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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated April 23, 2024

How to Get Fast SEO Results for Your SME

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SEO or search engine optimisation is a term used by many but understood by only a few. That’s why SEO results across the digital marketing agency industry vary. There are also a lot of misconceptions about the ethical side and ease of applying SEO to a website. In this guide, we will guide SME owners in selecting the right solution for their search engine optimisation project and understanding the importance of research and analytics. 

SEO Results for a Competitive Advantage

SMEs can benefit from SEO and win big against larger companies that invest heavily in paid traffic. The key is working smarter instead of harder here. We’ve managed to create wins for our smaller clients, ranking above the biggest players in their niche simply by coming up with an innovative SEO strategy

Small and medium sized businesses can generate an organic results SEO plan that will increase their visibility online without having to pay for the traffic. For SMEs, this is the most sustainable solution. The results last longer than their budget stretches. As a comparison; when you invest into paid traffic, when your ad budget runs out, your traffic stops. 

Many SEO benefits will only show up after months, and it’s really like a snowball effect. The more you focus on getting your visibility up the stronger position you will get. In short; the better you follow the SEO guidelines set by Google the more the search engine will like you. 

What Is an Organic Results SEO Plan 

An organic SEO plan is based on your intention to naturally rank higher than most of your competition for the keywords your ideal customers are searching for. That doesn’t mean that it’s that easy. You will have to analyse the different types of keywords; intentional, navigational, local, transactional, commercial. If you want to get new customers, focus on the keywords that will bring in business. 

That’s exactly where some agencies focusing on organic results SEO go wrong. They get you traffic, but you don’t get the sale. There are many reasons for this. One of the things that many small and medium sized business owners ignore is user experience and technical SEO. If you run an eCommerce business you need to make it super easy for your customers to make a purchase. User experience testing should always be a part of your strategy. 

Oftentimes, we take on the SEO project for an existing site, do the user experience testing, and find out that the contact form is not set up correctly and it’s hard to find the products on the site. This often happens because web designers focus on the design side of the website, and don’t care about search appearance or user experience. Likewise, they are not focusing on the buyers’ journey. That’s why you need marketing automation agency who will carry out the SEO project.

SME SEO Benefits

SMEs can grow their online presence faster, cheaper, and more consistently than with other forms of advertising. SEO results are easy to track, just like ad campaigns, and you can always improve. Compared with magazine articles and press releases, media deals, and interviews, they are much easier to scale. You never know how many people really see your ad in the magazine, but you will always know how many people find you online searching for a certain term. 

One of the main benefits of search engine optimisation for SMEs is that you can choose how fast or slow you want to go. If you run a paid campaign, £15-30 is your minimum budget on most platforms, and you are not guaranteed results. With SEO, you can probably get started small, get some new clients, and grow as your business does. But the results will last for a long time. Of course, we do run paid marketing campaigns as well, especially for new sites that will take a while to rank in search engines. 

SEO Results Time Frame

If you ever get a call or email from a marketing agency guaranteeing results in a week, run as fast as you can! First of all, nobody can guarantee rankings. At LMNts Marketing, our SEO experts will look at every opportunity and try to go for the highest return on investment. However, it also matters which keywords you are targeting. 

That agency offering you guaranteed results might rank you in a week for a keyword nobody searches for, or one that’s not relevant to your business. And it’s certainly not something you want. Google will not be happy, nor will you. 

Top get you the right SEO results, we work in the following order.

seo timeline

First SEO Review

This stage of about a week includes a detailed (manual) audit of your website, competitors, current rankings, SEO potential, and the rest. We will look at the current site structure, technical SEO, and content quality, which is one of the main ranking factors, alongside site speed. The error report can be as long as your arm, but you’re in good hands. 

Once we’ve identified the errors, we’ll make a plan together to create a plan and prioritise tasks. 

Market and Competition Research 

Apart from on-site SEO, we will check what your competitors are doing in terms of getting traffic, and the SEO results they are getting. We will also see what’s trending, so we can start selecting trending and growing keyword terms. This takes 1-2 weeks.

SEO Plan 

Next, we will be focusing on the complete SEO plan, which includes a content plan, site structure, keyword allocation, internal linking, and backlinking strategy. This process takes a while, even with the robust tools we utilise (we don’t trust aI with this task though).  An SEO plan will consist of actionable steps we will take in the order we take them to get more organic traffic to your website. Developing a plan takes anything between a week and three weeks depending on your market and project.

We always consult with our clients, to make sure that they are in the picture. Also because they know much more about their customers’ and clients’ behaviour and buying habits than we do. 


Once the SEO plan is complete, we create an implementation plan and get to work. Fingers get busy, backlinks start pointing back to your site, and suddenly you are in front of your ideal clients. We will monitor the progress and send you easy-to-understand SEO reports as we don’t have anything to hide. The first phase of implementation is usually planned for six months.

We regularly jump on calls to discuss clients’ SEO results and future strategy, as together we get better outcomes. 

SEO Reporting and Analysing Gaps

The reporting will reveal keyword gaps, content gaps, and even backlink gaps. Once we identify these, we can adjust or improve the SEO strategy and get you better SEO results over time. We send reports monthly. Our motto is “continuous improvement” and we are proud of our month-on-month and year-on-year results (see below). 

How to Measure SEO Performance and Results

There are different criteria we measure our results. First of all, we want to improve your SERP visibility: how visible your brand or website is in search results. Next, we want to get your impressions and clicks up. Once you’ve got the clicks, we will make sure we continuously improve your bounce rate and engagement rate, as well as your click-through rate. 

Once we’ve worked on your SEO marketing strategy for a while, we will focus on your page trust, page quality score, and page/domain authority. It is basically showing how trustworthy Google thinks your website is. It’s also an indicator of how likely search engines are to rank you in top results. 

There are plenty of things to monitor, including the backlinks, quality of referring sites, page speed, user experience, technical SEO, duplicate and low quality content, etc. So, if you think you can take care of it all, you might be disappointed. 

Our Best SEO Results 

Now that you read about how SEO results should be created, you might think that we are all about theory, and we preach what we can’t do. It’s far from the truth, and we want to show you the results we have achieved so far for our clients. 

eCommerce SEO Results for Global Client

This client managed to beat the rankings of companies much bigger than themselves and get their traffic and orders thanks to our search engine optimisation strategy. 

ecommerce SEO rankings

Local Services SEO Results: 

We have generated results in just 3 months of hard work using SEO and off-site optimisation, as well as contetn marketing for this local service based business. 

seo overview results SEO Results for Professional Services

This client never had SEO done before. With our work, we managed to get them more traffic that was targeted to their ideal clients and aimed at more enquiries. 

Result Based SEO 

Our approach to search engine optimisation is different from other agencies’ as we are focused on helping you grow your business. We could rank one of your informative blog posts on top of Google, but if there is no link on the page to generate leads or sales, all the efforts are wasted. We will always identify sales and conversion opportunities to help you grow your business. Why do we do that? It’s simple. When your business grows you will be a happy client. You will carry on investing into your marketing with us. You will also leave us a 5-star review and refer us to new clients. 

Would you like to learn more about our SEO services? Get in touch to book a quick chat.  


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