 

Take the pain out of marketing your business online. At LMNts Marketing, we provide cost-effective yet impactful solutions for your company. Book a meeting with us and let’s discover how we can work together.

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