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Five Deadly Website Keyword Optimisation Mistakes

If you have been working on your website and implement some search engine optimisation methods to rank higher in search engines, you might have heard about the importance of keywords. However, not many small and medium sized business owners know that doing too much can backfire, and ruin your website SEO. Today, I would like to tell you about keyword stuffing and how it can damage your online marketing campaigns.

1.     Keyword Stuffing In Your Title

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Your website title will tell the person hitting search on Google or other search engines what your site is about. It has to be informative, and you shouldn’t simply fill it with keywords. For example, you can say “family friendly photographers in North London”, but if you say: North London photography services with professional photographers in a friendly photography studio”, you will have some issues with search engines and your rankings.

2.     Description Keyword Stuffing

If you simply stuff keywords in your description without it making sense to your readers, you do more harm than good. When you design your website SEO, you need to first consider your visitors and readers, and only think about keywords and search engines second. This is where many small and medium sized businesses go wrong with their online marketing.

3.     Unnatural Content

If you want your website updated regularly, you might get some cheap overseas services to write your content. There are several freelance websites offering 500-word articles for only a few dollars, or two pounds. Unfortunately, the people writing these blog posts will not  bother checking what your site is about, let alone asking questions. You might end up with recycled, copied, or low quality content that will harm your search engine rankings.

4.     Hiding Keywords

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An old black-hat SEO method that is – unfortunately – still used today by website owners is hiding your keywords. These methods are easily detected by search engines, and you can make your site disappear from search engines completely. If you think you can get away with putting keywords on your site and making them the same colour as your backgrouond, you are mistaken.

5.     Using Generic Keywords

If you want to rank for “cakes” or “photography”,  you will possibly need to pay millions for ads. Instead, you should focus on search engine optimisation methods that get you the right visitors. If you have a business that sells old cars, you can create long tail keywords that list the models available, or answers questions your vintage mobile lovers might have.

Keywords are important to your website ranking, but they don’t deliver you customers alone. You need to focus on making your site user-friendly, and creating a custom sales funnel that turns them into customers. If you need help with creating a custom online marketing campaign for your needs, talk to a professional who will tailor their services to your audience and market.

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Cleaning Up the Mess of Bad Web Designer Companies: Online Marketing Sales Funnels Case Study

You might have already heard me talk about the importance of tailoring websites to the clients’ needs, and heard the horror stories of my customers who had been let down by companies offering cookie-cutter solutions. Today I would like to talk about two cases that were extremely bad, and customers were left with 0-3 visitors per day after paying close to a thousand pounds for web design. Find out more below.

Shannon, May 28, 2011

Startup Photographer Website Design

A local photographer recently contacted us for advice. They ordered a website marketing package, but didn’t get any traffic or calls. After looking at their cookie-cutter site, we discovered that they were not even registered on Google.

The customer was told that they would need to wait for a few months to get the site noticed by Google. This is clearly a lie. If you would like to get your site on Google, you will need to create a meta title, description, and a sitemap, and submit it. For hundreds of pounds, this company was not ready to do this.

After the free initial consultation, the customer asked us: how much is it to have a website a month?

I asked:” What do you mean?” He said: “to have a site”. You should never have to pay for having a site online, other than the hosting and domain costs.


Recently, we worked on retargeting his site, and now he is getting a steady 50+ visitors to his site, as well as emails from customers. He is now happy working for corporate clients,and can see his website working for him.

We charged only a fraction of the cost his previous web designer and online marketing agency quoted him, and did more:

  • Registered him on Google
  • Added his studio on Google Maps
  • Created his listings on multiple directories
  • Set up his social media accounts
  • Added professional photos
  • Created a blog
  • Worked on the branding and keyword targeting
  • Provided advice on online and offline marketing, including ideas on which companies, customers, and review sites to focus on.
  • Got him on Page 1 of Google for local search

Don’t let your web designer and online marketing company get away with poor service. Get a website designed that works for your business. A cheap standard website template at a high price will never get you results. You need a marketing sales funnel that attracts people, engages with them, and turns them into customers.

If you are frustrated with the lack of results from your website, you can book your free online marketing consultation in Cheshire, and have a chat about the solutions we offer. Get in touch today and take control of your website marketing for good.

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Five Disturbing Lies Your Online Marketing Company Will Probably Tell You

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, you might want to find the right company to create your unique website and awareness of your company in your local area. If you deal with a company that is not asking any questions before they sign you up for a deal, you are up for a surprise.

  1. You Will Get a Unique Site

Unfortunately, most internet marketing companies and designers use the same cheap, old, and standard template or software to save money and time. You are likely to get a site that looks just like the competitor’s, especially if you sign up for a package that offers no money back guarantees or customer service.

  1. You Only Need a Website To Succeed OnlineImage result for social media marketing

A website itself will not get you customers. You will need a strategy, also called a customer sales funnel. You have to make sure that you have a strategy to engage with, and keep in touch with your potential customers. This is done through online directories, review sites, and social media. Your website has to compete with thousands of other companies on the internet for the same customers.

  1. You Don’t Have to Update Your Website

The older the website is, the higher your ranking is, according to some salespeople trying to sell you a web design package. The truth is that you will have to keep on updating your site. If you don’t have time to do it, you can get a monthly website content package that offers social media content, as well as blog posts relevant to your website. If your web designer and online marketing company doesn’t offer this service, you are not likely to see any results.

  1. Social Media Marketing doesn’t Work

Targeting local customers through social media is an effective and low cost method to connect with your audience.  An increasing number of people search for recommendations and reviews on Facebook and review sites. If you don’t have a free Business Like Page on Facebook and a Google Plus profile, you are missing out. You can learn social media marketing,  or let a professional manage it for you.

  1. Your Site Will Take Months to Get Noticed By Search Engines

The most disturbing lie, we heard through our current customers, being told by their previous web design company is that your new site will take a few months to appear in search engines. A simple process of registering your site and submitting your site map will get you in Google in 24 hours tops. We have done this several times to prove our point.

If you would like to take advantage of a personalized web design and marketing service that will get your business noticed by your potential customers, get in touch with our friendly team, operating in Cheshire, helping small businesses get noticed online. We offer a free initial consultation, and tailor our marketing packages to your needs.

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You Don’t Need a Website: You Need Local Business Marketing Solutions

If you have been told that if you get a website online you will be getting all the traffic and customers you need, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. In fact, there are millions of websites created every month, and 99.9 percent of them do not get noticed by potential customers. If you want your website to work for you, you need to have a sales funnel automation plan in place.

The difference between a website and local business promotion plans is that the website, no matter how good the web design is, just sits there waiting for customers to find it. A Sales funnel reaches out to potential buyers and guides them through the process of becoming a loyal customer through engagement.

If you would like to know more about how we can make your website work for you and get you results, customers, and profits, check out the below video.

You don’t need a website on Biteable.

Do you have a question to ask about your website? Find out how we can help. Book your free consultation below.

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Are you looking to promote your business in Cheshire?

If you are confused about how to create an online marketing campaign, this simple video will explain the basic steps.

Find out why creating a sales funnel is better than setting up a simple website.

You can also book your free consultation online.


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Why You Don’t Need a Website: a Beginner’s Guide to Setting up Online Business Promotions

If you have just started a business, chances are that you were told that you need a website. You were lied to. Indeed, there are billions of websites on the internet that do not benefit their owner a penny at all. You might start blogging, but what is the point if nobody is reading your posts? You can have a stunning website, but if nobody visits, you will be out of pocket. Let us explain below why you do not need a website, and why you should build a sales funnel instead.

What Is the Difference Between a Website and a Sales Funnel?

A website is there for your company to have an online shop window. No matter if you are a gardener, a business coach, or a therapist: you need to build your image online and offline at the same time. Would you set up a shop in a small village in the side street? No. Unless it has a tourist attraction that draws in thousands of people every day interested in your product. You can build a website that nobody visits, and you will end up losing money. Stop losing money and start getting your website work for you.

A sales funnel is different from a website, as it attracts, engages, and communicates with visitors in a way that you can easily turn them into customers. It also looks after your existing customers by sending out relevant marketing messages.

The website will be worthless, unless it brings you:

  • New customers
  • Positive reviews
  • Higher search engine visibility
  • More social media likes
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Increased reputation

If your website is not giving you any of these benefits, you have just wasted your money and time creating it.

sales funnel

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Too Many Businesses Waste Money on a Website

While over half of small businesses have a website, and many planning to get one, only a small percentage of business owners see a benefit in having one.  They simply follow the recipe:

  • Get a website
  • Add your services
  • Wait for customers to come.

This attitude is wrong.  You are in a crowded place on the Internet, with thousands of similar businesses competing for the same customer. That is like having a barber shop on a high street with thousands of other barber shops on the mains strip. Without promotion, you would be closing your doors in a few weeks. The solution is: sales funnels, incorporating social media marketing and web marketing.

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Are You Focused on Business Results?

The key to building a successful website is to focus on the results. Just like with offline businesses, you need to create a business plan. Most importantly, you need to do your research. Find out:

  • What your customers are looking for
  • Where are your customers
  • What is the competition doing
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • How can you stand out from the crowd?

Once you have answered these questions, you can start building your web marketing campaign, and create an online sales funnel that will get you the results you want from your business. Ask yourself:

  • How many new customers I need?
  • How will I get business leads?
  • Which methods will I use for online marketing?
  • What is my budget for web marketing?

How to Get the Results of Your Website and Social Media Marketing?

If you are planning a website, you need to have an expected outcome and a purpose. Make sure you decide whether you want people to contact you on the phone, email you, visit your knowledge base, or sign up for your newsletter and sales promotions. Once you have decided, you have to think about how your website will stand out from the competition. Do you have any industry qualifications?  Have you worked with large brands? Have you received an award? Personalise your website in a way that your visitors feel the connection between your company and their ideas.

The Verdict: Should You Get a Business Website?

In the 21st century, you will need a website, but one that is purpose-built, and fit for purpose. If you need help setting up your online marketing and sales funnels in Cheshire, you can get in touch with us and request a free initial consultation. Remember, before you get a business website, you must think it through carefully. Let us help.


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Online Marketing Cheshire Case Study

I have recently met a company based in Cheshire who ordered a custom website from one of the large online directories. You will know which one I mean without having to mention them by name and facing a legal battle. They contacted me.


  1. The company paid close to £800 for a site that looked as if some 1st year college student put it together
  2. The site was full of spelling mistakes: it did not match the quality expectations of a local newsletter, let alone a professional site
  3. The site did not come up for any searches related to the company’s profile
  4. The website developers simply guessed what the company was about and put down the wrong services
  5. There was no Google Maps or Social media integration

handshake sealing the deal

The Initial Meeting Discussing Online Marketing:

We met the company’s management at their offices, and saw the scale of operation. We asked relevant questions about the business, presented them with a list of improvement suggestions and reports on the performance of their current site.

We agreed to redesign the site and come up with a plan, based on what was discussed and noted.

Interestingly, when leaving the office, we spotted one of the company’s branded vehicles outside. I turned to the client and said: “Let me take a photo of this: it has all the services you offer”. Unfortunately, the online marketing company that created their website did not include any of the keywords or services I saw on the van. This is why I knew that huge changes were needed.

We recommended the implementation of WordPress and social media marketing to connect with customers better.

The plan was agreed, and we are currently working on the site. Look out for it turning up in the “Past Work” section of this site.

The Online Marketing Approach Lola’s Sales Funnel Uses

We do not accept every client. Indeed, every single small business that contacts us is screened. The main questions we ask clients are:

  • Do you know who your customers are?
  • Do you know what you are expecting of an online marketing campaign?
  • Do you know what the unique selling proposition of your business is?

If the client is not sure about any of the answers, chances are that they do not have a clear vision, and we will not be able to help them. We need to work with your business, instead of working based on guesswork.

Improvements to be Made to Old Websites 404 page

When redesigning an old website to serve your online marketing goals better, there are some important factors to consider:

  • Make the website mobile friendly
  • Make it easy for customers to click the call button
  • Provide user-friendly features, such as maps, navigation, opening hours, and social media links
  • Integrate social media
  • Add images, testimonials, and introduction of services
  • Stay professional but personal
  • Stay away from “cookie-cutter” website templates and use a design that truly represents your business.

If you are unhappy with the website you currently have, and would like to get free traffic from search engines in and directories, talk to us and arrange a free, no obligation online marketing consultation.

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Search Engine Marketing Wirral – Beat the Competition for Small Businesses

When you are a small fish in a big pond as a local business owner, you might think that you cannot get more customers through the traditional channels. Your ad in the magazine is displayed next to dozens of other companies’ and you struggle to stand out.

The good news is that online marketing offers loads of ways of connecting with customers and show them your best offers.

Our search engine marketing Wirral company has won awards for small business search engine optimization campaigns and social media promotions. If you want to beat the competition, check out the below guide and let us know if you need further guidance.


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Online Marketing Tips for Gardening Companies in the UK

Do you have a gardening service you would like to promote in your local area?

Find out how to get more engagement from your customers and beat the competition.

Read our case study on local business promotion online.


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Five Reasons Why Your Website and Internet Marketing are Flawed

If you already have a small local business, and have created a website, you might be thinking why your customers can’t find you. The truth is that even a college kid can put up a website, but designing a customer engagement web marketing campaign in your local market takes an expert. No matter how good your site looks: if it is using cookie-cutter templates, has nothing to offer for visitors, your business will fail. Below, our award-winning internet marketing experts from Cheshire MarketingFunnel will explain how you can improve your search engine optimisation.

1. Your Website Is Old

Website designs should be tailored to the expectations of your customers and the updated algorithms of search engines. If your website is not readable on tablets, iPads, and phones, you are likely to use up to 50 percent of website traffic.

2. You Do not Offer Engaging Content

Do you just write about your services, provide price lists and maybe contact details for customers? That is not what they are looking for. They want website content that they can relate to, and a reason to choose you over other similar companies in the area.

3. It is Hard to Find You Online

Are you in website directories? Are you on Google My Business, Bing, and Maps? If not, customers will not trust you to be a real business. All our online marketing packages include these services, and many more.

4. Your Customers Cannot Interact with You

Do you offer customers a chance to react to your content, share your updates? If not, you are losing out on the greatest tool of online marketing sales funnels: free word-of-mouth promotion.

5. Your Marketing Messages are Not Unique

Do you blow the same trumpet as other companies in your industry? Chances are you do not stand out, and your offer will be lost among dozens of others.

tailored marketing

local marketing

If you would like our internet marketing Wirral experts to manage your online marketing and create your sales funnel automation, turning visitors into fans and returning customers, feel free to contact us for a free online marketing consultation.

You don’t have to know anything about search engine optimization or social media marketing. If you want your customers to find you online, simply Leave it to Laura!

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