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Are you fed up with paying for a marketing service and not getting anything back in return?

Are you being charged a retainer fee and don’t get leads?

With our monthly packages, you will only pay for the qualified leads we deliver!

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Automate Your B2B Marketing and Lead Generation with Us!

As you’re likely already aware, your B2B operation can seriously benefit from using marketing automation and digital lead generation tools. However, it can be time-consuming and technically challenging to get all of these systems in place. When you need an extra hand, the sales funnel and lead generation experts at LMNTs can step in and help you get everything set up and, ultimately, as a result, help you bring in more qualified leads.

The best part? After we get your basic programme set up, you won’t need to pay us for managing your funnel – we’ll only charge you for the qualified leads we help bring in! Just contact our team or book a free consultation and learn more about our B2B lead generation partnerships.

B2B Lead Generation

We offer the essential marketing funnel services you need to create a successful B2B funnel strategy, including:


  • Lead generation page setup
  • Lead qualification
  • Sales copy
  • Professional images/video
  • Lead qualification sequence
  • Autoresponder setup
  • Email copywriting
  • Email marketing funnels and follow-up sequences
  • Booking calendar integration

High-Impact B2B Lead Generation Partnerships

With extensive experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises on all aspects of digital marketing, including email marketing and sales funnel development, the LMNts team is here to help your B2B operation thrive! Whether your biggest marketing funnel and automation pain points have to do with the technical aspects, like setting up a lead qualification sequence, or the creative ones, like email copywriting, the LMNts team can bring in the know-how and resources you need to overcome them, so that you can carry on doing what you love doing and leave the marketing to us!

Our B2B Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You!

Want to see results that will help you grow your business? Unlike other B2B Lead Generation Agencies, we care about your results. We will craft the right plan for you to see increased sales, conversions, and engagement. That’s what we’re good at!

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Pay-Per-Lead B2B Lead Generation Plan

We’re confident in our track record and ability to generate results for your business, so we’ve taken the risk out of working with a lead generation agency for you. Instead of making you pay for costly agency retainers for projects with harder-to-measure results, we’re offering our B2B lead generation services through an advanced partnership program, where you only have to pay us for the initial program set-up and the qualified leads we bring to you. We don’t charge management fees, so you can keep costs down and know you’re only paying for measurable results.

B2B Lead Automation Services

Marketing automation can save you and your employees time and help provide your leads with the information they’re looking for more quickly. However, getting email marketing, calendar booking, and other automatic processes set up can be a challenge. Luckily, LMNts has the know-how to help you create marketing automation processes that are helpful for both you and your customers. To get started, we’ll look at your overall marketing strategy, operational workflows, and ideal clients to help create processes that generate the highest impact.

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