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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated January 30, 2024

The Next UK Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Explosion

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    At LMNts Marketing, we love innovation and creating a winning digital marketing sales funnel for our clients. We’ve got two projects under our belt for this year that are likely to explode. It will be great to be a part of these two organisations’ marketing journey. 


    As the winners of the 2024 SME Awards we are known for innovation, working smarter instead of harder, and allowing our clients to become a co-creator of their marketing campaigns. We could not generate the results we do if we didn’t have the collaboration set up with our clients and our multi talented team. In this post, we are going to give you an overview of the projects we are extremely excited about, and let you in behind the scenes to help you decide whether we are a good fit for your business. 


    The Tale of Two Projects

    As promised, we will let you in on the two projects we are expecting to explode with our help this year. 


    Events Company Expansion

    One of them is an events company with a great reputation and existing connections. We’ve been collaborating with Digital4Trades on this project, and are launching a new brand as a result. The company has a vision and a customer-focused approach, just like us. We’ve been working with the owner since last year to develop a market acquisition strategy. Now, we are at the stage where we simply cannot stop the growth. Organic search results are improving, calls are coming, and long term agreements are being signed. 


    Mental Health Campaign

    The other digital marketing sales funnel project we are super excited about is a mental health education business with its own social enterprise that would provide education for those who will not be able to afford it. It’s a cause we are passionate about, and there’s a huge need for something the company offers in the UK. With waiting times for mental health referrals way too long, it’s never too early to launch the campaign we are working on. 


    We’ve been working with the company since last year, and since then we’ve been clarifying the strategy, came up with a tagline, and are launching a book as well as a nationwide campaign. We’ve got weekly meetings with the management to ensure that everything is aligned around the main goal. This will be huge, so watch out! 


    Our Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Services 

    Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t set package prices, but work with each client on an individual basis. We conduct a SWOT analysis to make sure that the business “has legs” and we can make enough improvements to improve the business and generate the expected results. We always match the client’s expectations with our strategy. That’s what makes our digital marketing sales funnel services different. 


    If you were to ask us what our typical project entails, we could not answer that question. We believe in collaboration and communication. If all projects were the same, we would be very bored! (Have we mentioned we love a challenge?)

    Our Recognition

    Over the past few years, we’ve been awarded multiple badges and rankings, and second year in a row we’ve been named one of the top 100 SMEs in the UK by Elite Business Awards. However, what counts more is our reputation among clients. We don’t really like bragging, but we’ve got a 5-star rating across all review sites, including Clutch. 


    We don’t just want clients like other agencies; we strive to turn clients into raving fans who will be talking about our business all around the UK, 

    Our Reputation as Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Experts

    We’ve been known as a sales funnel agency for a long time. We’ve built a multicultural team, and made our organisation as lean as possible. We haven’t used the printer for over 8 months, and haven’t printed a single agreement for over a year. Instead of getting emails sent back and forth, we work on the “cloud” and collaborate on projects with clients. 


    As an example; when we work on a rebranding project, we simply share the Canva link with the client who can add comments, so we don’t have to enter a long email conversation to find out what they want to change. We don’t only save a lot of time on projects, but also create a better customer experience. 


    Our main goal is to make sure that when clients think about their marketing they know exactly what’s happening without having to arrange a call with an “account manager” in a suit and put up with jargon they don’t understand. 

    Do You Have What It Takes to Win the Sales Funnel Game with Us?

    We’re currently looking for projects that we can really make a difference in in 2024. Businesses with a vision, who share our work ethics and are willing to put in the effort into collaboration. Those who want to be looked after as if they had an internal marketing team managing their project. 


    In particular, we are interested in working on book launches, new courses in entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and self improvement. Moreover, we would love to work with a Hay House author! If you know someone who’s a good fit, please share this post with them. 


    An overview of our previous digital marketing sales funnel projects:

    • Click to form conversion: 40%
    • Lead qualification campaign
    • Target: course, membership

    • Click to form conversion: 35%
    • Completion rate: 40%
    • Conversion to sale: 5%
    • Target: premium event package (bilingual)

    Want to know if you have what it takes to make money of your business online? Check out our sales funnel health check.

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