How To Create an Effective Lead Generation Digital Marketing Funnel for Your Coaching Business

Written by Laura Farkas

Updated August 5, 2021
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If you are the type of person who would like to learn everything and thinks that you can be a digital marketing funnel expert in web design, graphic design, and content creation, you will never have an effective lead generation sales funnel. I have seen so many coaches fall for the hype and sign up for ClickFunnels thinking that technology will solve their problem. 

The truth is that you need to put in the hard work, test different lead generation sales funnel methods, copies, and headlines. If you feel like you’d rather get high ticket coaching clients straight away, you can talk to a digital marketing funnel expert at our funnel marketing agency who will work with you on designing your marketing system and lead generation sales funnel.

What A Digital Marketing Funnel Expert Does

funnel planning

The main difference between a digital marketing agency and a sales funnel marketing agency is that we adopt strategic thinking. While we do Facebook ads and paid campaigns, our main goal is to build a sustainable lead generation sales funnel for your business that will carry on working 10 years from now, with little or no adjustments. 

There are a lot of people who will say that they can get you customers but that doesn’t mean that you will know where your next client is coming from. If you have a funnel marketing agency on your side, you will have a more predictable business and can carry on growing your client base month to month. We don’t only design a lead generation sales funnel, but our digital marketing agency works with you to maximise the return on your investment.

5 Elements (LMNts) That Determine the Lead Generation Sales Funnel Conversions

We know this all sounds amazing, but how do we do it? Our funnel marketing agency has 5 elements to creating our lead generation sales funnel. With our help, we will make you feel like a digital marketing funnel expert in no time!

1.Creating the Brand Identity and Strength

It is important that we work closely with our funnel marketing agency clients and present them with the lead generation sales funnel plan based on their current online presence. We will use our digital marketing funnel expert opinion to evaluate the brand, the identity, and the reputation. Before we work with a client, our funnel marketing agency will make sure that we have a digital marketing funnel expert understanding of their values and vision, as well as their long-term marketing plans. 

We complete the Ideal Client Sheet and the lead generation sales funnel Marketing SWOT before we come up with the final sales funnel design. If a franchise owner needs a funnel marketing agency, we will work hard and use our sales funnel knowledge to identify the personal brand. We will create a lead generation sales funnel marketing strategy that will strengthen your brand through press releases and social media campaigns.

2. Successfully Presenting the Problem Like a Digital Marketing Funnel Expert

Once the audience is aware of the brand and they know what it stands for, it is time for the funnel marketing agency to go through the ideal client sheet. This will help our digital marketing funnel expert to find out what is the most urgent problem of the audience that the business can address. These problems can be presented in a clear way to the audience by a funnel marketing agency through a lead generation sales funnel. 

The landing page has to focus on one principle problem to entice your ideal client. This step will also have to qualify the leads. You don’t want to spend too much time on people who are not serious enough to make a decision in the near future.

3. Offering a “No Brainer” Digital Marketing Funnel Expert Solution

Whether we offer a free course, a webinar funnel, or a series of autoresponder messages at this stage of the lead generation sales funnel, it is important that we create a few “wow” moments like a true digital marketing funnel expert. Talking about the solutions but not giving it away can create reciprocity and help the potential client become more aware of their options. 

If you are the answer to the problem they have, and you can prove this to them through content with the help of a funnel marketing agency, you are more likely to close the deal and get inbound enquiries. Make sure that you present the solution in a simple way. You don’t want to overcomplicate the process. A digital marketing funnel expert gives people clear directions on how to take action and how to find out more about your offer.

4. Building an Emotional Connection and Creating the “Like Me” Moment ©

This is the digital marketing funnel expert element that is often missing from a lead generation sales funnel. A successful funnel marketing agency should be able to create the “like me” moment ©. Simply put, that is the exact point when your prospective clients realise that they like you and your current customers are just like them. They will know that they are not alone with the problem. The lead generation sales funnel can convince them that you are the person to help them, as similar clients have benefited from your services. When building up to the “like me” moment ©, our funnel marketing agency usually creates engaging content that is focused on personal branding, case studies, and reputation management.

5. Presenting the Audience with an Irresistible Offer

Finally, you will have to create an irresistible offer. I am a huge fan of which has a great (and free!) sales course with Kevin Harrington, an original of Shark Tank and an example of a great digital marketing funnel expert. 

He explains the reason behind the success of teleshopping campaigns and gives you insider secrets on how the campaigns are built up. It is called “The Pitch Formula”. An irresistible offer will need to have different elements; bonuses, special discounts, money back guarantee, and more. If your offer is not compelling enough and you don’t create a sense of urgency, your lead generation sales funnel conversion rates will suffer.

Lead Generation Sales Funnel Explained

Most of our clients say that they spend hours a day trying to generate leads on social media, and they don’t get anywhere. This is because they don’t have a digital marketing funnel expert system to follow up and don’t automate the processes. We, at the funnel marketing agency LMNts Marketing, know that a social media lead generation sales funnel can be time consuming, but it is necessary. Automation works up to a certain level, but you need to have a funnel marketing agency carefully design a lead generation sales funnel that will take care of your conversions.

Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation Sales Funnel Development

To master social media marketing like a digital marketing funnel expert, you will need to create posts that will stop people scrolling. This can be challenging as the attention span of humans is now just 8 seconds. Of course, the younger your audience is, the less likely they will be to listen to your long videos, let alone read a long article. Your social media leads want to be entertained and inspired. A funnel marketing agency can help you create content to do this.

How to Filter Through Bad Leads on Social Media Like a Digital Marketing Funnel Expert

Our funnel marketing agency has noticed some of the pitfalls of a social media lead generation sales funnel, too. For example, you will have enquiries with no intention to buy. You don’t have to be a digital marketing funnel expert to know this is a waste of time. They can be:

  •       tire kickers
  •       competitors
  •       people who don’t know what to do
  •       people who have no budget

To stop wasting your time chasing after bad leads, our digital marketing funnelexpert opinion is that you ask qualifying questions and filter through your leads. You might get excited when people first contact you, but can you realistically turn these people into customers? If not, your time is better spent doing something else. If they don’t reply after a few engaging messages, you might want to count your losses and move on.

Our Bespoke Coaching Lead Generation Sales Funnel Agency In the UK

While we offer highly rated social media management services in the UK, it is only one piece of the digital marketing funnel expert puzzle. There is a reason our logo shows pieces of a jigsaw. Most coaches and consultants will have tons of great content and ideas already. Our funnel marketing agency works to create a lead generation sales funnel that connects them to make the picture work and become more engaging. It is strategic thinking that makes us one of the best sales funnel expert companies by Clutch and DesignRush. We really sit down with the client and spend time to discover their unique message or “superpower” to develop an incredible lead generation sales funnel.


Free Funnel and Digital Marketing Consultation

No matter if you are a personal development coach, a business consultant, or any service based professional, we have some great ideas to share with you. If you have no idea where to start, our marketing funnel agency is happy to talk you through it. We offer 30 minutes of our time for anyone who is serious about hiring a sales funnel agency to develop the infrastructure to get more clients. You can book your free digital marketing consultation slot quickly and easily online.

Content marketing used to have a bad rep, and many business owners believe that it takes too long to see results and investing in creating blogs and videos is a waste of time. While trends change faster than ever, you can still build an empire and attract your ideal clients using a content marketing agency for branding, reputation management, and lead generation. This post will cover everything you need to know to make content work for you and your business long term. 

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation, distribution, and promotion of branded content with a clearly defined audience in mind. That said, everything you do online can be classed as content, such as your comments on blog posts or social media posts, your professional profiles, and your vendor accounts. However, without a strategy and a clear understanding of the target market, you can be wasting a lot of time and energy on messages that will never reach the right people. 

Content marketing is not limited to the online sphere, either. You can publish content in printed magazines, as well as on radio or TV. After all, some traditional ways of marketing are still working for some businesses. If you are unsure which channel to use to build your brand messages, you might want to get in touch with a branding content marketing agency that can advise you on the potential results of each method of distribution. 

The Types of Content Marketing 

Depending on your business, your target audience, your budget, and your brand visibility, you can choose to engage in one or more content distribution strategies. Generally speaking, social media requires the lowest startup cost, and it is one of the most competitive channels. You can create content yourself using advanced tools such as Canva, or employ a Virtual Assistant to get the job done for you. If, however, you are interested in going deeper instead of wider, you will need to create engaging and educational content that your target audience will resonate with. 

Using guides, books, case studies, and white papers will strengthen your brand and your status in the industry. Here are some of the most common types of content you can implement in your marketing strategy.



One of the most popular and most well-known types of content is a blog. It usually sits on your website and allows you to update your current and potential customers about what is going on with you and educate them on your products or services. Blogs have existed almost since the birth of the internet, and WordPress, the most popular website builder of today also started off as a blogging platform. 

Blogs need to be informative, useful for the reader, relevant, and easy to share. As the attention span of people has shrunk significantly in recent years, you need to pay attention to the readability of your text. A good content marketing agency will make sure that the blog post is not only easy to find and share, but also easy to read. 

Social Media Posts

As mentioned, starting off with a free social media account will give you a basic level of visibility in your market. You can create a company page on all platforms before your website is ready to attract visitors. However, social media posts need to be crafted in a way that they stop people scrolling. And that’s a challenge. Visuals are great, but eventually you want people to take action; like your page, share your content, or check out your site. 

A good social media marketing package will include suggestions, detailed reports, and audience analysis, so you know what’s working and what’s not. Social media is the most competitive and fastest changing content channel of all. 

Email Marketing

Creating email marketing campaigns is essential to creating a winning content strategy. You might know by now that only a very small proportion of website visitors will buy the first time they come across your messages. You will have to follow up. That’s exactly what email marketing automation does for you. Instead of having to pay to contact the same people again, you will be able to message them any time, provided that you asked for and gained their permission. Want to find out more about email marketing automation? Check out our detailed blog post or see our related services.

Video Marketing 

Nothing builds stronger relationships than videos when you are talking directly to your potential clients. You need a video distribution channel and strategy, and make sure that you measure engagement, so you know which topics are the most popular among your audience. 

You can do video marketing on your own site, distribute it on one of the video hosting sites, such as Vimeo or YouTube, or create IGTV or Facebook videos. The choice is yours, and an expert content marketing agency can help you choose the platform that best suits your industry, message, and audience. 

White Papers and Case Studies

For businesses that would like to focus more on reputation and becoming the go-to company when it comes to a specific problem, white papers and case studies should be implemented in the overall content marketing strategy. Here’s the lowdown on the benefits of each type of publication. 

White papers can be based on your internal market research, your insights, or the solutions you have developed to help your customers. They are great for educating the decision-maker and building a strong referral network. If you would like to attract referral partners, white paper distribution will certainly help. 

Case studies can win business that you would otherwise not even dream of getting. They help you zoom in on the expert solutions you create, and generate something we call the “Like Me Moment” ©. It is the point when potential clients realise that they like you, and you have solved the problems of businesses like them. No salesman can convince a prospect sitting on the fence better than a case study. 

If getting a case study or white paper written sounds good, but you don’t know where to start, check out our content marketing packages for more information. 

Press Releases and Media Publications 

Instead of just engaging in inbound marketing and taking care of your own “online real estate”, you can also reach out to potential clients and find them where they look for information. Press releases can be great for SEO purposes, as well as for brand visibility. Make sure that you have something newsworthy, relevant, and timely to share, and get publishing. 

On the other hand, media features and publications can put you on the map as an expert immediately. You can establish yourself as the company with the know-how. No matter if you are featured in an online magazine, a blog, or a printed feature, you might benefit from support from a professional content marketing agency that can find and communicate your superpower. 


The Power of Interactive Content 

In 2022, there’s no such thing as static content. Your main goal should be to engage with your audience, survey the market, and get people to take action. In 2021, we have introduced quiz funnels and other interactive marketing tools that help clients from different industries gain traction and have a real conversation with their audience. We are Typeform partners, which means we can not only create interactive quizzes, but also video engagement funnels on your website. 


Benefits of Using a Content Strategy

Without planning your content, you will not be able to scale your marketing or your business. As the old saying goes: “fail to plan and you plan to fail”. For example, here at LMNts Marketing, we have a social media content calendar that is ready to go before the new year, and we revise every quarter’s results. You can download a blank copy of the social media content calendar if you wish to do the same. 

We also plan the blog posts, guest posts, media publications around campaigns and different events. This helps us measure interest and understand how the market reacts to each message. 

Search Engine Optimisation: Should You Write for the Reader or Google?

There’s an old debate going on in the industry, and the content marketing agency industry is divided. Some say that you should focus on keywords, others are recommending delivering value. The truth is right in the middle. You have to talk to your audience and educate them, provide value with every piece of content, but you also want to be found. A good piece of content will have the right keywords, related keywords, a good structure, great message, actionable tips, and a strong call-to-action. 

How To Talk to Your Ideal Clients Online

There are many marketing agencies that can take care of the keyword research and allocation, but they don ‘t take their time to truly understand your target market. If your messages don’t resonate with your audience, you are wasting a lot of time and effort, and you will never get a positive return on your investment. That’s why it might be a good idea to engage with an expert content marketing agency. 

When we start working with a client, the first thing we do is fill out the ideal client profile together. This helps us understand the audience, no matter if we build a website, create a social media campaign, or write a case study. You can download our ideal client persona sheet and have a go yourself to see if you are hitting the right tone when you are creating content. Apart from completing this exercise with dozens of clients, I have also used the same tool to support mentees taking part in the Help to Grow programme at Lancaster University. 


Planning Your Content Strategy

We often recommend carrying out market research before engaging with a content marketing agency and creating a long term strategy. If you are starting a new business, service, or product line, or changing your niche, it is crucial that you know all about your competition, your market size, the trends, the hot topics, and the unwritten rules. That’s why we often start our brand collaborations with a marketing SWOT. 

A marketing SWOT analysis is a great tool to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current positioning, marketing, and targeting. It can also reveal the opportunities and threats, and help you with strategic planning. Simply put, a marketing SWOT is a 360 of your current marketing activities, highlighting the best course of action long term. 


Interested in our marketing SWOT services? Book one of our experts and get a full report on your positioning to support your content strategy.

Once you have a full picture of your current marketing, you will need to create goals for each campaign. Some businesses prefer running themes (we do quarterly campaigns around specific services), others simply focus on the core business when creating content. No matter what method you choose, it is important that you create a strategy, a timeline, and measurable goals. It is a good practice to run the same theme across every channel to stay consistent and focus on your marketing goals.

How To Measure the Results from Your Content

Content creation and distribution results are not as easy to measure as paid campaigns, for example. However, if you have an advanced tracking and conversion strategy, you can measure the results of your content campaigns. Tracking links and finding out how long people spend reading your posts on your site is simple, using some marketing automation and tracking tools. 

Measuring your email marketing campaign effectiveness is one of the easiest things to do, thanks to the advanced tracking features companies offer. As ActiveCampaign partners, we can install tracking links, provide detailed analysis and reports on the performance of your campaigns. 

Tracking social media engagement and conversions manually would be a challenge, but -thanks to the advanced tools available in the marketplace – it is very simple. Our social media marketing packages include advanced reports, including audience growth, hashtag popularity, and information on which type of content does the best in the marketplace, or on each platform. 

Measuring the results of outreach publications is also simple if you have Google Analytics set up on the site. You will know where your visitors are coming from, how long they spend on the site, and even where they are located or what technology they use. 

The Main Benefits of Working with a Content Marketing Agency

Now that you know the basics of creating a plan to reach your ideal clients, you might be thinking that it’s easy as pie. You don’t see the point working with a content marketing agency on your strategy, and you are confident enough that your admin staff or VA can do the job. Here are a few facts that might change your mind. 

Industry Knowledge

An expert content marketing agency will know your industry, the main publications, players, and forms of writing that do well. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

Playing By the Rules

Content creation is a game that is played by strict rules. If you over-optimise the text or spam search engines, you will not only get zero results, but might also get your accounts banned or shadow-banned. 

Advanced Technology and Tools 

Content marketing agencies have access to the latest tools that can ensure that your brand is as visible as possible. From video creation to writing and social media scheduling, they take care of everything that you would normally spend days or weeks on. 

Strategic Planning

Without a content plan, you are not likely to build up to the momentum that helps you get inbound leads every day. With the right strategy, taking into consideration where you are now and where you want to be, you can measure progress month-by-month. 

Specialist Dedicated Team

You might think that it’s cheaper to employ a VA or part time staff to take care of your brand instead of working with a content marketing agency, but this is not always the case. First, an agency has a lot of experience and are much faster at creating content than virtual assistants. Secondly, you will have more control over the costs. You pay a fixed monthly fee, no matter if it takes the agency five hours or one to complete a project. The same is not true when it comes to employees, freelancers, or virtual assistants. 

Measurable Results and Advanced Reporting 

An expert content marketing agency is able to deliver timely reports, make suggestions on how to improve your conversions and results, giving you more value than an internal team or a freelancer. 

Want to know more? Schedule a free content marketing overview and find out more about the benefits of content marketing. 

Would you like to master content marketing? Read my latest book on BookBoon.



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