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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated January 16, 2024

Our Plan to Become the UK’s No 1 Full Funnel Marketing Agency in 2024!

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Lessons Learnt in 2023

Our 2024 Plans to Become the UK’s No 1 Full Funnel Agency

How We Approach Full Funnel Marketing Agency Projects 



First-Hand Insight into the Growth Plans for LMNts Marketing

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, it’s hard for a small but mighty team to find traction. That’s what we’ve been doing in the past 3.5 years, and we finally found our superpower and built some amazing partnerships. Our goal is to become the No1 full funnel agency in the UK. 

In 2022, we made it our commitment to become a lean marketing agency, and we’ve succeeded. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by 80 percent, while we haven’t used a printer for over 12 months for business purposes. The filing cabinet is a 20th Century thing. We adopted collaboration tools to manage our remote team, including Slack, Plutio, and GSuite, which is also used to collaborate with clients. 

While in 2022-23 we mainly focused on our reputation management and branding, now we arrived at a stage when we can fully identify as a full funnel marketing agency. While there were bumps on the road when it came to attracting the right people into the business, we now have an international team ready to tackle the marketing challenges your business is facing; let it be social media branding, reputation management, lead generation, or lead qualification. And that’s our new identity. We’ve shifted from being a full service sales funnel agency to becoming the UK’s number one full funnel agency. 

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But what does that really mean? Find out below. 

Lessons Learnt in 2023

2023 was like a huge learning curve. In fact, it was more like a rollercoaster ride. But we finished on the high. We learnt the lessons and made a commitment not to repeat them in 2024. If you’re building a reputable brand, you might find a few tips from the list I am sharing below. 

Managing Client Expectations is Crucial 

We have taken on a few clients who were not the right fit. And we both struggled with collaboration. It wasn’t that the client didn’t want it to work, or we didn’t come up with a great strategy. We simply didn’t have the same expectations.

If you enter a relationship expecting different things, it will not work out. The same applies to business. You need to have your expectations and values aligned, or it will not work out for either of you. 

In 2023, we have implemented a few lead qualification forms and quizzes to ensure that we are working with our ideal clients

Staying Small and Boutique Is Our Way

We’ve tried to grow like other agencies do; focusing on the numbers and the output, but that’s not our way, so we discovered. We’d rather work with a select pool of clients who are on the same page and value what we bring to the table. We decided not to compete on price and eliminated some of the lower value services offered as a standalone package. 

Instead, we started focusing on the full picture; completing the jigsaw puzzle of marketing and getting more results for clients working closely with them. 

We Can’t Help Everyone

During the past 4+ years we’ve encountered a lot of business owners who were not really entrepreneurs. Instead, they had a dream only. Some of them have already gone out of business since, due to the lack of commitment it takes to get a business off the ground. 

We now know how to spot the signs of a dreamer and avoid them. We refined our target audience and raised our prices. This had no impact on our conversion rates at all. 

Collaboration Is the Tool That Will Make us the No1 Full Funnel Agency in 2024

Allowing clients to become a co-creator of their marketing campaign is a powerful approach. It empowers them to think about the future of their business, and we can generate better results this way. Some might think that we ask too many questions, but that’s what makes us unique. Once we decide to work with a client, we are genuinely interested in and invested in their success. And that’s how we generate extraordinary results. 

Collaboration among team members is also something we value. We encourage our remote staff to learn with us, learn from each other, and make suggestions regularly. And with a multi-skilled team from four continents and 6 time zones, we are on the way to create a fully inclusive remote workplace. 

A Committed, Multicultural Remote Team is Priceless

We have tried the 20th Century agency model. (Once implemented, we will publish a book about the 21st Century agency, but it’s work in progress at the moment). We have had employees who tracked their time and had questionable work ethics, commitment, and productivity. In the meantime, what we noticed is that our remote workers were working 10x harder than those who had a job security and fixed salary. 

This learning curve (not mistake) has cost us a few tens of thousands of pounds, but we’ve come out stronger. We moved to fully remote working and project-based compensation with a bonus or two thrown in. This was the single greatest change in the business. 

The benefits for us and clients of this move are endless. First of all, we now have access to multiskilled, motivated, and multicultural talent. Second. We don’t have to jump on projects that haven’t been done on a Friday night. So, it’s a win-win. 

We’ve had a project management system and collaboration tools implemented since before Covid. We somehow still think that doing what other agencies do would be the best for us. In 2024 we know better. With a pool of talent including those who are amazing at branding, design, web development, strategy, content writing, and SEO, we can now become a full funnel marketing agency we can be proud of. 

Working On The Business Every Day Generates Results

For a few years now, we’ve been dedicating Thursdays to working ON the business. Unfortunately, due to having to manage projects it wasn’t always a full day, but when it was it has made a huge difference for our two brands. And – of course – for our clients, too. 

We have time to update our LinkedIn newsletter, white blog posts, brainstorm social media campaigns, and build collaboration with other businesses. And that’s what makes “the boat go faster” 

Our 2024 Plans to Become the UK’s No 1 Full Funnel Agency

Becoming a sales funnel agency is easy with a funnel building software. But you will need to create a strategy that will stick and generate results for customers. And that’s what we are planning to do here, at LMNts Marketing. 

Clients We Want to Work with as a Full Funnel Marketing Agency

During the past few years working with clients from different industries and at different stages of business development, we have found that there’s no such thing as one size fits all funnels. 

That’s exactly why most funnels built on a template fail. We have been building up sales and marketing strategies from scratch for years, but we’ve recently discovered that it’s our superpower where we can add value for businesses. We, therefore, decided to focus more on this and launched our popular Marketing SWOT and Custom Funnels services. By following the steps brainstormed together, clients can create long term results and replicate the success of their campaigns. 

Full Funnel Marketing Agency Capabilities We’ve Built in the Past Few Years 

Apart from being ClickFunnels experts and building funnels from scratch as well as on Groove, Systeme, and other platforms, we now have the capabilities to handle large projects as a team. 

Our collaborative approach means that projects move smoother than ever, and certainly much smoother than in other agencies. We come together as a team and put our own jigsaw pieces together to complete the picture for the client. 

We can take care of design, branding, ideal client profiling, strategy, web development, social media campaigns, ads, SEO, and copywriting. 

Our International and Multi Talented Team Behind the LMNts Marketing Brand

In the next few weeks we will publish the superhero profile of each talented individual behind the LMNts Marketing brand. We celebrate, nurture, and value talent and consider ourselves lucky to have access to such a unique pool of individual talent. 

Our longest serving remote employee (intrapreneur) has been with us for 4.5 years. We’ve seen them grow, had some heart-to-heart conversations, and collaborated with them. We’ve recently recruited a few more team members who have the ability, attitude, and work ethic to help us grow while growing professionally. 

How We Approach Full Funnel Marketing Agency Projects 


For a while now, we haven’t taken on new full funnel projects without going through the Marketing SWOT and Ideal Client persona exercise. And that has helped us create better, more visible, and more consistent results. 

We look at every project as a challenge; find the angle, voice, message, and USP that will resonate with the audience. If they are on social media, we will focus on that area. If they like doing the research, reputation management has to be taken care of. And if they like reading, there’s content marketing. 

For LMNts Marketing, each and every project is unique, and we treat every team member and business as an individual. That’s why our clients value our Marketing SWOT 10x the value we’ve put on it. 

Want to know more about the 21st Century marketing capabilities we’ve built? 

Try our Marketing Score calculator to find out where you might need a bit of help.

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