Written by Laura Farkas

Updated December 9, 2021

Our Seven Secret Social Media Marketing Tips

If anyone says that social media marketing is easy they either know nothing about branding, or have an established company already with loads of engaged followers. If you don’t fit in any of the above categories, I suggest that you read on, so you can learn about the ins and outs of doing things right in the coming year. After reviewing several successful campaigns, we have created a list of social marketing tips that will help you develop a content strategy for 2022.

1. Know Your Audience

Every digital marketing guru will tell you that you should optimise your content and social media channels, but they rarely talk about what you need to optimise it for. The simple answer is that you have to consider your social media account as something that exists in a context of competitors, niches, and user preferences. Here are a couple of social media marketing tips that will help you optimise your content.

Optimise for the Platform’s Algorithm

When you set up or optimise an account, you will have to check the algorithm of the platform. Of course, you cannot just copy and paste the same text and intro to each platform: be conscious of the phrases you use and carry out a keyword or hashtag audit to find out what the most popular accounts in your industry have in common. 


Optimise for Your Ideal Clients

While this is more like a general piece of advice we go on and on about, it is also one of the most powerful social media marketing tips out there. You can’t just throw social media content out there and hope that it will “stick”. Focus on things that resonate with your target audience. If you don’t know what they are interested in, just ask. It’s that simple. That’s why these platforms are called “social media”, after all. 


Optimise for Popular Hashtags

Hashtag research is something that should take place before you plan your social media marketing strategy. It will give you a good insight into what is popular, where people are hanging out, and what type of content they are engaging with. Of course, you will be able to “steal” your competitors’ keywords ethically, but don’t forget to create your own unique ones, too. 


Optimise for Trigger Words 

Once you have created your ideal client profile, you will need to create a list of trigger words that they are likely to react to. Some of these include: new, proven, and –  of course – free. However, you need to know what motivates your audience to take action before you can find the most relevant ones to use.

2. Consistent Brand Image

If you are looking for the most overused of all social media marketing tips out there, this wins the award. However, not many experts break down what they mean by consistency. Thanks to the latest simple-to-use graphic design software out there, you can create templates for each social media theme, and make sure that your posts are easy to recognise on each platform. Avoid using images that don’t relate to your brand value, persona, and image, and make sure that your logo is easy to spot on every post. This way, nobody can steal your content and reuse it.

3. Talk About Them Not You!

This is one of the most common social media marketing mistakes we came across on all platforms in 2022. 

“People don’t want to be sold, but they love buying!”

Many people think that they have to shout louder than their competition on social media to get noticed. If you haven’t read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, I recommend that you get a copy. One of the main messages that can be translated into social media marketing tips is: talk about what other people want to talk about. It’s that simple. As Alan Dib says: 

“Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect’s head”.

Think about what the most urgent and burning problems of your audience are, and try to talk about them. Share their frustrations and show that you know where they are coming from, so you build rapport and trust.


4. Go for User Engagement

For a decade or so, the single most important number social media marketers and brands focused on was the number of followers. Consequently, they missed out on building relationships and making sure that they are staying relevant. I, personally, would rather have a thousand followers with fifty of them engaging with my content than fifteen thousand with one measly like on my latest post. Which one would you choose?

There are different ways of building engagement on social media. Here are a couple of social media tips that will help you do just that: 

  • Polls on LinkedIn are still doing well and are going to continue to do well in 2022.
  • Ask questions that are relevant to the work environment or industry of your prospects
  • Create an open question day (Ask me anything) on Facebook
  • Comment on current issues and events
  • Support charities or causes that your audience cares about
  • Ask for feedback on posts, drafts, or even content published
  • Show gratitude for fans and mention them in posts
  • Ask for the share or retweet
  • Partner up with brands providing services that complement yours
  • Craft headlines for visibility and engagement (there are loads of headline tools that can help you with this)


5. Exploit the Features of Platforms

Facebook Social Media Marketing Tips for 2022

  • Facebook used to favour long form content, however, shorter text is likely to do better in 2022. After all, people’s attention span is shrinking. Unless you have an established tribe, you will need to be more relevant, faster, and snappier than in 2021. 
  • Facebook stories are still going to be a main driver for engagement. Get as creative as you can, use stickers, and don’t forget about the call-to-actions. 
  • Using user-generated content is a great way of tapping into influencers’ audiences. 
  • Using brand collabs manager will remain an effective content generation tool on Facebook for engagement and reach. 
  • Smaller Facebook groups were doing much better in 2021 than large ones, which were often full of spam posts. If you are running a group that’s linked to your Facebook business page, make sure that you are monitoring content and engaging with the audience. You can ask questions, create polls, or request help or feedback in groups. 


Instagram Social Media Marketing Tips for 2022

  • Instagram shops are likely to be booming in 2022. If you haven’t figured out how to tag products in posts yet, please get researching. Social shopping is not going away anytime soon. 
  • Long videos are likely to be a no-go for Instagram, according to HootSuite. They are doing great on YouTube, but are likely to flop on Insta and Facebook, not to mention the grandchild of social media platforms: TikTok. 
  • IGTV might still work for engaged and established brands. If you introduce the videos in a post and link to the content, it might still work. However, it might be the case that IGTV will be forgotten, just like Facebook Watch, which turned out to be a failed attempt of rattling the domination of video content by YouTube. 
  • Reels will continue to work really well for visual brands, influencers, and fashion/beauty bloggers, but they have limitations when it comes to representing a serious brand. 


Twitter Social Media Marketing Tips for 2022

  • Twitter is going through an overhaul, and it might have a comeback in 2022. The platform has a great advantage when it comes to targeting and advertising. Its user base is more senior and professional than Facebook’s, but the ads are less expensive than on LinkedIn. Overall, Twitter has the potential to become the middle ground for social media marketers. 
  • Twitter for Business is likely to grow into something big in 2022, and you will want to be on board as soon as possible. 
  • Twitter has a brilliant targeting tool that is more advanced than Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Community building is likely to be the main focus of Twitter, and newsworthy stories can easily spread like wildfire. Almost all the main media stories started trending on Twitter before any other platform. 
  • Twitter tools are advanced and are likely to become even smarter in 2022. Some of the tools you might want to check out to make the most out of your audience and fan growth include SocialBro, Klout, and Twitonomy which will help you understand your audience and track their interests/behaviours. 


LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tips for 2022

LinkedIn started off as a networking and job search tool, but today it is more about building both professional and personal relationships.

  • In 2021, we saw the rise of personal posts on LinkedIn, especially among professionals in trust-based businesses. This trend is likely to continue in 2022. 
  • LinkedIn stories have been ditched. This means that people are looking for much more substance than a short image post or video. You will have to add more value and substance to get noticed in 2022. 
  • LinkedIn ads are still far too expensive, and the targeting algorithm is not as reliable as other platforms’. The fact that people can choose whether to reply to inmail kind of reduces the value of having a LinkedIn premium. Cold outreach is going to be harder than ever on LinkedIn. However, it will still be great for introductions and referrals. 
  • Videos and Infographics are likely to be doing really well on LinkedIn, but staying relevant and relatable is crucial. Keep checking trending stories in 2022.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips for 2022

Pinterest is the dark horse of social media. Many business owners believe that it’s just a platform for ideas, visuals, and has nothing to do with service based businesses. That’s wrong. Here are a few predictions and tips for your diary: 

  • Pinterest story posts are going to continue dominating the market. Based on our research, these types of posts are getting 20-50 times more engagement than single image posts. 
  • Pinterest targeting and ads are going to become even more sophisticated, so you will be likely to see a better ROI on your campaigns from Pinterest than Facebook in certain industries. 
  • Automation is likely to affect your Pinterest visibility, so it’s likely that you will have to go in and edit automatically shared pins. 
  • Infographics will continue to help service based businesses grow on Pinterest in 2022. 
  • Descriptions matter and will matter even more in 2022. Take your time to create unique descriptions with a strong message and call-to-action. 
  • Freshness is King on Pinterest. Make sure that you always add relevant and fresh ideas (if you can)
  • Tailwind Tribes is going to be big with Pinterest. Implementing it into your social media strategy in 2022 is a brilliant idea, and likely to be effective, too. 



6. Audio-visual Content

Combining all the channels and creating versatile content is likely to be a winning social media marketing strategy in 2022. While Clubhouse has had its days and fame, and now faded back in the darkness, podcasts are not going to go away. 

Video is still more engaging and relatable than images only, so it makes sense to create audio-visual content that can be combined with writing and imagery. It is also likely that Facebook is working on creating live audio streaming facilities, but we never know ahead of time. The thing with Facebook is that they will get an idea, roll it out quickly without any advanced notice, fail fast, and fix whenever they have time. So watch out for platform changes and check the trends regularly. 

It might be a good idea to prepare some audio files for 2022 just in case, even if it involves extracting it from an existing video. They can also be turned into a direct message you can send to your followers, for example. 


7. Plan Your Content and Monitor Your Engagement 

Of course, you don’t really know what social media marketing platforms are doing and planning for 2022, so it is important that you monitor your engagement throughout the year. It is best to look at 1-3 month trends instead of daily analytics. The key is: “pick the winners and lose the losers”. 

Planning your social media marketing quarterly is a great idea. Set up the themes and ideas for three months ahead, and see what works. Focus on the special dates that are relevant to your audience. We have created a full social media calendar template that you can download and print for brainstorming. 

No matter if you are using the platform’s own analytics tools or your own one, you have to run the reports to spot the new 2022 social media trends early. You don’t want to be following others; you should be an early adopter to win the social media game.

Conclusion: How To Implement these Social Media Marketing Tips

While we did our best to bring you the most reliable trends and predictions for all social media platforms in 2022, you have to monitor your strategy to make sure you’re not missing anything. 

Create a plan for the top three social media platforms that are relevant to your business and focus on the upcoming trends. Next, create a strategy to exploit the new features and target the right audiences. 

Build an engagement plan to ensure that you are connecting with your audience on a deeper level and gain their trust. That’s how you can turn followers into raving fans who keep on coming back for more content, and will become loyal customers shouting from the rooftops (or their social media accounts) about the brilliant brand you built.


Bonus: Our 15 Social Media Predictions for 2022

  • Facebook’s organic and paid reach is going to decline. High ROI campaigns will be harder to achieve than ever before. 
  • Tiktok will rule short video content and it will be a big player in social selling
  • AI technology is likely to develop further to help marketers focus in on their niche 
  • Language choice and matching the tone with the audience will be beneficial for all brands
  • Marketers will look at diversifying their ad spend across multiple channels. The biggest loser will be Facebook and the biggest winners will be SnapChat and TikTok
  • LikedIn will continue to rule the B2B advertising space
  • Facebook audience will become “older”, less relevant to young brands
  • Facebook and Instagram shop features are likely to expand significantly
  • Audio social is going to enter a new phase, with marketers discovering unique ways of making audio content work
  • Paid events and ticketing systems will be a great way of expansion for brands for social media, especially virtual events and webinars hosted inside the platforms
  • Twitter Blue will be a great opportunity for marketers, and there might be a new eCommerce feature on the horizon for Twitter
  • Beauty and fashion brands will see new technology emerging from “virtual fashion”
  • Pinterest is likely to become more interactive, with highlighting and response options
  • Trendjacking will grow even more (spying on trending content) and help marketers with their strategy
  • LikedIn lives are likely to become one of the most engaging features of the platform.

Are you looking to build a winning social media marketing strategy in 2022? Book a free consultation to get personalised recommendations from one of our experts.



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