Online Marketing Cheshire Case Study

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Online Marketing Cheshire Case Study

I have recently met a company based in Cheshire who ordered a custom website from one of the large online directories. You will know which one I mean without having to mention them by name and facing a legal battle. They contacted me.


  1. The company paid close to £800 for a site that looked as if some 1st year college student put it together
  2. The site was full of spelling mistakes: it did not match the quality expectations of a local newsletter, let alone a professional site
  3. The site did not come up for any searches related to the company’s profile
  4. The website developers simply guessed what the company was about and put down the wrong services
  5. There was no Google Maps or Social media integration

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The Initial Meeting Discussing Online Marketing:

We met the company’s management at their offices, and saw the scale of operation. We asked relevant questions about the business, presented them with a list of improvement suggestions and reports on the performance of their current site.

We agreed to redesign the site and come up with a plan, based on what was discussed and noted.

Interestingly, when leaving the office, we spotted one of the company’s branded vehicles outside. I turned to the client and said: “Let me take a photo of this: it has all the services you offer”. Unfortunately, the online marketing company that created their website did not include any of the keywords or services I saw on the van. This is why I knew that huge changes were needed.

We recommended the implementation of WordPress and social media marketing to connect with customers better.

The plan was agreed, and we are currently working on the site. Look out for it turning up in the “Past Work” section of this site.

The Online Marketing Approach Lola’s Sales Funnel Uses

We do not accept every client. Indeed, every single small business that contacts us is screened. The main questions we ask clients are:

  • Do you know who your customers are?
  • Do you know what you are expecting of an online marketing campaign?
  • Do you know what the unique selling proposition of your business is?

If the client is not sure about any of the answers, chances are that they do not have a clear vision, and we will not be able to help them. We need to work with your business, instead of working based on guesswork.

Improvements to be Made to Old Websites 404 page

When redesigning an old website to serve your online marketing goals better, there are some important factors to consider:

  • Make the website mobile friendly
  • Make it easy for customers to click the call button
  • Provide user-friendly features, such as maps, navigation, opening hours, and social media links
  • Integrate social media
  • Add images, testimonials, and introduction of services
  • Stay professional but personal
  • Stay away from “cookie-cutter” website templates and use a design that truly represents your business.

If you are unhappy with the website you currently have, and would like to get free traffic from search engines in and directories, talk to us and arrange a free, no obligation online marketing consultation.

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Benefits of Setting Up Facebook Business Pages

Marketing Funnel Automation Guide: Facebook Business Pages

Family businesses and start ups often struggle getting the word out about their services and products, and have no idea how to draw attention to their postings. While advertising in local magazines and newspapers is a good idea, it is also expensive for a small or medium sized business. An alternative is to build an online sales funnel that provides marketing automation for the business and turns visitors to leads. Here is how Facebook marketing funnels work:

facebook business page

online marketing

  1. We research your local market and competition
  2. Check your customer preferences and popular keywords
  3. Create a professional Facebook business page to highlight the best offers of your local venture
  4. We promote your website and Facebook page by linking social media advertising to your online content
  5. We integrate review sites into your website and Facebook business page
  6. We create engaging content that people share, like, and comment on
  7. Your online reputation will be improved
  8. You can easily take bookings or calls from your Facebook business page
  9. You will get free promotion for life
  10. Automate your online marketing for less than a month’s advertising in business directories.

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