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Written by Laura Farkas

Updated December 28, 2022

The Secret Profitable Sales Funnel Projects We’ve Been Working On This Year

2022 was though for many businesses. Marketing businesses as well. In this blog post we wer going to go over the positives and help you understasnd the work that goes into our sales funnel projects.


The Year In Review

LMNts Marketing continued to grow in size, expertise, and client base. However, the results this year for our clients are the ones we really care about. So, to close the year and start fresh (we will be off until the first week of January), we will give you an overview of what happened in the business and how we survived what others call “economic crisis” by offering custom sales funnel projects for smart entrepreneurs. 

ActiveCampaign Accreditation

One of the main achievements of this year was that we became official ActiveCampaign partners. This means that we are now accredited to support ActiveCampaign clients in making the most out of their automations, setting up newsletters, and following up with prospects or customers. 

We have learnt a lot from the ActiveCampaign training, and we have grown our own list, created a new type of email template and tone which resonates with our brand persona and our potential clients. We have had great feedback from people who regularly read our newsletter, saying that we are not promotional and always informative, interesting. This is a massive move for LMNts, as marketing can sometimes be boooooring!


Typeform and Quizzes for Better Sales Funnel Projects

Aside from ActiveCampaign, we also experimented with interactive sales funnel projects. In fact, we have launched a couple of quiz funnels ourselves. They work really well on our site, and they help us qualify and understand leads. It is a win-win situation, and Typeform really makes it easy to set up a stunning quiz (if you know where to click). You can check out our latest quiz here or find out more about quiz funnels in this blog post

Next year, we are planning on creating a couple of VideoAsk integrations as well, we just have to find a way to have the best of both worlds: fast site and interactive marketing.

Lean Marketing Agency Initiative Update

We told you last year that we were striving to become a lean marketing agency. It is happening, and we have taken a few important steps toward the goal. First of all, we moved all the proposals and contracts online. So, when we send them out through our system, clients can review them, sign on the dot, and they get a contract sent over that they can save as a pdf. So, we probably only used about 100 sheets of paper all year. Not a bad achievement considering most companies are still sending paper contracts and invoices.

Focusing on Custom and Effective Sales Funnel Projects

We have created a couple of quiz funnels for ourselves and our clients this year, and we have discovered that it is the single most effective lead generation method for B2B businesses. Therefore, we have made a decision to focus on quizzes more in the new year and make them our signature offer. 80 percent of the funnels we have built were done from scratch, which gives us the indication that businesses are more likely to invest in branded, unique, and custom solutions than software generated content.

GrooveFunnels Was Our Main Platform This Year, Not ClickFunnels

The 20 percent of sales funnel projects we created this year with a software or platform were mostly done using GrooveFunnels. Mainly because some of our clients already had a lifetime account or a subscription, but it is also very simple to use. We have learnt a lot about the platform, and – despite the initial bugs – we managed to build some amazing funnels using it.

Awards We Received for Our Sales Funnel Development Projects

2022 was also the year of more awards, so we continued the tradition. Laura was named Best Marketing CMO by Acquisition International. We also bagged an Innovation & Excellence Award by Corporate Live Wire.

LinkedIn Newsletter Launch

Another addition to our content marketing was starting our own newsletter. Laura blogs on LinkedIn now, and she grew her newsletter subscriptions much faster than expected in the space of a few months. If you would like to follow it, here’s the link to subscribe. Laura talks about everything digital marketing; from social media to strategy and managing a team. Hope to see you there and read your comments. 

TikTok Channel Launch

We were resisting TikTok for a long time, but we realised in 2022 that it is a force to be reckoned with, and some of our clients would be using it. Thankfully, we have more than one generation within LMNts, so we asked Lonay, our social media strategist to take over. The result is a brand new LMNts channel where we make fun of some of the marketing terms, or explain them in a funny way. It depends on our mood, really. You can check out our TikTok channel by searching for @lmntsmarketing. 


Here’s one of the videos we created recently.


Strategy Sales Funnel Projects

This was a busy year for our team on B2B sales funnel projects. We have worked on the conversion optimisation of Delf, a cold store clothing company in the UK and got more targeted customers to visit their website and make a purchase. It was all about strategy, focusing on the right projects, and the ideal clients. We took into consideration the changing trends, so focussed on featuring the products on Pinterest and Google Merchant Center. It’s fair to say that we got smiley faces back after sending the stats!

We also worked on the sales funnel strategy of a national building consents company in Cheshire. We started their SEO last year, and it was time to cash in on the leads 24/7. That led us to create a winning funnel map and strategy that is now implemented on the site and saves staff  a lot of time and manual work. We worked in collaboration with the company, so we understand their processes and they understand what a sales funnel project can do for them. 


Creative Sales Funnel Projects

We have also worked on a couple of creative sales funnel projects we absolutely loved. One highlight is Love and Play Universe, where we created an irresistible offer and drew up a marketing strategy or Marketing SWOT to tap into the audience. 

We have also worked with a Forex company on their subscription and SaaS offers. The landing page is being designed at the moment, and it is going to be unique, addressing the customers’ pain points, and creative. 

Of course, there are many more projects we worked on holistically, including social enterprises and video marketing companies. We loved all of them, otherwise we would never have partnered up with the clients. We only work with a select number of clients who share our vision and see our values. 

Interactive Sales Funnel Projects 

Of course, we worked on interactive marketing even more in 2022 than in 2021. Apart from implementing quiz funnels into our strategy, we also designed the biggest quiz funnel of our lives consisting of 18 questions initially for lead generation and 115 for the upsell. It was hard work, but our technical team was up for the challenge. 


We will continue to develop quiz funnels in 2023 and offer this as a standalone service for B2B lead generation

The Secrets Behind Designing Successful Marketing Campaigns and Funnels

You might think that 2022 was all rosy and bright for LMNts. It wasn’t. We had to put up with a lot of growing pain, and we had to let people go; both clients and employees. However, we managed to replace them with those who shared our vision and mission, and were going the same direction as us. 

The secret of improving your business – or marketing for that matter – is to make sure that you keep your eyes on the ball all the time. Have a lighthouse to aim for, and you will never lose sight of the bigger picture. You will also have to get to know your clients and your prospects as much as you can. Keeping an eye on the changing market is the best thing you can do to move your business forward in 2023.

Are you looking at roadblocks as a problem or a challenge? If you are looking at them as a problem, you will never find a solution. If you look at them as a challenge, you are only one step away from finding an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Here’s to a great 2023 for all our clients, blog readers, and subscribers!

And a special message we sent out to all our clients and partners that will – hopefully – make you smile. 

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