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Updated February 14, 2022

Perks of Hiring a Lead Automation Agency?

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Are you thinking about scaling up your marketing? Automating one or more aspects of the customer journey will get you a high return on investment. A lead automation agency can help you with the task ahead.

We have met many clients who tried Clickfunnels. LeadPages, Kartra, and Groove funnels, but didn’t have the time, headspace, and technical expertise to make them work. A funnel marketing expert will work with your ideas and turn them into sales and communication automation systems that will not only generate high quality leads today, but also take care of qualifying them and getting the sale for many years to come. 

If you want to know whether it is worth hiring alead automation agency, find your answers below. 


What Is Lead Automation and How Can It Help You Make More Money?

Sales funnels are often called pipelines or marketing automation; the phrases refer to the same thing: “A sales funnel is a carefully crafted system and process that turns as many first time visitors into prospects and clients as possible. A well optimised funnel will be tailored to your business, industry, and sales goals.” If you want to learn more about lead generation funnels, read this blog post, too. 

A sales funnel will optimise your client acquisition, automate the follow-ups, and focus your marketing efforts on the most rewarding prospects. If you work with a sales funnel expert, they will be able to advise you on the advertising channels, the budget, and the brand messages, as well as the general strategy. 

How To Get Higher Funnel Conversion Rates with a Lead Automation Agenct

You might think that it’s a good idea to invest into a sales funnel software that takes care of the automation, however, artificial intelligence is far from being smart enough to handle strategy. That’s why most clients who tried funnel builders come to us. The system is there, but the marketing, market, and technical knowledge is missing, and this means that they are not likely to get a positive return on investment

With a lead automation agency, however, you will be able to design the campaigns with the end in mind: your business and sales goals. Unless you are a seasoned funnel marketing professional, you will not be able to make the most out of Clickfunnels and the likes, or other automation software. 

At LMNts Marketing, we design every funnel automation from scratch, based on your marketing and sales goals. In a way, we reverse-engineer every funnel to suit your business needs instead of using cookie-cutter options that will only produce mediocre results at best. 

Why Hire a Lead Automation Agency

Sometimes it is not clear why you should pay someone to do the job, especially if you enjoy learning technical aspects of running a business. Hiring sales funnel experts will speed up your sales automation implementation, save you time, and increase your final return on investment. You might be thinking: how? Here are ten perks of letting a seasoned professional take care of your funnel marketing.

1. Automated Lead Generation

Instead of just putting a funnel in place to sell things, a marketing funnel expert will take care of the top of the pipeline to attract as many people as possible to your offer. They will choose the right medium to advertise your landing page and get you the highest quality traffic. They will also create an irresistible initial offer, to make sure that you have enough people coming to your site to add to your marketing automation. It’s not likely that people will buy from you the first time they come across your offer, so planning your follow-up campaigns in the beginning is essential for success. 

2. Streamlined Processes and Lead Acquisition

Focusing on 20 percent of the things that deliver 80 percent of conversions is what a sales funnel expert does. You might find that marketing funnel templates have unnecessary elements that negatively impact your conversions. Or they might be missing a qualifying step that will ensure that you get the best quality leads. By building a funnel map based on your ideal client profile, you can eliminate the waste of time and resources on bad leads or those who might turn out to be “nightmare customers”. 


At LMNts Marketing, we are striving to become the first Lean marketing agency in the UK, and we hate waste of any type. 

3. Lower Cost Per Acquisition

If your campaigns and funnel steps are designed with lead generation and nurturing in mind, you are likely to spend less on getting a lead and converting them into paying clients. By not spreading yourself thin, but focusing on the type of leads that are the most likely to convert, a sales funnel expert can get you leads cheaper. 

4. Long Term System That Works for Years

You might be thinking that it is much cheaper to launch a mailshot or a PPC campaign, maybe create a 12-month social media strategy, but if your customer journey is not optimised, you will be wasting time. Starting by creating a lead acquisition and nurturing system will deliver your business benefits for many years to come. By investing in working with a digital marketing expert you will have a marketing automation system that needs little or no maintenance. 

5. Lead Segmentation and Retargeting Abilities

Most basic funnel builders and templates will focus on getting you leads; just any leads. An expert sales funnel designer, however, will segment your leads and create a different strategy for following up with them. You need a different type of communication when you are trying to convince a cold lead than when you are at the final stage of the prospect’s journey, and just need that extra push to convince them that what you offer is the right solution for them.

6. Measurable Results

We have cheated a little bit here; of course most digital marketing campaigns are easy to measure. That’s the main advantage of PPC over magazine advertising, for example. However, there are additional measures that matter when it comes to understanding your funnel conversion. 


If you work with a professional funnel expert, you will be able to expect regular updates and reports on the conversions. They will also set up an AB test on all your campaigns and landing pages, so they can pick the best performing ones, saving you time and money. 


At the same time, you can also measure the conversions at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. This is useful, as you don’t have to change everything if you are not getting the results you expected; you might just have to change the traffic source, the headline, or one follow-up email. This makes pipelines extremely flexible and adaptable. If you operate in a fast-changing business environment and customers’ expectations, priorities, and attitudes change often, this is an amazing perk of getting a marketing funnel expert to work on your campaigns. 


7. Flexibility and the Ability to Scale Your Campaigns

Once your marketing professional has tweaked your initial funnel to achieve the best conversions possible, you will be able to adjust your ad spend, your offer, your prices, and everything else without having to re-engineer the funnel itself. 


Let’s say that you are a business coach and you built a funnel to fill your next seminar and now you have sold all the tickets. Not bad, is it? What next? Well, it’s your decision. You might launch a new campaign for a new seminar date. It’s simple to change your landing page and funnel. You might also decide to offer an upsell to the people who have purchased a ticket. That means you just have to send out one email with an early bird offer for a coaching package to multiply your profits from the funnel. As your buyers are already segmented, you will know exactly who to target. 


As you increase your capacity, you can increase your landing page reach and lead generation efforts. Whenever you launch a new product, you don’t have to pay for traffic to reach the same people who bought from you before; you have the system to reach them in the next 30 minutes or so with an irresistible offer. 

8. Building Trust and Credibility Automatically

I often tell our clients that their greatest asset is their reputation. You can be as good as you are if nobody knows or nobody trusts you. Without creating the “Like Me Moment”, you will not be able to turn visitors into customers. That’s why you have to build a funnel that focuses on trust, credibility, and showcasing your talent. 


If showing what you can do is not a part of your digital marketing strategy, you cannot expect high conversions and return on marketing investment. A good sales funnel expert will be able to communicate “your superpower”, showcase your reputation, and remove buyers’ barriers of buying from you. 

9. Higher Conversion Rates with the Support of a Lead Automation Agency

As a result of a completely unique and tailor made marketing strategy, you will achieve much higher conversion rates than you would with plug-and-play campaigns. The good news is that these conversion rates will be there to stay, even improve after you manage to build a meaningful relationship with your prospects. The more positive messages you send out to your leads the more likely they will start listening to your sales messages and consider buying from you. 


As a funnel can be never-ending, you can build a list of 10,000 subscribers from scratch, and one email can make you more money than most people make in years. However, you need to do the groundwork before this can happen. 

10. Technical Support 

Most funnel building software can be glitchy and hard to figure out. We have a massive collection of bugs we have found working on clients’ accounts before we decided to move to custom built sales funnels. 


Even if you think you got a good deal on Groove Funnels or other software, you are likely to get stuck at one stage or another. Wouldn’t it make more sense to trust a sales funnel expert to set everything up, do the testing, create benchmarks and measurement reports, instead of trying to learn a new profession to save a few thousand pounds but lose days of your time? At the same time, you should be asking yourself whether figuring out how to build funnels (or websites and email marketing campaigns) is the best use of your time. 


Most of our clients would rather do what they are in business for, instead of frying their brain with technical problems, but the choice is yours. 


Hiring a Lead Automation  Marketing Expert: What to Expect

Once you decide to work with a sales funnel expert, they will do a background research and determine how feasible your business is. At LMNts Marketing, we don’t work with businesses we don’t believe in. Our reputation is more important than getting a deal in, and we always make sure that a sales funnel is a good investment for clients who come to us. If you are not sure whether you should invest in a funnel development project, take our quick sales funnel quiz to get your answers. 


Once the research is done, you can expect a full proposal and a meeting with your sales funnel expert. Once you are happy with the price, timeline, estimated results, simulation, and terms, you sign the proposal and move to the contract phase. 


The sales funnel agency should ask for all the creatives and logos, account logins, and share their work updates with you regularly. 


You can expect to have regular reports on how your campaigns are performing, and sit down with the agency to find out how you can further improve your conversions and return on investment.


Once you have engaged with the agency to provide funnel marketing services, you should have a hands-off system built that generates leads and sales on autopilot. And that’s the greatest perk of working with a sales funnel expert.


Still have questions? Comment below or arrange a free sales  funnel consultation

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