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Updated December 10, 2020

How To Choose the Most Effective Sales Funnel Packages for Your Business?

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When it comes to marketing, sales funnels seem to be the answer to every question. There are multiple companies that claim to be experts at this, but you will have to ensure that the strategy matches your expectations and your business goals. Below you will find an overview of some of the best sales funnel packages you can use in your business to maximise your conversion rates and improve your reputation, customer value, and profits.

The Basic Sales Funnel Packages: Development and Management

Most of the packages offered by funnel agencies include lead generation and are really simple. In fact, a sales pipeline doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are just starting a business, chances are that you don’t have a lot of content and information to give away, so you will have to build a simple skeleton of the marketing campaign that can be later improved, when the business grows and you have more money to invest in your marketing. A simple free download with an autoresponder sequence linked to a Facebook ad campaign can be called a funnel, if it is built well. However, the higher the value of your product is, the more touch points you will have to add to your funnel.

Ideally, a sales funnel marketing agency will build a system that takes care of all four stages of engagement: Awareness, Interest, Demand, and Action. If you have just started off in business, chances are that you will have to spend more time on awareness before you could get conversions. Simply put: you need to learn to walk before you can run. Despite, there is no point promoting an empty Facebook page or a site that has little or no social proof or interaction.

sales funnel template

Another simple template an agency would use is a lead generation sales funnel. Here, the goal is to get the audience to give you permission to contact them again. These are often called “microcommitments” and are great for building an engaged audience. The more your audience will value your offer compared with what they had to do to get it, the more engaged they will become, and the further they will go down your digital marketing funnel.

The Most Effective Social Media Sales Funnel Packages

The easiest way to reach your potential clients and your target audience is through social media. Email marketing is a great way to do the same, but if you don’t have a list of at least a couple of thousand, you will not see great results. However, social media is a place where you can get your offers in front of targeted audiences that are already interested in what you have to offer.

sales funnel packages

A word of warning, though. You need to be aware that “FREE” is the most powerful word in the English language, and it is definitely the most popular one on social media. Facebook, especially. According to some of our campaign analytics, 80 percent of people on Facebook are either “tire kickers” or “freebie seekers”. This means that they might get on your list, accept your free gift, but they are not likely to buy from you. This is in fact where most businesses – and even marketing agencies – go wrong. They end up paying for traffic that will not convert. They don’t qualify their visitors, and hence fail to deliver social media sales funnel packages that can grow the business in a sustainable way.

lead generation funnel

What to Look Out for When Ordering Lead Generation Sales Funnels

There’s a new type of marketing agency that has started to evolve in 2020, after the pandemic hit. It is the one that offers lead generation sales funnels and only charges you per lead. It sounds great, and some of our colleagues have redesigned their business. In fact, it is a low risk business model for clients, provided that the leads actually convert. If you have the end of the funnel built for maximum conversions, you can be quids in!

If you don’t know your conversion rates, read our post about how to maximise your sales funnel conversions.

In case you decide to get a funnel built or engage with a company that focuses on lead generation, we would recommend that you do find a way to qualify and filter out leads that will never convert. As our sales director usually says: “there’s a lot of dead ducks there and you have to stop wasting your time with them”. Bearing all that in mind, if you nail the “demand” stage of the marketing funnel, you will certainly see higher conversions than 80 percent of other businesses targeting the same niche.

Questions to Ask a Sales Funnel Marketing Agency

Now that we mentioned qualification, it is crucial that you qualify your digital marketing agency, too. Ask them the questions you want a direct answer to, and see how they react. There are a few example questions we recommend you to ask before you engage with a sales funnel agency:

funnel questions
  1. How many clients have you worked with in my industry?
  2. What would you recommend we do regarding to advertising channels?
  3. How will you be testing your pipelines and measure conversions?
  4. Can I please have a look at your case studies?

Of course, you can ask anything you want, but these questions will reveal whether the company is truly professional, or they are just experimenting with your type of project. Another crucial thing you might want to find out is whether they outsource their marketing and different stages of funnel building or advertising. Why?

If an agency outsources their marketing to save on cost, the quality of your sales funnel campaign will be compromised. Just think about “Chinese Whispers”. The more ears the information passes through, the more details will be lost.  

Sales Funnel Templates and Content

Every business needs a unique approach to marketing, and that is why most funnel builders don’t work. You can have all the infrastructure you want, the best sales funnel templates, but if you don’t have a plan and consistency, you are wasting your money.

sales funnel content

Every digital marketing sales funnel agency has their favourite methods. They are likely to recommend you advanced sales funnel templates, however, it has to fit your business goals. In fact, you should understand what each step does for you and the client before you would agree to implement the template.

Your sales funnel templates will need to resonate with your audience, and be “on brand”, which means:

  • Tone
  • Brand image
  • Message
  • Value
  • Brand persona

If it is not, chances are that no template will help you grow your business or improve your profits.

sales funnel branding

As we often build sales funnel packages for coaches, we use two templates that are modified to the client’s needs. These are webinar funnels and quiz funnels. If you haven’t heard of any of them, you might want to read our blog post about sales funnel templates and cheat sheets.

We love quiz funnels and webinar funnels for starters. The idea of quiz funnels developed at LMNts Marketing when we read Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method book. It is a game changer; simple yet effective, and take the guesswork out of digital marketing. Basically, it gives you the ability to find out what your audience wants, so you can stop shooting in the dark. Webinar funnels, on the other hand, have been around for a long time, but they became more popular during the prolonged lockdown due to Coronavirus. Bear in mind that webinar funnels work differently in every culture; you will have to design it in a certain way for UK audiences and US or global market.

The Best Sales Funnel Packages for Coaches

sales funnels for coaches

Our sales funnel packages for coaches include the identification of the USP we will promote, the funnel mapping, market research, creative work, as well as the copywriting and design. We also pay a lot of attention to clients’ ideal client avatars. Unfortunately, many business or personal coaches keep on changing these, and that is why we have to work with them long term and follow a detailed strategy to get conversions, sales, and sustainable, long term results.

Of course, the higher the price of your services is, the more sophisticated your marketing funnel should be. Of course, the marketing campaign will need to be longer if you are a coach or consultant, as you will need to gain people’s trust. We simply could not commit to working with you for a couple of months only; we want to see through your lead generation campaign. The truth is that most business or life coaches simply give up on digital marketing before they could get a conversion and build up the momentum.

ClickFunnels or Building Your Marketing Infrastructure from Scratch

As you might already know from our social media and our blog, we have nothing against ClickFunnels. In fact, we have been authors of the Funnel Magazine, ran by ClickFunnels for ages. We also read Russell Brunson’s books several times. But… and there is a but.

sales funnel lead generation from social media

ClickFunnels only works if you have a detailed plan and strategy to make it work. We have worked with clients who paid for the monthly package every month for over two years ($99) and only made a couple of dollars back. It is not the best return on investment; in fact, they got a negative return on investment. However, if they worked with a sales funnel agency sooner, they could have built a system together that took care of the conversions and helped them add prospects to their list to turn them into buyers.

I guess the question is simple: ClickFunnels vs WordPress custom funnels? The answer is not easy. If you have a service or offer that is widely used and there is a perfectly suitable ClickFunnels template to use, it would not be cost effective to build one from scratch. However, if you would like to create custom visitor experiences and qualify your leads, it might be better to use a quiz funnel plugin we love and add extra qualification steps.

You can build any page from scratch or from template, and Kartra has some amazing page builders, so does LeadPages. Which software you choose doesn’t matter as much as the content and how the jigsaw pieces work together (have a look at our logo and you will understand).


The Pricing of Sales Funnel Packages in the UK and US

You might be fooled by the price of social media sales funnel packages advertised online. There are companies that advertise their Facebook ad service as a complete package. Be aware. While some companies who are registered overseas and pretend to be operating out of the UK and US (yes, always check the contact page before you get in touch) will charge just a couple of hundred dollars for a funnel, you often get what you pay for.

sales funnel package pricing

Our sales funnel marketing agency is not cheap. We don’t want to be. We want our clients to have results and for this we work hard. We charge a setup fee for your funnel development and strategy, then we also charge you a monthly maintenance fee. Of course, the price will depend on how many leads you would like to generate, how much your products or services cost, and whether or not your brand is already established on the market.

As we have said on social media before; a funnel is not just for Christmas (or your sales period), but for life. It grows as your business does, changes as your goalposts move, and reflects the brand identity you are developing.

There’s only one thing we have to say about our sales funnel packages pricing: we are not cheap, but we are cost effective. If you tried to get a programmer, web designer, graphic designer, AdWords, SEO, and Facebook ads expert to work separately on your lead generation sales funnels, you would end up paying 5-10x the price.

Boxes Every Marketing Funnel Package Should Tick

Now, we are at the end of the overview, and would like to leave you with a checklist of making sure that your sales funnel marketing agency does a great job for you:

  • The messages represent the brand and the value for the customer
  • There is a clearly defined audience that you can target
  • There are software and plugins in place to measure every stage of your funnel
  • You are being informed regularly of the progress
  • You have filled out a detailed brief
  • Your agency knows what your superpower as a business is
  • Your advertising channels are selected based on your ideal client avatar
  • There are AB tests in place to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your advertising investment.

Are you ready to plan your digital marketing campaigns? Have a chat with one of our team members at our sales funnel marketing agency and find out more about how we work.  

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