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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated August 19, 2021

Easy Guide to How To Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Packages In the UK

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Who Even Needs Social Media Packages: It’s Easy, Right?

Are you in business? I mean are you really in business? Does your audience know that you have an offer? Or are you just floating in the virtual space trying to stay on top of your different accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the rest? It might be a good idea to automate some of your content and find a way to stay connected with your target audience. Outsourcing might be a good idea, but you have to ensure you are getting a good value. Here’s our no-brainer guide to choosing social media marketing packages in the UK. 

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

There is no such thing as one size fits all social media marketing packages. You have to choose the platforms where your audience is hanging out. For this, you will need to know your ideal client very well. Pay attention to demographics, but there’s more to client profiles than age, gender, and location. 

targeting the right audience

For example, the higher price you charge for your products or services the more serious your chosen platform needs to be. If you are after a quick sale or two, or would like to implement  a social media marketing funnel for lead generation, you might want to start with Facebook or Instagram. 

Paid advertising cost is another important factor when choosing your social media marketing packages in the UK. Work out your cost per lead and your conversions from the point people subscribe to your list to becoming a customer, so you can decide which company gets you the best return on marketing investment. 

Business to Customer Social Media Marketing Platforms

If you are selling products to the public, or have an eCommerce business, Facebook might be a goldmine for your marketing campaigns. Despite the rising cost of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you will still get a good response rate, provided that you have a strong profile and your ads are set up properly. 

If you are in the service industry, such as personal training, coaching, or anything to do with health and beauty, you might want to combine Instagram and Facebook strategies to get you the right types of customers. You can also set up your Facebook store and allow Instagram shopping. While this takes a bit of time to master, – given the increasing number of people using mobile browsers – it can be very profitable. Additionally, it can help you improve your customer experience. 

Business to Business Social Media Marketing Platforms

If you are a business coach, financial advisor, or are looking for corporate clients, wasting your time on Facebook and other platforms might not be a good option. Thankfully, there’s LinkedIn, and you will be able to create a social media funnel inside the platform. Stay away from cold messaging and adding random connections, though. It’s not the right way of building a social media marketing strategy. 

Professional referral networks also have a lot of value. LinkedIn groups are great for engagement, but you will really need to know the topic members are interested in. 

To achieve an expert status and position yourself as a go-to person, Quora might be worth a try. A question and answer site, this platform gets you backlinks, clicks, and even helps you get your name out there. 

YouTube is another platform where you can establish yourself as an expert. If you are in the global information product business, you can entice your audience with some teaser content and drive sales in from the platform directly. Not to mention that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 

“Trendy” Social Media Channels

If your audience is younger and they are into anything new, you might want to give the latest platforms a try. The first on the list is Tiktok. If you are not a Millennial or belong to Generation Y, you might think that is a pointless platform for business owners, and it is all about teenagers walking around for music. However, an increasing number of large companies have made their first appearance on TikTok in the past two years. It can’t be random. 

Thankfully, we have a team of Millennials who keep an eye on the algorithm updates of TikTok and can create a strategy naturally for any brand. From trending topics, music, or just hosting an event, the platform has loads of potential if you have the time to discover its features. 

Video creators who are looking for their “tribe” should also try out some of the smaller content social media platforms, such as Lomotif, Cheez, Vimeo, and Like. You can reach more people across multiple video social media platforms. It makes sense, doesn’t it? 


Visual Social Media Platforms

For brands with a strong visual presence, Instagram and Pinterest are the winners. Whether you have a beauty salon offering different high end treatments or are an interior designer, you have to be present on this platform. 

That said, Pinterest is a good social media platform all round. You would not think that our account gets thousands of views each month with literally zero effort, only automatic sharing of our images from the site. The beauty is that Pinterest is investing in technology massively. Their latest update introducing “idea pins” is a hit with advertisers and free business users alike. Infographics do very well on Pinterest. 

Niche Social Media Sites – Small but Mighty… 

Finally, you should not forget about “niching down” when creating a strategy and building up a social media marketing funnel. 

  • Artists and creatives should join Behance, where they can showcase their work and talent for free. You can also find clients and collaborators. 
  • Businesses focusing on a female audience need to be on BlogHer. No matter if you are an author, a speaker, or a coach, you will be sure to find your tribe here. 
  • Those looking for a mastermind or planning on creating events have to check out Meetup. No matter if you are holding webinars or in-person meetings, you will have the right platform to support you. 
  • Architects and interior designers should join Houzz, a niche platform where they can share designs and connect with potential partners or collaborators. 

Of course, there are other niche specific networks out there. A quick Google search with your industry will surely help you find your people online, so you can learn about your niche and build a winning social media funnel. 

Evaluate Social Media Marketing Services in the UK 

Once you have decided which social media marketing platforms will be the most beneficial for your brand, you can go ahead and look for affordable social media management companies. 

There’s one word of warning we need to put out there, though. You need to make sure that the company is in the UK, and they have in-house experts. Just because the domain extension is,  you cannot be sure that the company is in the UK. While there is nothing wrong with outsourcing work overseas, it is better to work with a company offering social media marketing services in the UK that is familiar with trends and cultural bias. 

Once you have seen the price of the packages and checked out what the company offers for the money, you will also have to check out the reputation of the business, including their customer service rating, awards, case studies, and testimonials. 

The three things you need to ask before you decide which affordable social media management package to go with are: 

  • How often do you get reports and statistics on your account
  • Whether or not the company is GDPR compliant (i.e. do you have to give them your login details?)
  • How long would it take the company to show significant results and what the minimum term is. 

As an example, we gain a lot of clients because they know that they only have to connect their accounts to our platforms once and they can withdraw permission any time. We are also clear about sharing information and either send out manual reports or provide clients with their own login link to check what is going on with their accounts. Transparency is extremely important when it comes to trusting someone with your brand. 

Shortlist three or four companies and arrange a chat to find out if they can come up with a winning strategy for your brand. Most businesses offer a free social media consultation. 

How Much Should You Pay for Social Media Marketing Packages In the UK?

Most companies will have monthly packages to suit different budgets. These range from £99/month per platform to £1600/month per platform. When you visit the page, you need to check how many posts you are getting a week, how many platforms the company manages, and whether or not they create unique posts. If you are planning on spending on social media ads, this might not be included in the price of your social media marketing services in the UK.

Enhance Your Profiles and Gain More Social Media Followers

Before you embark on a social media campaign, it is important that your profiles are optimised for your audience. Some companies offer this as a part of your package, but others don’t. The price of this service generally ranges between £250 and £1500 per platform. 

It is usually better to have your accounts handled by the same company that created your strategy. Get your profiles optimised and let them manage your posts to gain followers and increase engagement. 

Get Engagement Using Social Media Marketing Services UK 

While marketing is a numbers’ game, you need to make sure you are focusing on the right numbers. The number of social media followers does not necessarily indicate how profitable your campaigns are. You need to measure engagement and get to know who is interacting with your brand on social media. 

Here is an example of how a social media report should look like. 

social media scheduling agency

And this is the information your LinkedIn analytics report should show you: 

social media report from marketing agency

Our platforms provide detailed information about your audience, your most popular times, and even the hashtags that are performing the best on each account. There’s a lot of information that can help you take the guesswork out of social media marketing. 

Consider a Social Media Funnel 

Your social media marketing should not only focus on follower numbers, as we have already stated above. You need to use it as a lead generation tool, so you can make the most out of your marketing budget. 

Remember that this is not a popularity contest. You are in business to get clients and make money, not to feed your ego! A social media marketing funnel will automate your engagement and lead generation, so you can convert more followers into paying customers. 

Whether you are using instant messaging, a quiz funnel, or a free event to build your list of prospects, you need to have a strategy that matches the preferences of your audience. Some people want to call you, others would just research you before contacting you. But how you engage with them after they have given you permission to stay in touch makes or breaks a social funnel. 

Virtual Assistant vs. Affordable Social Media Management Agency

Now, you might be thinking that you can save a lot of money if you outsource content creation and graphic design, as well as social media scheduling. You might be able to save money by engaging with a virtual assistant who will take the weight off your shoulders. But- more often than not – there’s a catch. 

Your virtual assistant will follow instructions. They will charge you per hour, and this covers doing the actual work. They will not take their time to build a strategy, brainstorm ideas, and think about the long term future of your business. 

If you have a very clear idea about the direction of your social media strategy, you might simply outsource the job and save money. However, if you need a plan that will be tested, executed, and measured, you might want to use a social media funnel agency. Want to know more? Arrange a free social media marketing overview and find out how your business can benefit from a social strategy. 

Here’s a representation of the pros and cons of using a social media marketing agency vs. virtual assistant.

va vs social media agency

The Bottom Line: Choosing Social Media Marketing Packages for UK Businesses

Whether you would like to increase your brand reputation, reach, or value. Social media marketing packages can help you. Choose the right platforms, craft your messages with your ideal client in mind, and get professional advice on how to reach them. 

The online marketing space is increasingly competitive. After the pandemic, there was a gold rush, and everyone seemed to be getting a new website, learning course, eCommerce store, and Instagram store. With the right strategy, however, you can still get your business noticed by people who are most likely to buy from you. 

Do you have any social marketing tips to share? Leave a comment below so our readers can benefit. Do you have any questions related to the above? Leave us a message or arrange a chat


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